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  1. I would think it would be cheaper... I pay .18 ea including shipping...
  2. Hmm, I pay less than that currently. is that directly from impact?? I wonder if they could do the heart clams?
  3. How many is in a case? I might be interested in quite a few depending on pricing!
  4. Bought one years ago but cannot remember who it was from!!
  5. An Underwriter is the person our Agent or Broker will contact if they are not sure of qualifications... basically the person who helps determine if the risk is insurable. Generally speaking, customers do not speak directly with underwriting. It is a very normal and standard part of writing insurance. Pretty much every single policy is reviewed by an underwriter, either before, during or after the policy is sold. Most companies do not want to insure our types of businesses due to the risk... Usually a specialty policy is required.
  6. I use paraffin, but i want to try soy or maybe parasoy... Any recommendations ? I am looking for votive wax. Not sure what to start with...!
  7. Can anyone point me to a sample recipe? I am not sure where to begin....
  8. I cannot wait... the cold throw is so nice
  9. I know of someone who uses 4630 for that purpose...
  10. Yep I've just been impatient. I'm starting to smell it and so far it is wonderful.
  11. I Generally love all CS scents... Havnt gad a dud ...necessarily. Poured strawberry shortcake this morning and when I got home there was ZERO cold throw. When pouring it... It smelled WONDERFUL!!! I'm kinda bummed. I've never really had a ZERO cold throw scent... Anyone has this issue? Should I just wait..? Am I impatient..? Lol
  12. I like liquid (use CS) . Ive used chips in the past but do not want to worry about chip grit and its easier to mix colors with liquid. i tried Candle Wic but theirs are too thick and gloopy to replicate color recipes.
  13. Maple does- they are 2 piece clams
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