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  1. what container palm will give me the marble look on the right?
  2. when did they change the glass glow container wax? I bought 385 pounds from someone, just bought a new bag from southwest it is nothing like what I had, my bags said pt sumi asih candina saw 2268. made in indonesia this new wax is made in malasia. Made 3 candles today exactly the same not getting the marble look. Sorry so long
  3. Keystone Candle Supplies was feeling motivated. September 8 at 8:13pm · BIG NEWS!!!! We have recently(well today actually) purchased all remaining inventory of Peak's Candle Supply. Over the next few weeks we will be listing the products. We will be carrying the same scents Peak had and NOT DUPLICATIONS! Please bare with us as we have a lot of sorting to do! Please share to let everyone know!!
  4. Do you have your results yet Trappeur
  5. What lot are you having to wick down with 464?
  6. never tried any is there a coupon code?
  7. I have had the sample for a long time. All I no is about the 3022 my understanding is 70%soy+30% paraffin
  8. going to try 3022 would anyone have a starting point for a pint mason jar regular mouth with a cd wick.
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