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  1. I am no expert but i agree with Hopie it looks like mottling wax to me as well. I have seen alot of pillars like those online where they are using mottling wax. I can't be 100% sure tho as i don't use paraffin wax, I only use palm.
  2. ncraiders

    FedX Video

    Wow sadly that does not really surprise me at all.
  3. ncraiders

    i want to make these melts

    That is so true. I forget some people on the internet don't always use common sense. Some of the candles on etsy and ebay are proof of that.
  4. ncraiders

    i want to make these melts

    Lol at first i thought the same thing but then i realized that was a picture before they poured plain white wax in to fill up all the open areas in the jar with wax.
  5. ncraiders

    i want to make these melts

    Yup. I will be pouring more test candle tonight. Gotta get the wicking down one way or another. 😀 I have more reason to do it now with this idea in my head.
  6. ncraiders

    i want to make these melts

    I feel like one of the best waxes for this project would be palm seeing as if the mold for the tarts is not overly detailed you can make the tarts out of the container palm wax. I might look into trying this once i get my palm wax wick figured out.
  7. ncraiders

    FedX Video

    Yeah video is not appearing for me either.
  8. Personally i would use approx 2.7oz. due to variations in the weight. It keeps people from getting upset if they find out it was slightly underweight.
  9. I am a night owl Trappeur. It is rare for me to be in bed before 2 am. I used to work years ago at both Pizza Hut and Walmart and had the evening shift at both places so i would get home anywhere between 11 pm and 2 am and would stay up for a few hours to wind down from work. Never really broke that habit at i was no longer working there. Yay my eyesight didn't fail me this time. It sucks to me 31 and have as poor of eyesight as I do.
  10. lol my poor eyesight thought it was a sunflower. I didn't actually read the scent name just skimmed the text on the label at first till i saw Trappeur's post.
  11. ncraiders

    i want to make these melts

    ahh so they used mica in it.
  12. I think the placement of "Wimberley Wix" is perfect on the label. Mainly cause the tag will end up being removed or if sold in a store possibly come off before someone buys it. I feel having a company name at the top is always the best place seeing as when looking at a label the top is where you end up seeing first most of the time. So it makes it easier for people to recognize who it is putting out the product. Like everything tho this is just my personal opinion and the reasoning behind it.
  13. ncraiders

    i want to make these melts

    I wonder if they could have added something like dazzle dust from RE. They claim it can give a frosted look in candles.
  14. ncraiders

    Candle Dye

    I just found whitener powdered dye on BC. That gives me a good option to look at. I also need to find something that will give me a true black as alot of people complain that black dye end up more gray than black.. I am looking for all this before i order anything as i want to be able to order everything all in one day so it get here around the same time.
  15. ncraiders

    Candle Dye

    Hey if that works i am open to the idea. I would need to order some liquid dyes anyways so if need be i can always get some of that as well. Sadly right now i only have a few dye chips i bought a while back when i got into candle making. Never messed with liquid. Just figured liquid would give me a more consistent color that guessing on dye chips. Not to mention i dont think my dye would work for aroma beads anyways as I wouldn't be melting the dye.