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Found 23 results

  1. Ive been seeing a lot of candles that are advertised as soy + beeswax candles and Id like to give it a try. Is anyone familiar what a good ratio is - do you use unscented or natural beeswax and any suggestions on which wick series to try out. Thank you in advance
  2. Did my first pan test with Coconut Apricot wax Melting point 125-129F . I did a 3hr burn and I also took a time lapse video on my ipad I will see if I can upload that. unfortunately my iPad died before the complete 3rd hour. The Zinc wick doesn't have a size because I purchased a ton of vessels at a low price because they were pre-wicked so I have been removing the wicks. This cured for 8 days I used 3lbs of wax heat up to 190F and poured at 180F no additives. Doing the 2nd test tonight RRD Mushroomed and Hemp and cotton core wick had the highest flames that danced. I performed this test in a place that had the lease amount of draft possible. Temp inside the house was about 78F was a little warmer in there because the back door is near there so it was probably closer to 80/81F just in that area. I have 3 more pans like this that I plan to wick tonight or tomorrow. I was planning on wicking with HTP, ECO, LX, and trying different sizes of the Premier 700 and CD's. I have a jar that is just under 3.5" diameter that I double wick and a single wick jar that is 1.31" in diameter. I have had good luck with HTP wicks and LX, Premier and CD's people have raved about but I still like the HTP better. I have been testing smaller sized wicks in each type with my wick less candles. I am open to suggestions on any wicks you think I should test. I have some Cottonwood, paper core, and some smaller cotton core wicks coming next week I can try in a different pan.
  3. Hi, new here to CraftServer. Despite searching old posts and reading through a few that were on the topic of wicking the igi 6046 paracoco wax blend, I did not see a real definitive answer from many as to what wick worked best in their trials. I believe there was one who said they had the best luck with an htp62 in a 3" round container. I'm wondering (especially since one of the posts was from over a year ago) if anyone has made any progress and what container they're using. We're dead-set on these 3" glass cubes and have used both 100% soy and tried joy wax. Neither of us were really feeling the soy, and the joy wax we like but we want to 1. go with a wax that is available from more than one supplier in the event we cannot get it from one, 2. hopefully minimize our shipping costs having multiple suppliers available (we currently live an hour from one that offers pickup and 4 hours from another, AND we are a military family so we may end up close to yet a different supplier later.) We'll be picking up the igi6046 but unsure what wicks we should try in this 3" cube. Some in facebook groups say double-wick but one person said she manages the cube with a single lx22 (but didn't name what wax she was using either.). If we have to double, we'll need to pick up some much smaller wick sizes (I think smallest we have at the moment is a CD12). The CD18 seems to do alright in these cubes with the joy wax, but then we get some mushrooming too. We liked the idea of wood wicks and have tried double wicking with small woodwicks but I foresee and issue with our test burns so far in that the wood itself isn't burning fast enough (but wax is cleaning the sides and we don't have soot on the sides.) I also wondered about a ribbon wick. Has anyone tried a ribbon wick in their testing of 6046? We haven't tried a ribbon wick at all in anything yet, so I'm unfamiliar with their burning "personalities" lol Thanks for any input. Enjoying this site so far! Lots of information!
  4. So I made two sets of candles. I have coconut83 wax from California candle supply. Eco series wick and fragrance from candlescience. The first photo includes 6oz candles with a fragrance of 6% coconut lime/ Himalayan bamboo. The candle on the left is eco 14. The candle on the right is eco 12. Those flames are high! The second photo includes 6oz candles naked. The left candle is eco 14. The candle on the right is eco 12.
  5. I purchased 45 lbs of the new Ecosoya Advanced container soy wax. I think the wax is ok but wicking it is driving me nuts. Does anyone out there have any luck wicking this wax? I have tried various sizes of HTP, ECO, C SERIES, CD, LX, HEMP and possible something else I have forgotten to list. The problem is its either too low of a flame or a full melt pool within 30 minutes. No in between. I tested with and without FO in 2 1/2diameter jars. Help, I am going nuts.
