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  1. From https://4candlesuk.blogspot.com/2019/07/ecosoya-permanently-cease-trading.html Hi Everyone, I’m contacting you with a heavy heart. It is with deep sadness that I say we at NGI/EcoSoya are now going out of business after over 20 years. Being part of the candle industry, I know what this means for you and I am truly sorry for the resulting hardship that this causes. Please know that we have done everything we can to keep you supplied. This action is not by choice and comes as a result of a series of situations.As you know, in late 2016 our manufacturer abruptly and with only a few weeks notice discontinued making our waxes leaving us and you with no supply. For many years prior to that, we had been searching for parallel manufacturing with no luck. As if by a small miracle, in late 2017/early 2018 we successfully found and worked very hard with another key component supplier to properly produce our very unique chemistry and supply came back. All was going great again until this new supplier, for unknown reasons, stopped producing the quality we needed to provide you with successful well performing wax.As a result we are unable to secure supply with no apparent recourse, resulting in our closure. EcoSoya soy waxes are still unparalleled in performance and NGI is credited with creating the soy wax industry. Honors that I will cherish!Please know that I, and my team, greatly appreciate your support, patronage and loyalty over the years. It is with tears in my eyes that I say “It has been an honor and pleasure to be part of the candle industry and to work with you.”I wish you great success and all the best. Take Care Together, Dan Daniel S. Cap CEO Nature's Gifts International, LLC 10524 Lexington Dr., STE 400 Knoxville, TN 37932 - USA
  2. Yes, call them and then send them half an ounce to an ounce of the original fragrance oil.
  3. Sorry for late reply, our new house takes a lot of time these days and soon holidays are coming up 😎 Yes, I have tried a dupe with them... and I have also ordered in a few of their samples... We went back and forth 5 times but they couldn't really nail it for me so I kind of gave up on the whole duplication this time and discontinued my best selling candle for now . They have nice customer support and great service otherwise. And good luck finding someone else who will dupe only 10 lb for you these days. Their Jo Malone dupe of Pomegranate Noir is pretty close compared to the real room spray for instance. They should be able to get you pretty close to your original oil but maybe not exact... Maybe in the range of 80% out of 100%. But I think it depends on the original ingredients. I would definitely give AFI a try. I'm also very fickle with things, so it might just be me. A couple of years ago I did give Save on Scents a try with their duplication services, and that was a complete fiasco. They sent me something that was completely different, I was baffled with the results... It was very bad and I don't know who they put in charge of their duplication "by nose" service. When I have the money I will do a dupe with the bigger fragrance houses, but they require 50 lb as a minimum these days. My main problem, as many others here, was to use a Candle Science fragrance oil and then they just pull off it the shelf like that. A lot of people were not happy with them discontinuing Pine Cones and other fragrances, see the reviews... https://www.candlescience.com/fragrance/pine-cones-fragrance-oil At least WSP let you order in bulk of their discontinued oils, so you can still get a 10 lb keg of your old favourite oil. So in 2019 I will stick to only ordering straight from the fragrance houses or WSP as I know I can keep on ordering for years to come.
  4. You can set your inventory to the amount of candles you have. So you will never sell more than you have in stock. Etsy didn't do much for us so we moved to Shopify, it gives you more freedom to design the look of your webpage...and for us that was important Both POS systems are great but Etsy has it's limits when it comes to the design, but it's very easy to set up and get running with low fees. You should definitely get your products up there. Just remember that people buy with their eyes on there, so spend some time on getting nice product shots.
  5. Yes, Easy Beads and Coco83 is the same wax. I'm not sure about Northwood as I have never asked about it or tried it. I have a box of Coco83 left but it is from last year so I didn't order anything new after the shortage period of it to be able to compare. It might well have changed slightly again. Accu-Blend were obviously short of some material that they could have substituted? They also moved to a new facility which may have changed things?
  6. I got a photo before also of one Amazon package from them.. I couldn't find it and could not figure out where that photo was taken first as it looked nowhere where we live then I realized that they put it on our garbage can at the back in our alleyway and not even on our street...
  7. Each to their own but that would take much much longer time than melting straight in the presto... The presto is easily wiped out in seconds anyway.
  8. I don't have my notes in front of me now but something weird happens with HTP after 105, the bigger sizes burn sometimes smaller or there is a big jump or something. I haven't gotten the end of that list to work great for me.
  9. The candle market is not much of an innovator really... like many other businesses. Same jars, same scents + descriptions and usually the same branding... Instagram pictures with foliage plant and a candle in the window It's really hard to come up with something new, and it's hard to get people to like something new... Most people like familiarity I think I saw Bougie on Voluspa candles first, but I'm sure they stole it from somewhere else...
  10. Yeah, all that rain and there are tons of butterflies that shoots out from pretty much everywhere there now..
  11. Yes, they are very helpful and truly sorry that they couldn't get this wax to work for me. They found great wicks for me in palm wax before. It's a minimum of 10,000 wicks, which is a bit of an investment, but as normal distributors only carry a few of all wicks there are out there to get a candle to burn good, it could well be worth it.
  12. I don't like the consistency of the burn overall, it's not good enough for me. Coconut waxes have been marketed as a new natural miracle wax that has the same great hot throw as paraffin. They simply aren't a one wax / one pour, you have to blend it with something else to get it to work. What that is, I have not yet found a good formula for. It soots easily, mushrooms easily and very easily burn too hot. Especially after burning it for a few hours. One part of the candle can suddenly start throwing a lot when another part barely throws. So it can have a good hot throw but it's very inconsistent throughout the candle. I was hoping this wax would be a stable solution to this with added additives and the paraffin, but it isn't. You also get huge sinkholes after pouring. Saying that you might get it to work in your container... with your fragrance. I had much better luck in tins with it than glass. Wicksunlimited did the wick testing for this wax for IGI and their final recommendation for this wax is CDN or Sao Vitor wicks. I have sent 12 different scent configurations to Wicksunlimited in this wax and after extensive testing, they came to the conclusion that CDN wicks were the ONLY wick that burned well in my candles. Everything else failed (they have about 450 different wicks). Although all the candles burn pretty consistently with CDN wicks, they will not give more than a medium to weak throw which is not good enough for me. Both CD and ECO wicks that CS are recommending are failing in this wax. But then, that's the wicks they sell, why would they recommend anything that actually works? Their test lab also told us that nothing changed with their soy waxes last year. Is it a lab, or a candle burning in a huge office with someone just monitoring the flame and nothing else? I will not discourage you, it could just be my fragrances and my vessels. Please do post how you get along with the wax. I'm still experimenting every day.
  13. It's a product that needs to be blended with other waxes to work well. At least Cargill is honest about that with their coconut waxes. I was also hoping that is was a new and improved formula. Candlescience latest wick recommendations for this wax are off as well. They and any other distributor, only recommend what they have on the shelf. But it's good that they sell it as they have reasonable prices on shipping. I like the wax somewhat but not on its own.
  14. I spoke with IGI and it's exactly the same product.. See below Same exact product. Most all IGI products start as a “R” number and are later assigned a full time code
  15. I ordered wicks from Precision Wicking but you can buy pretabbed wicks from Candlewic in smaller amounts that are as tall as the container. Candlewic also cuts to your desired length if you order at least 500 pcs I might have some wicks for you if you DM me here, I bought 5000 times 2
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