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New jars and photos for website!


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love 'em! I love your labels too. I second the plastic lids- although depending on packaging you might not need them.. I have a boutique I sell tumblers to (they private label them) and they put them in tuck top boxes (they cost around .12c each) with a bit of shredded paper, and seal with a label. They put out a display candle and then people dont have to open the box to see the candle, and the candles stay nice and clean.

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Very pretty, tumblers and labels! You can get the silver like lids that fit those tumblers though not sure which place is best bet. The tumblers I have, can't really remembered where I got them it has been so long, I used the lids from Yes. They look pretty but makes them more expensive. Lone Star has what looks like the same lid but they don't say they will fit the tumbler, I called & asked them, not really to helpful. Fillmore also has the silver lids and they fit, the ones they say will fit the 10oz apoth jar. I really believe 1 of the 2 sizes from Lonestar would. You might could order 1 of each to see.

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Candles and jars look lovely! Thought I might point out though that "poured" is spelled incorrectly on your label ..."pourd". Might want to fix that before posting to your site.

I noticed that too but didnt want to say anything in case you had already printed hundreds of labels...

that happened to me once. I printed 200 labels and "Soy Candle" was typed SoyCandel because I'm in way too much of a rush sometimes. I was so sad.

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Thanks everyone...I appreciate your comments. :smiley2:

@Luminous...that is the direction I'm going to, I found some white semi-gloss tuck top boxes that they fit snuggly into for around .16 each plus an additional label on the front and I think I can get away with an additional .26 which is considerably cheaper then the silver lids at .60 to .75 each. I would much rather have the lid but this will do for now. I also tried the plastic lids and they were ok but they did not stay on very well and I just didn't like the look but still an affordable option.

@Ah-Soy...Oh nooo...thanks for noticing, I hate when that happens trying to get too much done in a short time...lol...good news is I checked and only misspelled on a few labels, of course they were the ones I used in the pictures. It will be at least a week before I can do more photos. Would it be bad to still use the pictures? :tiptoe:

@Kyme...no light box just some white rolled paper tapped to the wall and some side lighting, most of the lighting and color is adjusted in photoshop.

@Beli...no that is not me...I purchased PalmBeachCandle.com without an s several years ago and they are PalmBeachCandles.com with an s. Must say it does get me a little fiesty and they are located in TX...go figure!

@quietgirl...at the moment I don't remember the font on the lavender...but on the others I used Hobo.


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Thanks Candybee...I have a few samples of the salsa's from Fillmore and they are very close to the others but just a wee bit shorter and wider which makes my labels overlap the edge just a bit, I suppose I could get new labels as opposed to new jars but now that I got some wax in the tumblers I really like them. :smiley2:

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