  6. Now that we've got our wicking figured out for 464 soy from 2016-2017, has anyone gotten newer Lots of 464 such as from the last few months of 2017 and had to wick up again? If I got this right from what Candlescience said, it was in the processing not the FDA requirements that caused those batches that caused us so much trouble. Would we now be getting wax that should be back to what it was before those F Lots we previously discussed here? Also, for those recently purchasing 464, what is the date on your carton? GoldieMN
  7. hello candlers, I'm new to this hobby. I have only used coconut wax. I've been ready on this this forum and now i'm a little concerned.lol should I blend it with something else? could someone share a the best blend they came up with. what is the best wick with that blend my vessel isTop Diameter: 2 7/8" Bottom Diameter: 3 1/4"Height: 4 1/8"Capacity: 12 oz. (measurements from website) use eco wicks. Is that the best wick with my coconut83 wax?
  8. I'm looking for some help! I'm a longtime eco soya cb advanced user and well of course that era has ended. I'm having a hard time wicking natureswax c3. I don't want to double wick if I don't have to but I want a clean even burn !! Using htp right now .. no luck . Thank you !!!
  9. I would like to know which wick is best to wick a 22oz. tureen. I use 464 soy wax. I don't know if I should use double or triple wicks. Tried CDs but not happy with the burn. TIA
  10. Gosh it's been a while since I've been omn here, but this is by far the BEST candle educational site. I'm reading and catching up and taking notes today. Plan to make citronella candles in 16 oz tins tonight. Going to test CD and eco wicks and decide whether to single wick, double wick or triple wick. Going to be a lot of testing which equals expense so any suggestions to start with would be helpful. Trappeur gave me some advice on this once and I must have stupidly not put it in my notes, I'll look and see if I can find that post too. Going legally blind in left eye due to hereditary macular degeneration, so I'm having hard time adjusting with dizziness and nausea while reading and typing so forgive any typos. Spell check doesn't catch everything or either changes the words me. lol Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. It's hot here in south Ga. But I'm doing really good considering all my health issues. ???? Much love friends. If any of you have facebook, I'd love you too friend me. Just send a little note letting me know you are from this site. My page is https://m.facebook.com/LanierCountyLakelandGAGal?ref=bookmarks
  11. I have a few fragrances that I think may need special wicking but I am not sure how to do this as I am still new to candle making. I finally found a wick that works with my jars and gives mw great throw for scents like love spell or egyption amber but some scents just simply aren't smelling that strong. I made sure to read reviews before buying and others seems to have more success with these fragrances than I currently am so I was thinking that it could be that I need to wick it differently as I read sometimes that that is something you need to do. I made sure to use the same amount of dye and same color dye for EACH testing candle and the others are fine but these aren't so I am sure it's not the dye. right now these are the scents causing me issues: Birch & Black Pepper (Type) Fragrance Oil and Jamaica Me Crazy Fragrance Oil and Blue Raspberry Jolly Rancher (Type) Fragrance Oil All are from flaming candle and 1oz per candle as I like to have huge scent. I am using circular jars for testing and had them cure for 3 weeks. My wax is para/soy joy wax from NG. The wicks are from flaming candle and and CD 14 and the circular jars are 3" wide and 3 1/2" tall. Can someone help me figure out how to wick these scents?
