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  1. I agree with all of the statements above. I have wasted too much money purchasing candles that looked nice only to find I could barely smell them. I do not purchase candles to add to my decor, I buy for scent and throw which many customers do. Therefore, focus on a great throwing, safe burning product.
  2. Millcreek Soywax Candle Supply actually has a Palm and Coconut votive/pillar wax that looks smooth like that. I loved the appearance but the throw wasn't like my paraffin and the smell out of the box is horrendous.
  3. I guess they truly took the definition melt POOL literally
  4. Yes, they refunded me. The sad part is they're still making it seem like user error, so misleading and poor customer service. Especially as a supplier, they should know the wax better than we do 🤦‍♀️
  5. I attached screenshots of the parts of our conversation that consisted of them saying its because there has been reformulations of wax and making me feel like every other customer is correct but me. However as you can see, they took care of it perfectly in the end.
  6. Wow, you're the third person (including me) that they have done this to. They need to start getting things right with this or they're going to lose customers. At first they pretty much said I was crazy because their label says 4625 and when they "checked" the batch, it was "correct". I wasn't going to settle with that and lose money while letting them make me feel dumb. 4625 has NEVER mottled, seeped so much oil, or looked like the insides of a wet diaper when cut into like this mottling wax did that they sent.
  7. I had this same problem with Virginia Candle Supply as well as someone else. They are sending mottling wax when customers are ordering 4625. They must throw all of the slabs together when they get a shipment and maybe forgets once they label? Either way, me and the other nice lady got a refund from them when they did this, it is the suppliers mistake.
  8. I love PPW (still searching for the ultimate version I prefer), CW pumpkin pancakes, and pumpkin bread (have only tried from ICS and RE so far).
  9. Yes, I noticed that! Why thank you kindly for your reviews. I think I will take advantage of their sale right now to try some.
  10. I see that this company is highly recommended and raved about. However, I'm not sure if most are reviews based off soapmakers and if so, I wonder about the throw in wax. Anyone try their oils in wax?
  11. I just bought 2 pounds of the old H&G since I had a feeling the new may be different. I agree on being annoyed from all of the changes.
  12. This is the same as Problend 600 from Flaming candle. They also carry the parasoy tart wax which is under Problend 650 at Flaming. Both are made by CJ Robinson, hope this helps.
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