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  1. Sugared Vanilla Shortbread for sure! Love it. Pomegranate Cider Butterscotch Pudding Home Sweet Home Jack Frost Snickerdoodle Spa
  2. I haven't tried the ones you mentioned but I have used and love Vanilla Sugared Shortbread, Pomegranate Cider, Snickerdoodle and Butterscotch Pudding. They all throw great in 6006 and Palm wax. The Pomegranate Cider has been one of my bestsellers in the fall through Christmas for the past 2 years. hth
  3. I have double wicked those jars a few times using Candlewics container palm and used 2 CSN 9s with good results. I'm not sure if it makes a difference in the 2 waxes though. 2 CSN 7s may do the trick depending on the FO used hth
  4. AH/RE has a few good bases. They have a body spray base and also a body spray/room and linen base(the one previously sold by KY) I also like NGs odor eliminator but the downfall with that one for me is the cloudiness of it and every spray I have made with that one has to be shaken well before each use but it sure does work great and also safe for spraying on pets as long as the right fos are used. Most stay clear with the AH/RE bases(not all, depends on the fo)
  5. Thanks for bumpin this one up Chandler. There's alot of great info in this thread. I don't do pillars(although i do want to give it a shot someday soon I hope) I love love love the look of Feather palm but so far have only done votives and once in a while tarts with this beautiful wax.
  6. Mrs Claus Cookie from NG smells great. Not a super strong throw but a nice sugar cookie scent. Same goes for CS SC......I love the smell but can't get s super strong throw. I also love MWs....medium strong throw with that one Mostly 6006 wax for me. I also use Palm but never tried sugar cookie in palm
  7. Depending on the FO used I use a 51 or 60 zinc. (a 60 zinc was used for the heavy oils) A few times I double wicked with 2 44-24-18 zincs. hth
  8. I am loving the Butterscotch Pudding....omg the throw is amazing! I was not impressed with the French Vanilla......I found that to be very weak
  9. I love CW Snickerdoodle but don't smell tea. It really does not smell like the actual cookie though. I smell a bit of maple in it....and cookie..some cinnamon. It sells well for me around the holidays and throws like a beast
  10. Same here....love CWs SVS. Another one I just recently baught 8oz of to try was the Butterscotch Pudding....wow!!! super strong throw The shipping is way high but they do have some really good FOs and I really like the container palm wax they sell
  11. Chocolate is a tough one for me to move also except for AH/RE Hot Chocolate around Christmas when I make the mug candles. Love Spell and Pink Sugar this time of year I can't keep in stock......they fly
  12. I tested out 2 of them using a 1oz sample of Sugar Corn Pudding (AH/RE) .......6006 wax 51 zinc and eco 2. so far they are both burned about half way down and I think I'm liking the eco better. The zinc burning a bit too high and having to trim more than I like. sorry I can't post pics....don't have a dig camera and my phone is pooo They do go great with the pint masons that I usually get from Wally World which I always have good results using a 60 zinc Great pics Pita!
  13. I'm pretty sure Fillmore will send free samples of what they have and you pay the shipping cost.
  14. I place them side by side in the center using wick stickers to keep them in place. A scewer(sp?) at the top with the wicks held tightly to them so the wicks stay even and in place. 6006 wax with 1.5oz fo per pound of wax. Some people use 1oz fo per pound but I find 1.5 works best for me. 44-24-18 zinc works well also and they stay in place better because of the wire in them. Or 44-28-18(I got from NG) I get eco wicks from Candlescience. They sell sample packs for .99 each. Many suppliers sell sample packs of wicks but just because the eco 2s work well for me it doesn't mean it will for you. If you have zincs I'd suggest you try those. They do mushroom but they burn cooler and IMO cause less soot than eco wicks. Also your best bet is to do what Chandlerwicks suggested. Testing seems to be endless. I have been making candles for over 3 years and am just starting to get everything down to a good thing and I'm happy for the most part with my work. A ton of money invested and wasted along the way but it's the name of the game. HTH
  15. IMO 2 eco 6 is too large a wick to use in 6006 wax. I can't seem to get it to burn right with a single wick in those jars. I have poured in the square jars from Dollar Tree and will usually use 2 eco 2 and sometimes 2 44-24-18 zinc and have no problems.
  16. My best sellers in Palm wax are Love Spell(from CS) and Pink Sugar(from AH/RE..KY) Black Cherry from CS kicks butt in palm Cucumber and Cantalope from AH/RE throws great also There's tons of good ones out there that work well in palm
  17. no...not so much hard as it is annoying. And yes I'm grateful for calculaters........I usually have one practically stuck to my butt..can't manage without it lol
  18. Those are really pretty! Love the bags and your labels...the colors......great job and good luck at the craft show
  19. I was just in my Walmart(south Jersey) and found a case of them. Of course I had to snag it lol I usually buy the Mainstay pint jars from there so they will go nicely with those. They are cute. I use 6006 wax and as soon as I get a chance I'll start testing on what size wicks to use. Normally I use zinc with this wax but thinking a 51 but have a feeling that may be a bit too big so maybe a 44-32 or a 44-28 which a have a few of. Maybe even an eco 2.......hmmmm
  20. I use the spray base previously sold by KY(from AH/RE) and use the plastic pipettes. I fill to the 3.0ml line of fo per ounce of base and a teeny bit of color. I don't know what the % is on it though. I think they sell a few different spray bases but that's the only one I get from there and I love it.
  21. hmmm you know, I just took a whiff of my bottle of CC and I smell grape too now lol Just noticed I spelled Cotton Candy wrong....at the time I was waiting for my morning coffee to kick in and wasn't paying much attention to spelling lol
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