  12. I feel like Im at my wits end with these wicks. Im using 464 and testing 8 oz square masons + small weck jars - 2" in diameter . Heres what Ive tried so far in unscented wax . Square Masons : CD 8 and one in CD 10 and I just poured one with a CD 12 and heres why. CD 8 wicks great while burning + minimal mushrooming - CD 10 looks good too but Im not getting a deep enough melt pool with either one plus Im getting a lot of wax hang up - can't stand this Poured 2 SM weck jars - one in a CD 5 and one in a CD 6 . Both have a great flame but got less wax hang up with a CD 6. If anyone has experience with CDN's will I face the same challenges with wax hangup whats the difference between both wick series ? I need opinions on the wick sizes Ive chosen thus far for the mason jars - thoughts appreciated. Maybe a should try a different series all together ? Open for any suggestions you might have to offer. Thank you in advance
  13. Hi all I'm hoping someone can help me out. I've been at this a year now and I'm still struggling as I've yet to make a good throwing all soy candle. This is the 12oz status jar with 464 wax, a cd-14 wick, CS strudel and spice FO & 6% and a 13 day cure. I literally smell this candle best after I've blown it out. Why is that? I trim all my wicks to 1/4 inch before each burn but I still end up with mushroom on most my candles. The pictures I've included are my most recent 3.5 hour burn. This is the 4th day burning in 3 hour increments with each burn. How does it look? What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance.
  14. I thought of continuing with this question on my previous post of double wicking but I figured I add it as a separate post. So far wicking status jars, mason jars, jelly jars, etc have been going well. My problem child continues to be my Dollar Tree square jars. They measure 3 1/2". Picture below. I have attempted to wick with: 1 LX 20, 2 LX 14, (both under wicked), 1 60-44-18 zinc (under wicked), 2 60-44-18 (over wicked), 1 62-44-18 zinc (with this one is either over wicked or under wicked depending on FO and color). I only use Comfort Blend 4627. I may consider not using it anymore but I really like it plus it is very inexpensive, good quality and readily available to me. Do any of you work with this container? What works for you?
  15. So I finally got around to testing my 4627 with Zinc wicks. My status jar (8 ounce, 3 1/4 diameter) worked amazing with one 60-44-18 6" Zinc Core wick I ordered from Lone Star. My square 8 ounce Libbey jar (3 1/2 diameter) didn't fare that well. The melt pool is not great, it doesn't reach the sides fully after a 2nd burn test. How would you guys up wick this one? I only have the 60-44-18 6" zinc core wicks. I haven't ordered any other zinc sizes. Would you double wick it with this specific wick or wait and order larger wicks to do a single wick test? Thanks guys.
  16. Hey guys, Let me first begin by saying how awesome all of you are! I've been a longtime lurker and learned so much from the info in this forum. It's so nice to have a forum like this which supports each other to the level you do. I can't thank you enough for the info here!! Here's my backstory - sorry if it's too much info but if I've learned anything so far it's that there's always a lot of questions about process after people post, lol. I'm using NatureWax C3 and I have no issues with frosting, pitting, craters, voids, etc. It finishes beautiful for me. Standard protocol is to heat to 185, add FO, stir well, pour around 150-ish into warmed containers. I don't use dyes. I began my journey making the pint size, shouldered mason jars with 1 oz FO/pp of wax and ECO 8 wicks. Great hot throw, clean burn, etc. As I'm expanding to the Libbey highball glasses from Lone Star (13.25 ounce ones - 3.125" in diameter) I'm having trouble with HT and wicking. If I use the ECO 8 wick, I get a low-moderate hot throw and more tunneling than I'd like to see, even after 4th burn. The tunneling and lack of HT makes sense since it's a much wider and non-shouldered container. I figured I needed to wick up so I tried some with the ECO 10 but there is barely any HT, the flame is crazy tall and flickers; the melt pool is pretty deep too- all of which is a sign of being too big of a wick, right? There isn't an ECO 9, and I saw that a lot of folks here recommend CD wicks so I ordered a sample pack of them. I made different batches with CD 8, 10 and 12 wicks. The 12 was just too big and the 10 seemed too big too. No good HT with either of them, crazy flickering and tall flames. The 8 had a better throw and good melt pool but flickers a lot with a good 1" tall+ flame. The 6 would seem too small to me and the charts I've seen make me think it's too small but what do I know at this point, lol. So I explained all of that to ask what characteristics of the flame/wick are deal breakers for you guys? I've watched the CS video with the 3 candles and most of the combinations I've tried in this container look like the one they say is over-wicked. Am I just being neurotic with a taller flickering flame and everything else being great? Are there any other factors here that I'm not thinking of? Thanks for reading!
