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  1. I find these hilarious. Talk about finding your corner of the market, lol! https://www.scarymommy.com/swear-word-candles-etsy/?utm_source=FB
  2. Flaming's pineapple cilantro was great for me in 6006, 8% in an 8 oz Mason, 44 zinc.
  3. Have you ever seen paper bag floors? I think they look soooo good! A quick google search will give you all kinds of pictures & instructions. I know someone that recovered her floors like this & it is gorgeous.
  4. Timber

    Aroma Bead Ornies not working out

    Do the beads swell much when they soak up the oil? I guess I expected them to act more like my son's sensory water beads that soften & get the size of marbles when in water. Of course I'm not using the same volume of liquid though, so probably that's why they stay about the same size. About how many ornies can be made per lb of beads?
  5. Timber

    Indiana Candle Supply

    Same for me with the Hello Beautiful, very light oob. I really love the zucchini pumpkin bread & cactus sea salt. Hillbilly homebrew throws well & smells nice except it reminds me of banana laffy taffy so I can't get that out of my brain when I burn it.
  6. Timber

    Wanting to give chunks a try

    Thanks for the comments! HT is a bit lacking for me with both the melts & candle, but the burn is pretty good I think, without a hint of soot so far. First 2 pics are the end of the first burn & last 2 are what it looks like at the halfway point. Little bit of hangup but some of that is my son or husband being a little overzealous blowing out the candles. (I've found more than once a candle that had perfectly clean sides one day have wax all over the place a day or 2 later.)
  7. Timber

    Wanting to give chunks a try

    Thanks Trappeur. If that candle burns well, I will make more! Fran, they remind me of Brach's nougat candy my mom used to buy. I'm shocked no one in my house tried one (or maybe they just won't admit it, lol).
  8. Timber

    Wanting to give chunks a try

    Ok, made some chunks & this is what I ended up with. I used 6006 with 15% glass glow for the chunks & that was still pretty soft. The overpour is increased to 25% palm which was much firmer although maybe still just a slight bit oily feeling on the surface. The pink is FC Bourbon Raisin 8%, tan is ICS Apple Strudel at 10% (haven't had much luck with that one, even a little weak oob). Overpour is ICS Vanilla Smoothie at 8%. Since the chunks were pretty soft, I also decided to try a chunk candle with straight 6006 overpour in Mason with 44z wick. Overfilled the jar a bit, but fingers crossed it works, haha!
  9. Timber

    Wanting to give chunks a try

    I'm interested in trying to make chunk melts (I think they look so cool & pretty), but I mostly have 6006 & 4630 on hand which would be too soft on their own, right? However, I have recently received some glass glow & thought I could add a little to either of the above to harden it up a bit, maybe 15-30%? I realize that wouldn't be enough palm to show any pattern, but just looking to firm up the softer wax. Sound reasonable?
  10. Timber

    Father's Day idea

    Cute! I just saw this gift idea on Facebook. Curious how they smell... http://www.foxnews.com/food-drink/2018/06/01/1-debuts-meat-scents-candles-to-fill-your-home-with-aroma-steak-sauce-and-beef.html
  11. So pretty! All these posts about palm wax & fo sales recently paired with some down time at work yesterday ended up costing me about $165 🙄....
  12. Timber

    Best Black Ice

    My hubby loves that scent for his vehicle & was buying those scented trees constantly. I ordered Flaming's version & he thinks it is pretty close to identical. He uses it to freshen up his tree from time to time. I haven't put any in wax though.
  13. I recently received some 4630 from Flaming that was definitely harder than the sample I ordered from them a few months ago. 6006 is softer & more sticky than this batch I received; it takes a bit of effort to cut thru this. I just make candles for myself & still really a newbie. One candle I've burned had a strong fuel smell (first I've had that happen), but the next seemed ok; only difference between the two was the wick.
  14. Timber

    Soy drops

    Wow! Thanks so much for all the great info! I'm thinking the salts are the way to go.
  15. Timber

    Soy drops

    Yes, I almost forgot about the scented salts! That's another thing I want to try. Thank you! I'm skeptical about how well the wax absorbs too. I made one purchase from somebody's party that raved about them & was disappointed. Guess I thought if I do it myself, I could try to use up to the wax's full load for FO & see how it works.