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  1. C&S Easybeads is the same as Coco83 in beads form, Accu Blend makes this wax (it isn't vegan) C&S Coconut Slab Wax is made by CalWax (if I remember right this has paraffin + soy in it and is vegan) 
 Calwax and AccuBlend are competing with their own different blends of coconut waxes, they aren't helping each other with distribution. Calwax uses the brand name Ceda-Serica to promote their hybrid waxes. Accu-Blend Coco83 have changed formula several times, many reports about it on this forum. More info about the two blends here:
  2. Yeah that sounds like a huge recall... I have been to Modern Candle previously, yeah they are a big private label manufacturer here in Los Angeles. Interesting and thanks for the link.
  3. Hi there, Are you referring to The Lab and Co or another company? I think Lab and Co and WoodWick are the same company? May I ask where you heard that their candles were blowing up? Just curious if the info is out there somewhere...
  4. The one you are referring to is the Rolls Royce of candle melters. The Mark VIII. It mixes both fragrance and dye on the spot. My aim is to get one, one day! The Semi Elite is the one I wished I bought instead of the Primo melter. Coogar seem to have so much better support also. I would just mix the fragrance in the Semi Elite. Mixing it in the pouring pitcher would take a lot of time if you a doing bigger batches and kind of defeats the purpose of having a huge melter. I heat up 50 or 100lb of wax in my Primo, then mix the fragrance in the primo and pour away. I clean out the melter for the next batch when done and before the wax hardens.
  5. Apart from CSN I have had very good results with Wedo V Series wicks!
  6. Try a smaller wick, this wax should throw for you without having to overwick. I would try HTP72 or 73 or LX 16... If your flames are too big I suspect you are wicking too big... ECO wicks could actually do a really good job in this wax with certain jars also... Eco 2 to 6
  7. I'm using Rustic Escentuals also with good results and also liquid dyes from General Wax / Candlemakingsupplies.net I have heard that French Color are making good liquid dyes but I haven't had the chance to try them... http://www.frenchcolor.com/candles-air-care/
  8. Have you had any experience with the insurance that WSP is backing? My benefits from being a member previously in Soapguild has been 0 (except having them just to be able to get the insurance)
  9. Can't it just be that different room temperatures when you are burning these candles that make them perform differently. Cold weather vs warm weather?
  10. There is no wax that throws so well as 4627 unfortunately... Making it harder and whiter but keeping it's properties would be amazing...
  11. I do it but only for testing purposes, its impossible to get a wick sticker or any type of glue to stick to the bottom again as, its as you say slick.. I core the wick out and insert a new one without glue and heat gun it together... But that's only while wick testing. You could use a bigger wick clip, one that is almost as big as the bottom of the jar. Then it would hold the wick more stable, but there is more wax to core out So you might as well then carve out all the wax and remelt. Not sure if the cure cycle starts again then.. All solutions seem to lean back to a catch 22 Does 6006 change that much over time. Is it mostly soy or paraffin in it? I can't remember the ratio but if I remember its 70/30 or 30/70?
  12. Is "Crisco" something that is still considered to be helping with wetspots? It seemed to be something that was recommended about 10 years ago for eliminating this but since then I haven't heard much about it in candle making. I did try it a couple of years ago but can't remember the results from it.
  13. The wax has great appearance, mixing it with something else could just be what the doctor ordered.....
  14. HTP gives a bit more mushrooms for me than CD wicks in this wax. I usually get a mushroom so bad it's big like a fist when I get halfway down.. Like @TallTayl says... make sure you wick smaller with these waxes and don't aim for a full melt pool until much further down the vessel... HTP seems sometime to give slightly better throw, but brings other problems Here is an example picture from Candlescience's "lab notes" https://www.candlescience.com/lab-notes-igi-6046-coconut-paraffin-candle-wax-blend Look at that huge mushrooms and sooting is already happening at the beginning of the candle burn (around the rim of the candle). That must turn into a complete torch halfway down? CD24 is a HUGE wick for that wax. No wonder they are claiming good HT if they over wick that much. How will performance be at the last 50% of the candle? I'd love to see a picture of that too ! I would say this is a school example of bad wicking to me? And this is their customer recommendation....
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