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  1. Viva la Juicy quickly became a best seller for me in soap and lotions. I've been using one from Tamera's but just thought I'd ask if anyone had another you recommend since I need to order.
  2. I'm getting what I consider a decent HT for this type of fragrance. My main concern is that so many customers expect a HT to fill a cathedral, and this type of scent just isn't going to do that. This year I'm on a tighter than usual budget and have to be more careful.
  3. Thank you--I think I will order this one.
  4. Replying because I'm interested in this topic and want to follow. I've never used any fo from this company but am interested.
  5. I use a good many Candle Science fo--some for cp soap and others for candles. I normally don't buy the 1 oz but did get a few new ones during their recent 1 oz sale to put in 4625 pillars. I've been testing banana nut bread and Black Sea but can't quite make up my mind whether to produce with these. Anyone use these for candles. Beach Linen is one of my favorites for candles, and I use this for my pillars that I embed with seashells.
  6. I haven't visited in such a long time, so it's really nice to see a picture of your beautiful soap! You've always inspired me.
  7. I don't try to sell ones that I don't like or find weak. If they're not rank or ready to be trashed I make firestarters, etc, for my personal use with them.
  8. I'm curious about the Satsuma. I've searched and searched for a replacement for the Satsuma Guava that I used to get from Scent Works. I've tried the Satsuma from RE, and it's good but not what I want.
  9. I haven't ordered from Backwoods in a while and need to get the HG. I've always loved that one and want to try to Black Irish. I took a look at Scent Works a couple of weeks ago and even tried to call the phone number--which is disconnected. I've read this and that on them that some people are still ordering and receiving, etc. I'm tired of fooling with them and wish that they had made some sort of announcement or something. I've replaced everything I used from them except Satsuma Guava and still desperately looking for a replacement. Mad Oils is next on my list for ordering!!!
  10. I have a few nice silicone molds and make some of mine to embed in cp but would surely like a source to buy some. I mostly make mine with m&p but sometimes make a few with leftover cp batter. I would post a pic but have no clue how with this new format.
  11. I've been absent for a while and first took a look at the "new" gallery. Thanks for putting this one back on!
  12. Thanks for the heads up on Backwoods. I haven't ordered from them for a while, so now it's time. I've never been disappointed with anything from them, and I want to replace AH Rosemary Mint for my cp.
  13. Old thread, but I have been searching and searching for a strawberry that doesn't discolor in cp! I don't even care if it's a blend with another scent, but I need a strawberry. Just got an email from Daystar, and they are discontinuing their Fresh Picked Strawberries. The info notes no discoloration in cp, but does the scent stick or morph into skunk?
  14. I have to laugh cause I just noticed it is a bit old! I don't spend much time on colognes, either, but do a few of them. Hey, Laura! Did you ever make them?
  15. I used her Red Sedona, and her Lavender Vanilla was the best. I've emailed her several times through the website over the last year with no response.
  16. My absolute favorite from there is Honey Gingerbread. Alas, I haven't ordered in a while and could kick myself.
  17. Luci


    Yes, Linda went out of business about a year ago. She said that business was just not good at all. I saw your other post with the suggestions for potpourri but haven't tried any of those. I always loved Linda's blends.
  18. I am so sad to hear this news. I have several of her wonderful molds and wanted more.
  19. I keep mine for when the power is out or on the porches when I don't want an overhead light. They're also good for making firestarters.
  20. I used to use the SR from TSW, but now I'm a bit antsy about ordering from them with recent reported problems, etc. Plus, the price on it is a bit high for me. I was then using the one from SGS, but they're not shipping right now. I know I could get it from their sister company in CA, but I'm looking for something closer to the East Coast. Has anyone tried the one from Elements in cp and other bath and body? I can't believe I don't have a drop. :undecided
  21. Thank you for your response! Hope you get your things quickly. I hate to see a supplier hit the skids.
  22. I haven't ordered from them in a while but have been following a FB item speculating whether or not TSW is possibly going out of business. After reading it, I realized that I haven't received an email, etc, from them in quite some time. Anyone know what's going on? If they're going out, I surely need replacements for Satsuma Guava and Be Delicious.
  23. Sugar Cookie--I've tried everything recommended for years but just don't get jazzed about any of them. Ocean--I give up. I live on the ocean. I've tried Peak's and TSW and just get NOTHING--from wax or cp. I tend to agree about the pumpkin comment--I "like" what I smell when I cut into a pumpkin, but I'm not in love with it. I like the spicy or bake scent. Right now I'm having a difficult time finding a Cucumber Melon that sticks--and I always used AH with no problem. Now it's just not cutting it for me in cp.
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