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  1. I talked to Lone Star today. They said that they have not had any complaints about the Leather except that it takes longer for the aroma beads to soak it up. She had me send an email with the ingredients and process that I use and was going to call the manufacturer. If I hear anything, I will let you know. Wasn't much help. She just kept telling me she wasn't familiar with Polysorbate 20, since they don't sell it, and that the leather has always been a heavier fragrance oil and nothing has changed in the formulation.
  2. I don't order from The Candle Source or Texas Candle Supply so I can't say about them. Maybe they all get their oils from the same company. Yes, I do feel it is lighter but then I have always had a problem with leather being too light for my liking. I mixed up a fresh batch today of room sprays to make sure and it did the same thing. Very heavy and separated. In fact, as I am pouring the fo, I can tell it is too heavy. I use Polysorbate 20 with it and have never had a problem. Mixed up another batch of a different fragrance oil to make sure I just wasn't losing my mind and it is normal. I think I am going to call Lone Star on Monday. I had ordered 6 ~ 16 oz bottles and have been thru now the 4th one. All the same story.
  3. I use it to make room sprays and it is usually my number one seller. I noticed that it keeps separating and is too heavy to spray. There is definitely something going on.
  4. Trappeur I use the same jars and lids. How do you get the lids to fit? Mine don't fit down on the jar and sit crooked. I have been trying to figure out how to make them work because I think they are so cute.
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