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  1. strugglebrother

    Candle Box and Label Suppliers

    Hi Harry, Do you have a webpage for Printing Daddy? I was doing a google search but nothing really comes up?
  2. strugglebrother

    has anyone used candleworks?

    Wouldn't make much sense if you aren't buying pallets or if they drop their prices considerably. I haven't tried their fragrance oils but then you have to factor in that they won't be available for long if you aren't doing duplications of them?
  3. strugglebrother

    Lab & Co coconut wax

    I was aiming to use them in the beginning and I called Candlewic and Flaming Candle who sells a different wood wick than the patented one and they assured me that I didn't need to mark up my products with anything as long as I bought it from them. But, same as for you, I could never really get them to work so I left it there... I don't really like the attitude of this company in particular Didn't the lady who owns it had her assistant to order in others candles with wood wicks to, later on, get in touch and harass people who didn't put her company name on their candles?
  4. strugglebrother

    Lab & Co coconut wax

    Sorry for being a bit skeptical here.. I sense this just is products being repackaged in fancy packaging with a 200% markup... I can also not stand their licensing deal thing with that you have to give them free advertising on all your products after you BOUGHT their wicks.. otherwise, they will sue you. Quote: We request that you provide us with your company name and the brand name (if different than your company name) for each candle that you manufacture so that we know where our wooden wicks are being used in the marketplace; that you are protected under the licensing agreement; and, your candle products are not susceptible to patent infringement. Cmon, you aren't Bill Gates, are you?
  5. strugglebrother

    Lab & Co fragrances

    Why don't you have AFI to duplicate the oil you like?
  6. strugglebrother

    has anyone used candleworks?

    Will it be possible to order with shipping after December? I like their black tins... Completely black as they should be and no ugly liner
  7. strugglebrother

    Looking for best soy blend wax

    I think that might have been that the 464 wax you made that candle form was better than recent batches more so than it's been curing over a year? I have been speaking to experts and asking the same thing and they all say more than 5 days is enough of a cure for testing HT. CT can improve up to 10 days sometimes.
  8. strugglebrother

    Palm wax shrinkage

    Here is how I just recently deal with the air pockets when doing palm candles. I pour my candles but make sure I have 6-10oz extra which I leave in the crockpot. After 15-20 minutes when the top solidified, but some still has some holes which the wax can leak from which can make the flip impossible, I poke 4/5 relief holes on the tops. Then I wait 5 minutes for it to solidify under that and flip for the big air bubble to go to the bottom. Next day I reheat what I have in the crockpot and just top up a tiny bit over the line which is just a little per candle. Perfect tops and the air bubble will be at the bottom of the candle. It just takes 5-10 minutes for the candle tops to get ready and it's good to go.
  9. strugglebrother

    Bulk Apothecary IGI wax discontinued

    Sorry to hear that your wax has been taken away. Bulk Apothecary is a very unreliable company https://www.yelp.com/biz/bulk-apothecary-aurora I would not consider them my main supplier in any way... The few good reviews on Yelp are obviously doctored by mr Gary P himself, hence how they are phrased.
  10. strugglebrother

    New 2018 AAK wax still useless

    To me, having to rewick a whole line of candles just due to that the wax is changing is almost like starting again. You end up between wick sizes, when you wick up you sometimes get soot, really bad mushrooming etc... Or is it maybe just me and I'm very unlucky? Pretty much all of our own private line has been on hold for 6 months now... But I'm not crying. We got the chance to reevaluate our whole wax situation due to these problems. We forced ourselves to find even better fragrance and wax. Without these major errors, we could have been selling the same soy wax candles with a bad throw and kept on thinking that it was the best we could do. I'm very excited to relaunch before Christmas with 11 candles which has great performance. This forum has been a great help. As sellers keep on pushing out bad products it's very helpful to be able to share information about the quality.
  11. strugglebrother

    New 2018 AAK wax still useless

    The 2017 AAK wax had diminishing HT for us but I guess we lived with it... This 2018 AAK batch is just completely messed up... All this in candles which have been using the same fragrance and same process and jars.
  12. strugglebrother

    New 2018 AAK wax still useless

    Same fragrance oil - scents for the last 2 years.
  13. strugglebrother

    New 2018 AAK wax still useless

    HTP 105... I burned one of them first at home and it did what it was supposed to do, perfect meltpool and flame. Then I burned another one and it didn't reach a melt pool in 5 hours at all. Then another one died in the wax after an hour. I used 444 from two different lots. One from 2017 which I have made a bunch of candles from and I presume is fine (I bought 200lb at the same time from the same batch). I'm 100% the bad ones are from the 2018 batch. I was stupid enough not to mark what candles were made out of which batch hence why I will replace all of their candles for free with the new wax.
  14. strugglebrother

    New 2018 AAK wax still useless

    I also thought it was an air bubble first and just a dud. I don't have this particular candle on hand, that was just sent to me. Looks like weird tunneling? I have burned a bunch from the batch. A few others will never reach a melt pool and will go out within 10 minutes to an hour in the wax. I have 5 different candles I have burned now that does different strange things. It also looks like some fluid in the wax which I have never seen before. Could that be moist from the wax or something? We never had one single return or any problems with these candles for 2 years... I should have an old candle that is about 2 years old which I will burn and show how they are supposed to look...
  15. Latest client return of my candles containing AAK 444 wax. Same wax, same fragrance, same pour temp, same container, same wick for over 2 years. Look at that melt pool and tunneling, this is hilarious. They say it's up to spec and nothing has changed? I have tested random candles from the latest batch, some work some don't. Got refunded from Candle Science for the wax but have to take a loss of $700 in fragrance and other material. Taking all candles back from the store and convinced the client not to use soy wax and move over to coconut wax in the future so this is the last time ever I'm using AAK waxes. I would test this lot extensively before selling.