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my new craft/soaping space


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I do a lot of stuff other than just soap/B&B - I also sew, scrapbook, other random crafty stuff - I finally had enough of soaping out of the kitchen and never having a good space to do anything else either -

Okay okay - here it is!!!


the BEFORE pic







Printing station - this desk was upstairs - I wanted the printer downstairs instead



These shelves were in the other half of the basement - Dan and I had to move them about 40 feet - all one piece 6ft x 7ft


I also sew a bunch - so this is my sewing table - you can see to the right where I stopped painting - there's a weight bench thing there that takes 3-4 people to move - it's going into the other half of the basement


Thanks for looking! :cheesy2:

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it IS sooooooooo nice! We've lived here for 2.5 years and it's always just looked like the before picture - I had to dig through boxes to find fabric and glue and whatever craft stuff I needed. I tried organizing it once in the boxes but then it just ended up looking like that again. LOL

The only other thing I need down there is a sink - which is coming at the end of the summer when we get some extra $$. The laundry room is to the left in those pictures and so it'll be the perfect location for a mud sink.

Oh and I'm getting a microwave too - my sister has one I'm going to buy off her!!


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Isn't it great to get you crafting out of the kitchen or basement? We have 5 bedrooms and now that one is my workroom is upstairs across from our family room...no more stairs and pots all over the kitchen. I've just reopened the business but I'm intimidated cuz my room looks like someone turned the room upside down and shook it...will u come organize my room? I'll pay airfare....lol

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Looks great, and also nice and roomy for all your crafting needs. I have a spare room where I keep all my supplies, except its getting awfully full. I need to get motivated and start making some soap, its been a month since I made my last batch of CP.

Yes........ I'm slackin!

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