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  1. So I realize the EO forum has come around from the old days of just part of the FO forum. EO has its own forum and that is great!!! Most of us here use EO's for candle making or soap making. I'm kinda getting into herbology and ayurvedic cooking and nutrition. The question I have is what sources do you think are pure decent EO's. Not stuff that is cut with carrier oil and FO's and whatnot. There is Young Living, expensive but they have farmland. There is de Terra, the CEO and others from YL that broke off and outsource the EO's. I have bought from Herbco.com (affordable) and some is very potent like the Oregano that raised a water blister on my hand and some not so potent like their frankincense. Prices of EO's like chamomile range from $20/oz to $120/oz. I have learned that price does not = quality.. Thoughts? Advice? Thanks everyone. Eric
  2. I tried the LX a lot but they sooted on me. I bought a pillar from Rustic Candles in Tucson which is famous. Was an LX wick from what I could gleen and observe. It sooted. I know folks like LX. I am guessing that with the right mix and average or low FO content, the LX would work fine. There is a reason why there are so many wicks. Happy testing!
  3. I think I did it once. I'm with Vickie, the pull away was an issue. The heat was not. Heck, that is what votives in containers are about. If you are concerned about the heat, get one of those IR thermometers and measure the heat of the glass at FMP burn. Should be well under 174. Preferably around 140. But more important, the gradient. If the top is 195 and a half inch below it is 100, expect a fracture and leakage.
  4. First off, your FMP should occur in a half hour. Your max burn for custometers should be 4 hours (yes, do test to 8 or more, but recommend 4 for the customers). If it takes 7 hours to get FMP, then you are underwicked. As for sooting, often that is an overwick problem (which you apparently don't have). So my next thought is that at 9 percent you have overrun your wax capability. Most IGI waxes can take that. If you are not using a good IGI wax, consider a suppliment. There are additives that can maybe help your wax to hold your FO load. I have gone to 18 percent with some waxes. Don't recommend it. But it is doable. The RRD is a directional wick. Are the ones you bought built for the right direction? I can't say much about the cotton core because I use those in paraffin, not blends. Soy has its own personality. I have had great luck with HTP wicks and ECO wicks for reducing sooting when boosting the FO content in any wax concoction that I came up with (except palm, palm likes square or braid wicks). HTP and ECO are my fallback wicks. No matter what I do, no matter what the experiment, I seem to go to the HTP or ECO for a reference burn and ultimately end up choosing one of the two for the final. There are over 500 wicks on the market and I have about 300 of them. I like playing with wicks. I keep coming back to these two.
  5. Thanks. I figured that folks who bought cut/curl would not want to destroy the candle so having a tealight holder at the top or oil chamber would be more appropriate. Besides, the testing process would be a bit heartbreaking methinks.
  6. Do your candles burn down like a pillar or do they have an oil chamber or tealight holder in the top?
  7. Interesting. So the generic carve is so generic that folks feel like they will not be congratulated for a good find? Peer pressure? Something unique, on the other hand, gets the interest?
  8. I like carving. Unfortunately I'm going on 3 years + with most of my candle making stuff in storage and the wax in the closet. The dvd's from Candlefun are worth watching. I have a few and have had a ball making them.
  9. I agree with the presto pot idea. I agree a lot! It will be the best $50 you have ever spent in your life.
  10. Try both. The ones you made are fantastic for some and maybe lighter for others.
  11. Fascinating. So he's not demanding that you send anything and if you do, he can defend himself on the fraud that he did not ask for anything. This guy is slightly smarter than he writes (but only slightly). He must know that he will be found out and doesn't care or he wouldn't handwrite from the same location. Apparently, he just plans on defending if that happens. Meanwhile, people voluntarily mail him replacements? Reminds me of a guy in Tucson back in the early 70's or late 60's that advertised "invisible tie clips, $5.00." People bought them. He was arrested for mail fraud and was let go because he actually did supply an invisible tie clip. It was a paper clip with instructions. Yup, you know, those cheap paper clips that could be bought like 1000 for a buck back then? The instruction were to place it on the inside portion of the tie near where it went through the cloth holder section on the outside portion of the tie, and clip it to the shirt. It worked for a few minutes.
  12. Love seascapes. I'm in search of dolphins, but ones that are made like real dolphins, not the cartoon ones or the ones with shark fins in the rear (dolphins have horizontal rear fins, like all sea mammals, not vertical ones like fish).
  13. I've enjoyed lurking in this thread thinking that, yeah, sure, someone is going to spend money for a designer sink FO. NOT! Just use scotchbrite and soap. Well, OK, the garbage disposal does seem to be out of reach and I don't want to spend the $50 to buy a new one (and a Saturday putting it in). So, now you convinced me, there is a good reason to try this out!
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