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  1. I've been using C3 for almost a decade and imo, tempering helps with the texture and minimizing C3's notorious bubbles. As already mentioned, on way to temper is to heat wax to 185* until completely melted. Remove from heat and you can either let completely harden or if you want you use same day, let it cool completely down till it's starting to solidify then bring it back up to 185* till melted, remove, add go and stir. I pour when it starts to cloud. I'm happy using 8.5% fo and don't have seeping issues. As far as wicking goes, for that size jar try HTP104,105; CDN 14,16; Premier 790.
  2. Your candle looks great...no soot, wick looks very good, think you're off to a great start.
  3. Or directly from Clarus @ clarussp.com
  4. Hi everyone, it's been awhile! I have an urge to play with a new container wax. I still use and love C3 but I'm a little bored staying home in these 115*+temps and thought now would be a good time. Lonestar is having a sample sale so I want to throw a slab in.... my question is which of these two tend to have better, consistent ht? I'll figure out how to work with it and the wicking, just would like your opinion especially on the 4633. I have zero interest in 4627 and I wasn't overly impressed with 4630... how does the 4633 compare? TIA
  5. Hi.... I've always used 8.5% and have great results with that and no seepage problems. I've never used wood wicks so not sure if that is contributing to your sooting issues. C3 does well with CDN's and Premiers imo. I pour by sight, not temp but I've worked with it for a long time so you get the feel of it... always pour right when it starts to get a film on top but before it gets cloudy, hth.
  6. I use a CDN14 with 3022 in pint jars for most fo's and a CDN16 for heavier oils
  7. C3 (for me) is notorious for seeping anytime I go above 8.5%... try leaving the lids off for a full 24 hours at least. If it does seep, you can try to absorb some of the oil with paper towels, hth.
  8. I've used Premiers in C3 but prefer CDN's... in jj depending on fo, I used CDN 10 and 12.
  9. I checked my notes and the Pre 760 and Pre 765 is what I used with C3 and jj...I would test heavier fo's with the 765 and see how the 760 works with lighter oils.
  10. lmc

    C-3 for Tarts?

    Imo, it's not a harder soy...it's typical. If you'd like the tarts to pop out of molds, it's a good idea to mix it with a pillar wax.
  11. For soy, I think it looks pretty darn good:)
  12. CG, imo 3022 is nothing like 6006. I found 3022 to have much better ht and the wax itself behaves much nicer.
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