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  1. Hello, does anyone know if Candles science fragrance oils have propylene glycol in their fragrances? I had a customer call to say she was allergic to this and I can’t seem to find any reference to it on their website and of course a customer calls when most businesses are closed for the holiday weekend. Thank you for any info.
  2. WHAT ?!?! What happened to Trappeur? I haven’t been on here in awhile?
  3. Hello all! Does anyone have any eucalyptus and thyme from RE they can spare? This FO was affected by the FO shortage last year and it’s still not in stock. Im also open to a duplicate that is similar if you have any recommendations. Thanks so much!
  4. I know I’ve been super busy. We are in production mode for the fall and holiday season atm. I’ve got to make 5,000 candles by September. Definitely my biggest yet! No shows for the summer. I’m just concentrating on production and any wholesale orders. Super excied for my new candle scents and getting all our labels ordered. I’ll post some pics of all the new stuff after our photo shoot in August. Good of luck with your presentation 🍀 I know these amber jars will be a hit!!
  5. I needed up calling Filmore and asking about it. I did lighten my FO% and still have drowning wicks. Decided I need to move on to another FO. Fall is coming fast and I need to lock down my lineup. Really wishing FO companies would put out their new Fall/ Holiday FO in the summer so I could actually test them. I know most of the companies out there cater to the hobbiest.
  6. @TallTayl I just tested with Double ECO4 wicks and within an hour the wicks were drowning out. 😞 However my test with double CD14 are good in that the wicks do not drown out. In your opinion are these CD14 wicks an option? What are your concerns using them? I’ve included some photos durning my 4th year burn.
  7. This is great help! Thank you! I don’t have a smaller container that I can test. I will try the eco 2 and eco 4 to start. My system I use is double wicking for my jar type. Thank you again! I learned something new today!
  8. @TallTayl- could you recommend a comparable ECO wick size to a CD6?
  9. Hello all! I’ve been testing Filmore’s Pa’s Tobacco Pipe FO in 464 soy wax for what seems like forever. It’s a super heavy FO and you need to wick up. Little did I know how much! I started out at a double wicked CD6 and have tested all the way up to a double CD14. I’ve never had to go this high for a FO. The most is a CD8. So so my question is if the CD14 double wick is working and the flames are not too high and the jar isn’t too hot. Is this acceptable to sell? Had anyone else ever run into this issue with a FO?
  10. Sugared Amber + Plum is great and super strong in soy wax!! 😍❤️
  11. @Hopie- Thank you so much!!🤗🙏🏻 I don’t do outdoor shows past Mother’s Day because of the increasing heat. The most heat I’m in is upper 80’s and I ask for shade so my candles are fine.
  12. This was my outdoor booth setup last spring and summer. It’s basically the same this year too.
  13. Thank you! I’ll check that out🙏🏻🤗
  14. Hello all!! I’m looking for your best recommendations for a strong Magnolia FO in soy wax that is also true to the flower. Thank you! 🤗
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