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  1. lovelyscents

    Adding fo

    I know what you mean, trust me lol
  2. Did you still try using it to see if the bubbles truly affected your throw? Maybe your lot had moisture in the batch?
  3. Belinda is correct about adding some container to it or it may need a repour since you have tried all kinds of pouring/cooling methods with no luck. Just the nature of harder wax blends that are mostly paraffin. You may like the look better with them blended anyhow
  4. lovelyscents

    Adding fo

    I was always told from a very successful and wise lady who taught me alot when I started was to scent ALL wax no matter how little is needed for decorating. I say test and see
  5. I have this same issue with about every wax you can think of. I have learned over years that it is the oil and warmer in question for longevity, give or take a couple hours difference here and there. For example, one wax would throw the same oil in the same warmer about 12-13 hours whereas another wax would throw that oil in the same warmer for about 15. I educate all of my coworkers and friends who test for me that warmers have a huge effect on how long they last. I tell them the hotter the warmer, the stronger the throw but it will burn off faster and the lower wattage the warmer, the longer they last but lighter throw. I want products to be the best they can be, but sometimes it can get annoying when someone thinks a 1 ounce tart is supposed to last a week or more, especially when they pay no more than a couple of bucks per ounce. If they lasted that long, we certainly would not get return orders as often and would have to raise prices for sure. You are using more than 1 oz per pound already, so anymore than that is not cost effective for mostly the same outcome. I think you are doing everything correctly on your end for results that can vary so much depending on the person. I even tested the theory from customers at a local festival in the same oil and wax. When I followed up with them....one person said the tart filled their whole 2 story home and lingered for days whereas another person with the same oil and blend said it barely traveled far from the warmer and was not as strong as they like. We cannot please everyone and I say if you are confident you have tested enough and are satisfied with your product, keep it moving.
  6. https://ecosoyabrands.com/company-news/a-new-ecosoya/
  7. I have seen some using the tubes alone and some with a regular cotton wick as suggested by WW. Are you using it without a cotton wick?
  8. TallTayl is correct. I purchased a candle that was 100% soy. When I first opened the lid prior to burning, the wick was very long and curled up due to them placing the lid on without trimming, I believe they may use wick spools. Anyhow, they have instructions on the bottom that say to trim to 1/4" before lighting. I thought it was clever that they take out the extra work for themselves of not going back after pouring to trim each one. However, some customers may not even ever know there is instructions at the bottom and just lights it as is. I wonder how that would burn 🤨
  9. Exactly, multiple factors that result in the final product. Goodluck and try to have some fun with it.
  10. Also agree with @NightLight about trying both out. This craft REALLY is subjective of preference. I have tried wax blends people rave about and not liked them as well as loving ones nobody really talks about.
  11. I have not really dabbled enough into pure soy myself, but I have read pros and cons to both on groups. However, C3 seems to be the top choice among many and those who use it have good reviews when looking at their business. Hope this helps! ETA: I do hear it can be temperamental in appearance and pouring temps.
  12. Can anyone confirm NG wax blends are the same manufacturer as Flaming's Problends? Pillar of bliss is a granulated parasoy tart wax like Problend 650. I know for certain by a email years ago that CJ Robinson manufactures this granulated form. Joy wax is a container parasoy wax and looks very much like Problend 600. However, I see so many on social media groups that swear joy sometimes catches fire, varies from batch to batch, and loses scent throw whereas they feel Problend is the superior alternative. This is odd to me if they are indeed the same wax under different names 🤔 Wow wax is a paraffin container wax and looks like Problend 400. Wow doesn't get the best reviews, but I know someone using Problend 400 in their melts with outstanding feedback. I know this all subjective and we all have our favorite blends/certain preferences in the final product, but it baffles me how the same person can use the same wax and believe it's much different because of the name. Unless NG is adding something to the CJ Robinson blends to indeed make it that much different. Similar to how CW uses IGI as a base, but blends it to their specs.
  13. That could be true as well, like CW with IGI. I agree, Midwest is very dry and brittle/powdery out of the bag. Well now I dont know what to do with this bag of 464 beads from them if freedom is a different blend. No point in testing it and not being able to get it from them if I were to like it.
  14. I actually am in the process of testing pre-made parasoy vs doing my own blend for candles. I'm thinking if I did my own, Midwest may be the way to go for the soy portion since it has less additives and many claim its consistent. However, I see a lot of those loving the C series from Cargill as well so I am torn. It is nice to hear from @TallTayl that they are consistent (no jinx intended) since they're main focus is wax. However, I do know companies who are fragrance oil focused and can still have duds from those as well. I guess I'm trying to figure out if blending is even worth it if there is a parasoy container wax out there I'll love just as much with less headache. Whichever paraffin I would use can vary at anytime also I'm sure, so blending my own doesn't necessarily mean I'm more consistent. Unless that is, I used plain paraffin with a plain soy, but then there is additives ratios to figure out. It is Neverending!
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