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  1. I'm having the same issue and would like to know as well.
  2. When you purchase cases, the supplier sends what the manufacturer packaged it in which has the wax name/number on the outside of the box. Suppliers don't repackage or place those boxes in another one. To save time and shipping costs, I see why they do it that way. I was just turned off / shocked by it.
  3. Exactly my point, thank you! Of course I'm not as worried about candles since many more factors go into making what the final outcome becomes. There are tons of candle makers who try the same wax, oils, and wicks as TallTayl stated and they all can come out totally different. However, I'm wickless right now so it's not as difficult to figure things out since there are not as many variables involved as candles. I'm also the type to custom blend almost every scent I offer in a way to make me unique in a saturated market. I now see I posted this in the wrong spot but I
  4. ......that suppliers send cases as they come from the manufacturer with the wax name plastered all over on the outside of the box? Wax is one of the biggest proprietary ingredients in a candle makers business and I'd rather not exploit it to the delivery personnel or neighbors. I try not to complain but that is like someone announcing one of the chef's ingredients of a propriety recipe to the kitchen staff. I don't know, maybe I am overthinking it.
  5. I noticed alot of companies are taking the candle only fragrances and now noting that they are reformulated to have a higher usage rate for soap. Now I am not a soapmaker but to me, that sounds like the fragrance is less potent in order for soap to have more? Correct me if I am wrong on that. Either way it is so disappointing for us making wax products to have mostly only universal oils available.
  6. I'm starting to think that the less additives in a wax, the better.
  7. I've cut up leftover candle wax from them so I could use it in my warmer and it's way more firm than 6006.
  8. I know what you mean, trust me lol
  9. Did you still try using it to see if the bubbles truly affected your throw? Maybe your lot had moisture in the batch?
  10. Belinda is correct about adding some container to it or it may need a repour since you have tried all kinds of pouring/cooling methods with no luck. Just the nature of harder wax blends that are mostly paraffin. You may like the look better with them blended anyhow
  11. I was always told from a very successful and wise lady who taught me alot when I started was to scent ALL wax no matter how little is needed for decorating. I say test and see
  12. I have this same issue with about every wax you can think of. I have learned over years that it is the oil and warmer in question for longevity, give or take a couple hours difference here and there. For example, one wax would throw the same oil in the same warmer about 12-13 hours whereas another wax would throw that oil in the same warmer for about 15. I educate all of my coworkers and friends who test for me that warmers have a huge effect on how long they last. I tell them the hotter the warmer, the stronger the throw but it will burn off faster and the lower wattage the warmer, the lo
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