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  1. lovelyscents

    Bulk Apothecary IGI wax discontinued

    Absolutely, you're welcome!
  2. lovelyscents

    Did you know...

    True, probably not their actual custom blends (CBL wax).
  3. Definitely has good reviews, I like the free shipping option.
  4. lovelyscents

    Bulk Apothecary IGI wax discontinued

    It doesnt come up anymore when you search it or click on candle wax. I also spoke with a rep that said they carry golden wax only.
  5. lovelyscents

    Did you know...

    In the many years I have been doing wax and bath, I've never purchased supplies local (only online) so I did not know this. I did a search and came across it on here from years ago and sure enough.
  6. lovelyscents

    Did you know...

    ...Candlewic wax is at Hobby Lobby, under the name "Country Lane Candle Supplies"? Some knew this for awhile, but I'm just figuring this out lol. Weird how some will say HL wax is cheap and doesn't work but states they use CW wax blends that work wonders. 😂. This proves that some individuals just buy for the name without actually knowing it's the same. Getting the wax from HL obviously can be way more expensive than directly from CW, but just thought it was interesting on the varied opinions on the same wax in disguise. Proves how subjective this really is.
  7. lovelyscents

    Bulk Apothecary IGI wax discontinued

    At this rate, the handmade market will become limited. So many suppliers closing, raising prices, changing formulas and discontinuing things we need. Keeping up with shipping and all of these issues just makes things so difficult anymore, it's so sad. Nothing against anyone who does direct sales or just buys already made items to stick their label on and sell, but these things I feel will become more common. The craft shows I attend are already filled with these types of sellers. It's one thing that we already put the time and effort into all of this including testing, just to have it ripped from us in terms of availability.
  8. Just an FYI, Bulk no longer carries IGI wax if anyone purchases from them. They kept stringing customers along saying IGI wax would be back in stock soon, then took it away completely without notice.
  9. lovelyscents

    supplier closed - need tart wax replacement

    JS votive tart PARAFFIN that is, not to be confused with parasoy options. If looking for parasoy... JS 50-50 tart/KY parasoy/Flaming 650 are all the same. I have never tried pillar of bliss from NG, so cannot speak for that being the same to these.
  10. lovelyscents

    supplier closed - need tart wax replacement

    Happy to help
  11. lovelyscents

    supplier closed - need tart wax replacement

    JS votive tart/KY 133/Flaming Problend 450 are all the same and are CJ Robinson manufacturer.
  12. lovelyscents

    McCalls Smores

    Hi Trapp, Any updates on the FB smores? Thank you
  13. lovelyscents

    Is KY parasoy tart wax the same as Flaming's Problend 650?

    I just realized you mean 650, I apologize. I have 450 on the brain as I read Kat's comment while responding. The 650 is the same as KY parasoy, which you now know
  14. lovelyscents

    Is KY parasoy tart wax the same as Flaming's Problend 650?

    KY 133/Problend 450/JS votive tart blend are all the same (made by manufacturer, CJ Robinson).
  15. I thought the same as soon as I took it out of the shipping box. I did contact the supplier and they stated the 4625 is within specs and no other complaints. I pretty much was nice but firm with them that there's always a first to have a bad batch and it's me. They stated they don't usually refund, but they did for me. These slabs have been sitting and I do not have use for them.