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  1. ncraiders

    Posting photos

    The other option is if you are using a pc and have a program like paint or paint.net you can use one of those programs and and use the resize feature and shrink it down to say 50% or so to cut down on file size and how large the actual photos size it.
  2. It is similar to a heat gun but is is a lot smaller and easier to use one handed. I always think of them as travel heat guns really cause they are less bulky and can fit them in a fairly small bag. They are also a bit more precise on were the heat is directed.
  3. ncraiders

    % of FO in palm wax

    nice to know. will have to test that out when i get around to scent testing.
  4. ncraiders

    % of FO in palm wax

    1 oz per pound comes out to roughly 6% fo pp of wax. Most of the info i found online for palm wax just said to use the 6% standard. so that is what i will try doing first i can always lower it if need be. 5% would be roughly .8 oz of fo.
  5. ncraiders

    What is a high end wax?

    I am using palm wax. I use the glass glow from Lone Star Candle Supply doing wick testing in just he wax I love it. Even plain white wax looks beautiful with the pattern you get. I am using a 4" apothecary jar and it is beautiful i wanna get the main wick test done fast so i can start adding color and scent to them. Even my mom loves how the candles look burning with the patterns you get in it. I wanna look into pillar candles but not till after i get the container candles dialed in first. I do this as a hobby at the moment.
  6. ncraiders

    wax melting options

    the only things that might work that i can come up with would be a good sized crock pot or maybe a smaller turkey roaster. but i am not sure. Some people sure turkey fryers for wax as well.
  7. Also the other thing that dictates the testing process is the type of wax you are using. For instance I am testing out palm wax and i pretty much have to burn down to the bottom of the jar to test the wick properly so i don't bother with the skewer method myself. Palm wax seems to burn down then out which is why i don't use the skewer method. If i had done the skewer method with this wax I would of pulled a wick well before i got a good assessment on how the wick will burn. even with a full length wick i need to do one more test with 2 of the wick sizes along with testing a double wick in 2 more candles to get the best idea on the correct wick. My testing just for wick has taken over 30 hours so far and i gotta do another round after this before i even mess with color and scent. That is the neat thing about candles each type of wax burns differently. So the wick test for one may not work well or at all for another wax..
  8. In the 2 previous tests they have done and posted on here they tested at least one eco wick in each test. This one was focusing on different wicks yet again to show people how these will tend to burn.
  9. I am on disability so i have plenty of time to test candles even doing it the longer way. I currently have 2 candles burning for wick testing. once i get the wick down for plain candles i will add in color and scent and test again.
  10. Shortly i will be doing scent testing myself. I plan to do almost exactly what you said. I will test burn them in the same room one fragrance at a time tho. That way I can judge how well the hot throw is in a consistent manner between candles. The prob i see with doing it in different rooms is that you are changing the variables that you might not be able to controls. One room might have a different air flow due to vents or fans so it might disperse the scent to other areas. So when i do it i will use my bedroom were i tend to burn candles anyways. so that i have a consistent basis to compare the scents throw. My way will take a bit longer to test all the candles i have scents for but i feel it will give me the best results. Once i test it in my room for a few burns i will probably take it down stairs and but it in the living room to see how well the scent throws in a big open room.
  11. ncraiders

    4 ounce mason jar

    I think about 3oz of wax on the 4 ounce, 6 oz in the 8 oz jar, 12 for the 16 oz jar. Tho it can be more depending on how full you make the candles. the 4 oz jar is the one i am not 100% sure on. Sorry to hear about your sight. I am actually legally blind. Tho i can read things like measuring cups I just gotta hold them somewhat close depending on the text size. The 8 and 16 oz jars i pulled info from websites online. The 4 oz i could only find info for jelly jars. others may have more exact info from what they use.
  12. I just ordered a pumpkin scent from bitter creek
  13. If i was looking to buy a candle at a store and had to choose between a bigger candle or a smaller one in a really nice looking jar. I would be inclined to buy the one in the nicer jar even if the price was say $9-$10 for the smaller one but that is me. I look at both the scent and the style of container. Sometimes the container makes or breaks the candle for me.
  14. i can understand that i melted a pound of palm wax for a container candle test and it actually filled the container more than the other 2 i had done. i ended up just pouring it all into the container . So i had a slightly overfilled container. if i had scent and all in it i would of poured it into another container for a candle like you are talking about.