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  1. Birdcharm.... You should check out this article.... There's two sides to every story and this article says it better than I ever can. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/290605611_The_Danger_of_a_Single_Story_The_Malaysian_Oil_Palm_Plantations_Deforestation_and_the_Incorrect_Pro-Sustainability_Narratives
  2. For those who have been brining up the topic of some suppliers poo-pooing the industry and such - this is why I cover this topic in the course. The statements from Candlescience for example, is 10 years old and their claims are NOT based on factual evidence. This is where my journey in learning more about palm wax began, but I wanted to see both sides of the story. I tried to find the sources of the claims and couldn't. I did learn about the RSPO, MPOC.org and others that is where you should look for real info on the industry because it is from the industry. You wouldn't use resources like the National Enquirer for facts about cancer because one article talked about a celebrity who battled cancer and won due to a special diet, would you? Then why put all your faith in one article that says "palm oil is bad"? The course covers so much including one tip such as going directly to suppliers and ask for certifications and letters of authenticity to ensure the wax they sell you and they obtain is truly sustainable. It works as I did this on my own with my American supplier and have the letter of authenticity with the proof to show it is sustainably grown, obtained and sourced and refined. It's piece of mind for me, but also speaks volumes with my customers - both retail and wholesale. Another aspect the course covers, what other articles don't cover, is about the growth and lifecycle of palm trees and how no endangered animals are harmed because it is just the fruit that is harvested. No negative article will tell you that the palm trees are planted on previously logged land - already designated for agriculture - that grew rubber and other tropical woods used for furniture and such yet left fallow with no other industry coming in to re-establish the forests that were reaped of it's benefits. There are 15 different harsh laws in place to for the protection the environment and endangered animals too. To even have a palm oil plantation you have to grow through a ton of regulations and certifications to just get started - I do not see the same for soy and other waxes. Also, palm oil trees are set up on plantations that are essentially rainforests allowing for natural fauna and wild life to roam freely - without the use or need of harsh chemicals like pesticides, because the natural eco-system already takes care of it. I want people who have heard of palm wax to really know there are two sides to the negative allegations and you would be surprised if folks are open minded to the facts than the false propaganda - that do not site sources or studies backing up their claims. I have been heavily involved with the education of palm oil for 10 years of research backing up the truth with resources, articles, studies and so on. Again, the course covers this information and if anyone has any interest in anything palm related you should check it out....
  3. MichelleinMD

    Wax melter for palm wax...

    I started out with a presto pot - and still use mine, but more for wax melts so I don't need to melt as much wax for wax melts. I have also used the presto pot if I needed to do demonstrations or a class. I do like them and you may want to consider getting two due to their affordability. Another plus with two is while you are using one, you can have the other going to start melting the wax for another batch you need to pour later. Going with a bigger melter you need to ask yourself how often will you need a bigger melter. For example, are you needing a bigger one just for speed of melting wax or because you are expecting to do a bigger volume of candle making in the next weeks and months? I did go with a bigger melter but that was because a few years back I opened a candle gift shop and used a portion of the shop as my work shop. I knew I would need a bigger volume wax melter due to needing to make more candles to not just stock the shop, but to keep up with e-commerce and other wholesale orders. There are some good LARGE wax melters - with hefty prices via candlewic and candlesandsupplies candle suppliers. My advice, if you are slowly growing, stick with the presto pots. Two melters may be better and more of what you need - especially if you have the space. Also consider better managing your time when melting the wax. I get that you are preparing for candle making while it melts, but presto pots can hold a steady temperature for hours (I would never have them running over night). So perhaps consider turn it on and fill it up first thing, and then answer an email or two or make your phone calls, then go back to making candles. This is one thing I do to help better manage my time - get my to do list and fill up my wax melter first thing in the morning, then do 1 hour (or more) of computer work, and then in the afternoon have non-stop uninterrupted candle making time. Once done with making candles only then I check and follow up with emails, social media questions, and phone calls. Good luck!!! Michelle
  4. Hey guys! I just wanted to put this out there to see who might be interested in this. I am in the process of launching an online course called Palm Wax Candle Making for Fun and Profit. I have been a palm wax candle maker for nearly 10 years - creating my own candle business and even opened a store front to boot. I also now it is pretty difficult to find the right info about making palm wax candles which is why I want to teach an in-depth course on the topic. The course, which is broken into 5 different modules, will cover everything about what is palm wax, sharing real facts that discredit the negative publicity that surround the palm oil industry, discuss and list ingredients and equipment needed to make palm wax candles - plus resource guide on where to buy the materials too, a full professional video production showing the whole candle making process, how to fix common issues that occur when making palm wax candles, and a big section just on how to go from a candle making as a hobby to start one's on small business and what steps to take to get you there so anyone can make a profit doing what they love - making candles! If any of this sounds interesting and want more info, the link is... [link edited for self promotion] In case you can't wait, if you go to the link there is info to actually get the free checklist on candle making ingredients and supples with links on where to get them NOW, via the same link too. I expect the course to launch, crossing my fingers, for the first week of July 2018. Thanks!!! Michelle
  5. MichelleinMD

