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My first ever attempts at Cut and Curl

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Greeting everyone,

Just posting my first ever attempts at cut and curl. Here are my first, second and fourth candles. 3rd was worthless. Please give constructive criticism!! I want to know how can I get better at this!

They might look weird because I didn't use the proper pigments. those are black light reflective. The pics were taken under a blacklight so the colors stood out more on the pic. I'm using 2 empty coffee cans for vats third one for water and a small kitchen knife.

I just wanted to try it and see. I dunno but, is it and addiction when you start ordering stuff to make more and better ones???

First one


Second one


4th one


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everybody thank you for the replies! When I started making them I was hoping to at least make one everyday I could to keep practicing. Unfortunately I haven't kept practicing. We've been so busy at the store that we get home late at night almost everynight. On my next order I'm gonna get better equipment. Some more pouring pots and the right pigments. Maybe the right carving tools too

To my surprise I have been using the locally obtained wax and it seems to work just right. Thats just my opinion since I really don't know what to look for in a cut and curl wax but for now it's working. I will sure post more pics as soon as I make more. This is the most I enjoyed making candles in a while it sure was a different experience.


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I'd say they are pretty darn good for your first attempts. Love the black light effect. Makes awesome color! I actually thought the design of candle #3 was the prettiest.

I also think #3 was the most beautiful. Very delicate. I do not make cut n curl so I can';t give CC, but... I am not sure what you would need to improve, they look beautiful in the black light. Great job!

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Bruce is back online so you'll have to talk to him, he is the cut n curl KING. Your candles are beautiful would never know it was your first time. We all need to be busy with orders, so good luck with that. But hope you find some time for more cut n curl cause you have a talent for it.

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