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  1. I'm glad they turned out well for you. About the spikes, that means that you've baked them too long. I have found that it's hard to get them to not have the spikes because if you don't bake them long enough then then don't set, but it you do it too long than you get the spikes!! Not sure what to do about that except keep trimming them! Lol
  2. Yes, so far it's been pretty good. I made some about a week ago and so far so good. I guess I'll know more in another week or two!!
  3. Yes, the beads I ordered were just fine. Where did you get yours from?
  4. I have a little less than 10 pounds of aroma beads from Cajun Candles that I am willing to sell to someone. I paid $29.90 for them and shipping was $11.19 from Louisiana to Texas. I also have 1 pound of beads from Nature's Garden that I want to get rid of. I'm trying to get some of my money back from everything I've spent on beads. Someone who likes and can work with these beads may be able to use them. Please let me know if anyone is interested.
  5. No, I didn't mention anything about the scent not lasting. I only realized the scent didn't last after I put one I had left over from a batch in my car and it didn't last but 2 days. I was so focused on the beads that I didn't even think about the scent not lasting.
  6. When I spoke to Paul he said they were going to label the bad beads as high melting or something like that, they hadn't decided what to call them yet. He said to go ahead and order the premium beads and they should be the old ones. I would call and place my order just to make sure you get the right ones though.
  7. I'm hoping that these new beads which are actually the old beads, work for me as well as they have for the others. I agree with you on how they looked, they were horrible and I felt it was a waste of fragrance oil on them because the smell faded so quick. If it doesn't work out this time then I'm done with trying to make it work. The first beads I ordered were wonderful and I was very happy with them until everyone seemed to switch to the so called "premium beads" and that's when the trouble started for me!
  8. The "wrong beads" I used for the car freshies only lasted a couple of days. I just received my new beads from Paul, so I'll be trying those out soon. Everyone wish me luck since this is my 3rd or 4th attempt at making them since these bad beads are making the rounds.
  9. I just spoke to Paul at Pellets4fun and he said they are going back to the original beads that everyone likes for their Premium Beads. He said that they will be listing the newer bead that everyone is having problems with as a "faster melting bead" or something like that. He said just look for words like that or lower temperature melting beads. He also replaced the beads that I'm having so many problems with for free. I'm impressed by this guy and his commitment to making his customers happy. I certainly hope these beads work out because I would love to keep ordering from this company.
  10. I found that it depends on who you buy your beads from. I bought some from Cajun Candle and they never dried after 2 months I threw them in the trash. The same thing with Nature's Garden, they never dried, that's why I finally went with Plasticpellets4fun. They dried up very nice but when I baked them it was a disaster. I'm still looking for a good bead
  11. I know one of the candle companies, maybe Cajun candles, carries a set where you can make your own cookie cutter. I think it's basically aluminum sheeting of some kind that you shape yourself. Now on to the other discussion about the beads. I'm sort of relieved to hear that others are having issues with the pellets4fun beads, not that I wish it on anyone, but I thought I was the only one having problems. It sounds like maybe there is a new bead out there that the companies are buying and it's causing such bad results. I've been apprehensive about making anymore since mine have turned out so bad. Maybe I'll try again at a lower temp for longer. Has anyone tried this yet to see if it works?
  12. Yes it is! So just to confirm that you bake yours at 350 for about 8-9 minutes?
  13. I know I can't figure it out either. I just spoke to someone else and ask them if they have had any issues with the colored molds and they said no. Everything I'm doing seems to be the right thing, yet they still aren't coming out right.
  14. I know I can't figure it out either. I ordered the premium beads and that's what I received as far as I can tell. Have you ever heard of anyone having problems with the painted ones?
  15. I baked the new beads for the first time and I am so disappointed. It was a major failure..... I was so impressed by how fast the beads soaked up the scent and then I tried to bake them and it was a disaster. I pre-heated my oven to 350 and put the beads in for 8 minutes. The edges were so melted that they were liquid. So I tried again and baked them for 6 minutes and they weren't melted in the middle. I tried it again at 7 minutes and the edges were liquid again. I thought it was my oven to I went and bought an oven thermometer and my oven was a little off by about 3 degrees but nothing else. I tried again, I turned the oven down to 340 for 10 minutes and most of the beads were liquid. I was so frustrated that I turned the oven off and let it cool down to try again. I put my oven on 375 like someone said they did and baked for 5 minuted and all the beads were liquid. I stopped and called pelletts4fun and ask them what I was doing wrong. The guy said the outside of the cookie cutter is getting too hot and melting the beads before the middle can melt and that I needed to turn the oven down and bake them longer. I turned it down to 330 and baked 8 minutes and the middle wasn't melted. The ONLY thing I can think of is that I'm using a metal cookie cutter that is actually painted yellow instead of just the regular metal color. Has anyone had any experiences like this? I'm so frustrated with all this and trying to figure it out that I'm just about ready to quit all together. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
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