    Palm Wax Discontinued at Peak

    A bit late to the conversation but... You may want to check out this article... http://www.mpoc.org.my/upload/Tree_of_Life.pdf With organizations set up with the MPOC such as their own conservation fund that works with WWF - there's A LOT of good information supporting how the palm oil industry. In Malaysia, the palm oil plantations have to uphold more than 15 laws in regarding the environment and sustainable practices. Also the plantations are creating rain forests, providing funds for research and wildlife conservation efforts, and so much more. Not every place is perfect but don't believe everything you hear - when it comes to negative attacks on the palm oil industry, as there are two sides to every story. And if one side is very slanted and cannot provide facts, figures, sited sources, etc. then you should wonder what is the real truth behind it all. Just saying...
  6. MichelleinMD

    Palm candle test

    Did you make sure the wick was not more than 1/4 inch when burning it? I always trim them at 1/4 inch once cooled and when burning them for my own pleasure. Without seeing photos I am not sure what you are doing other than making sure the wicks are trimmed.
  7. I use palm wax 1 for glass jar containers and palm wax 2 for wax tarts. I love how palm wax looks and for the most part how easy it is to use - never have problems like bubbles or tunneling that I hear others have with other types of natural waxes. Here's the end result of one of my candles if that helps.
  8. MichelleinMD

    Hello - palm wax candle maker here from Maryland

    Sarah S... I am located on the border of Baltimore County and Carroll County. You? Have you been making candles a long time? If you are interested in learning more about palm wax, let me know. I do have a free checklist regarding palm wax candle making you may find helpful... If you have any questions about palm wax making, I feel free to bounce them off me if you want. - Michelle
  9. MichelleinMD

    Palm candle test

    Hey! I work with palm wax and it sounds like you are on the right path regarding wicks and such to get to the stage of testing candles. When I have tested candles I have done them without oils or dyes because - in my opinion, you want to check to see what will be the best wick to use for your jar. Things to look for is tunneling in the wax, mushrooming/smoke, how steady the flame burns - is it too high or two small of a flame, does it create soot or discoloration (even if the candle doesn't have any dye), etc. With your first candle I would burn it for 2-4 hours - however long it takes for the pool of wax to get to the edge of the glass and take notes whether it does or not and how long it takes. Based on your notes on the performance of the candle then you can tweak it to make it burn better say experiment with two smaller wicks or go up in the next size. Once you have found the right wick, then you can experiment with oils and dyes. I just find it less wasteful/more cost effective to start with no dye and scents. Good luck!!! In case you are looking for some sources for wicks and such, I created an ingredient and equipment checklist (totally free and easy to download) - with resource guide of places that sell candle making supplies, they may help as you start to search for more suppliers for various items.... Here's the link https://bit.ly/2s1GBTy
  10. Hey folks! Just wanted to introduce myself. I have been making palm wax candles for almost 10 years and specializes in palm wax candles that are inspired and named after popular travel destinations. I am excited to be launching a new online course soon on making palm wax candles for fun and profit. I love helping others with similar interests so I am excited to dive in and learn more about what other people do, make, learn from our struggles and hopefully make new friends/business relationships! Michelle