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  1. I have debated on testing this also. It has some good reviews on here but that was many years ago. Maybe the soy in it was affected when the soy industry changed and makes it less of a performer now? Or maybe because it is carried by less suppliers and/or more expensive? Just some guesses. You pretty much can blend any wax together but I have heard that can sometimes affect results due to additives overload. I've known alot of chandlers who if they blend, like to use a preblended wax and a straight wax (that has no additives) for ideal conditions.
  2. This isn't like vanilla voodoo is it? I may be the only one but I'm passing on VV, not a fan surprisingly and I'm a bakery obsessed gal.
  3. That is the problem I have with some suppliers is not offering a first class or flat rate system for sample orders. I sometimes only want to grab a dozen oils or so in sample sizes to test and the shipping ends up being the same if not close to double for under a pound of weight.
  4. Anyone find the beads to be a improvement over flakes as far as performance?
  5. I figured I would probably have to blend to my liking. Thank you both.
  6. I have this company on my list to try, also candlesoylutions. American soy organics directs you to this company (American candle supplies) for their oils as they only carry wax now.
  7. I would like to try some more also. Every one I purchase is just a apple cinnamon and always lacking the warm crust note.
  8. Just spoke with Columbus candle supply and indeed that is a typo. Melt point is not that high, as I expected.
  9. Tart and votive/pillar wax: Problend 450 is the same as KY 133, JS vot pillar votive wax, candles and supplies production pre-blended votive paraffin wax granules. 650 is the same as KY parasoy votive tart wax, JS 50-50 pillar votive wax, candles and supplies production single pour votive/pillar hybrid blend (6028 replacement), Wellington well-pour soy blend granulated votive/pillar wax. Container wax: Problend 400 is the same as JS 123 wax. Also possibly columbus candle supply CCS-P1. I emailed them asking if the melt point of 155 they listed is a typo as they listed that on their granulated wax as well. Plus I've never seen a creamy one pour to be that high of a melt point. Problend 600 is the same as JS 50-50 container wax, Wellington well-pour soy blend container wax, candles and supplies production single pour container wax. Hope this helps.
  10. Well so far, I never stop searching 😂
  11. Candles and supplies case only includes 40 pounds...if you did not notice. DPSwax has a case (60 pounds) for $111.85 but this does not include shipping. However, DPS gives great freight prices if you need bulk purchases in the future. I would like to know if anyone is still using this wax as well. I have read some past threads but it has been awhile since anyone has mentioned it. I wonder if it is as firm as 6006 or say CBL 130 which is even firmer than 6006.
  12. Unless it's a coconut apricot wax blended with a parasoy wax and splash of beeswax for instance, that would be only 2 waxes with a additive.
  13. I agree with all of the statements above. I have wasted too much money purchasing candles that looked nice only to find I could barely smell them. I do not purchase candles to add to my decor, I buy for scent and throw which many customers do. Therefore, focus on a great throwing, safe burning product.
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