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    candles soap b&b
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    Houston, Tx
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    I`am from Houston,Tx. My way to escape from the everyday drama is to enjoy things that are scented. Basically I like making soap, candles, potpourri and a few bath and body. These items are made for few family but mostly for myself and two daughters. I am a OTR Truck Driver so I don't get to play that often but when I do I have a Blast. But if I run across that job that pays good locally I will enjoy myself all the time making soaps, candles etc. Thanks Denise :)
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    I am a easy person to please.

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  1. Hi and Welcome to the board.
  2. Oh it looks so good! Love those colors too.
  3. Hi I am wanting to try my hand at making incense sticks. Would you share a favorite place where you purchase your blank incense sticks from? TIA Denise
  4. Firestarters are very pretty and the lil kitty is a cutey.
  5. Everything looked Great! It's very nice to see that you are happy doing something you like so well. Wishing You continue Success.
  6. Oh you have the cutest lil kitties! Everything is simply beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
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