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Pillars for Ernesto


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Figured I should make up some pillars in case we lose power when Ernesto blows thru. Used some 1343A I had and scented Stormwatch. Seemed appropriate. These are just the 2nd batch of pillars for me. Screwed the colors up but hey I got them out of the mold. Now to see if I guessed right on the wicks.

I want to thank whoever put out the tip of leveling pillars in the mold. That is one slick idea. Even I couldn't screw it up.


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Those look great! I used my time pouring some testers with sugar cookie and strawberry parfait. I also made some milk bath.

Ernesto gained strength after leaving FL and passed right over me through the bay. Luckily, the tide wasn't high, and the winds weren't all that bad. Let's hope they're all that tame! Still 3 mos. of this crap!

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Thanks for the kind comments. I didn't want to bottom layer to be such a dark plum color. Even though we didn't lose power I did a test burn on them. Round one did OK, sq. and star slightly over-wicked on the 1st test burn. Will see what happens on the 2nd burn.

We didn't lose power but did end up with over 12" of rain. Lots of wind. But no flooding for us. Others weren't so lucky. Since I'm burning these guess I'll have to make another set for my hurricane kit.

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