  17. I'm having a bit of trouble single wicking this jar. It's an 11oz Libby straight sided tumbler jar with a diameter of 3.125in. Im use 464 wax and a CD16 wick. I was using a CD14 and always had quite a bit of residue on one side of the jar. This is the 3rd burn and I can't seem to get it clean on the sides. Should I keep going and eventually it will catch up or do I need to wick up? Thanks for any help or advice. I've posted pics below. PS- This test has been going since 10:17am and its 12:35pm now.
  18. I would like to encourage all candle makers to read everything on this website, candles.org . It's full of valuable information, such as why the flame of a candle might flicker, making a safe candle (including keeping debris out of the wax melt pool), etc. You alone are responsible for making a safe candle.
  19. I am a newbie but I have been experimenting with 464 soy wax. I use candle science products and their eco series wicks. I took old Glory's suggestions on pour Temps and my candles look awesome in containers. I am struggling with which Wicks to use in my 8oz mason and 12 sided jars. The eco 8 does not burn the wax from the sides of either container and has a small ht. The 10 burns very hot and melts the wax quickly with ok but not good ht. I recently ordered premier wicks as glory suggested but are there any suggestions on getting a better ht or correct wick? Thanks
  20. I am using C3 and htp 105's were performing great for me in my standard container, with most FO's, until the past two months. I am now seeing things like mushrooming, bigger melt pool/faster burn rate and some soot on the rims. I live in PA where we experience all four seasons, so my house is kept at about 68-70 in winter and 72-74 in summer with central AC, although it always feels warmer than that with the humidity. Here are my questions: 1. Do you notice this significant change in performance from cold weather to hot? 2. If so, how do you make a determination about the best wick size? (i.e., settle for a candle that appears to be slightly under wicked in winter so it doesn't go too crazy in summer?) Thanks in advance for any input.
  21. I order some 40z Jelly Jars from Peaks along with C-65 wicks. Is this a good match? I pray that it is and I didn't waste $8 for those wicks. What do you think? OH I will be using 6006 for these jars. Thanks!
  22. I didn't really find anything via search and thought to throw this out there for suggestions. i'm having a heck of a time wicking this jar. When I get a wick that creates a full MP, the flame is huge. When I try smaller sizes, it never gets enough wax consumed. This jar is too small to double wick though I've been tempted. I've only used eco, htp and cd wicks so far. I've tried to wick these jars using 4627 and el millennium and even a mix between the two. So far I love the way the eco's burn (especially in 4627), but prefer the HT produced by the htp's and cd's. Any rec's for different wicks or other suggestions are appreciated. Oh, I usually test burn 24-48 hrs after initially made, trim before each burn and burn between 3-4 hours at a time. No color and 7% fo load.
  23. I have a client who power burns her candles regardless of all the warnings and instructions. She mentioned on one of her recent container jars, a wick fell over while burning. I didn't realize how much much of a hazard I was now dealing with until I saw the jar (when she returned it to me). This wick fell over and continued to burn while being very close or up against the side of the glass. I honestly do not know why the glass didn't break. Has anyone had this happen or can anyone offer ideas of what may have caused this. She power burns every single candle and this is the first it happened. I am thinking maybe a new batch of wicks not primed with HMP wax? The wicking is Eco, the wax is CBL130, the jar is apoth. 16oz. I believe Libbey but if not it was not a cheapie jar. The wick size is the same I have always used for this scent with this wax & this jar. So now I stopped everything until I figure out what happened so I don't have another powerburner end up with a fire.
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