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  1. You're % of FO is too high. Try lowering it to 3% or 4%. Your scent throw will be the same, and not over-powering.
  2. waxwonders15

    What's going on with Yaley??

    I go through Yaley only for my metal molds. Otherwise, I agree, they're too expensive
  3. I'm not sure if this is the correct category for this question, but anyway... I order some of my candlemaking supplies through Yaley. I know there has been fires in that area of California and think Yaley must have been effected. Does anyone know? Their website is down and everything.
  4. I have 3 friends testing my finished candles for me, as I am currently trying different percentages of FO. Do you think 3 is enough or should I go with more?
  5. waxwonders15

    Candle business name....

    We came up with Flickering Palm Candles. How does that sound?
  6. waxwonders15

    Candle business name....

    Thanks for the advice Quentin!
  7. waxwonders15

    Eco 12 wick problems

    I did notice what you're describing with the votive that I test burned. The pillar candle is about 2 inches down and slowly burning more toward the side. I'll continue burning and see what happens. Thanks for the advice!
  8. waxwonders15

    Candle business name....

    My husband and I have been trying to think of a name for our business. I came up with Forever Yours Candles, but he thinks that doesn't sound right for a candle business name. We make palm wax candles and we're trying to come up with a name to keep the eco-friendly theme going. Does anyone have any ideas to toss around? We could really use some help! Thank you!
  9. I've been testing out Eco-12 wick (from candlewic) with my 3x3 palm wax pillars, and have discovered an issue. The pillars burn down the middle instead of to the edges. What can I do about this?
  10. waxwonders15


    This is the first picture I was able to size of one of my palm wax candles. Can I please get feedback? What does everyone think?
  11. waxwonders15


  12. waxwonders15

    Wax melter for palm wax...

    After I wick my molds while the wax is melting, I heat them on an electric griddle so they are not cold when I pour my candles. Also, I do not use jars. I just make pillars and votives currently. No offense to people who do pour into jars, but I chose to be different and not use them.
  13. waxwonders15

    Wax melter for palm wax...

    I typically melt about 6 lbs at a time. I do not water jacket it, just straight into the presto pot it goes. I had to do a remelt b/c the wax never came up to temperature...then I realized the extension cord I'm using is bad, so I bought a new one. Hopefully this will fix the problem!
  14. waxwonders15

    Posting pictures...

    I have a really cool camera that takes awesome pictures, but none of them are able to be posted to this website. The files are apparently too big. Can anyone tell me how I decrease the size of the files so I am able to upload them? TIA
  15. I currently use a presto pot to melt my wax, but it takes a long time to get the wax to the correct temperature (205 deg). I found this other one on eBay https://www.ebay.com/itm/42-LB-STAINLESS-STEEL-WAX-MELTER-SOAP-MAKING-MELTER-LID-DIGITAL-THERMOMETER/232601478616?hash=item362820e5d8:g:C0AAAOSwJ-pbBcKo The description says it only heats up to 200, but I obviously need slightly higher. Are my temperature settings off...should I be melting the wax to a lower temperature? I'd like to purchase the above melter, but only if I can make it work. What are other palm wax makers using? Personally, I'm getting tired of waiting on my presto pot!!