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  1. Yeah, all that rain and there are tons of butterflies that shoots out from pretty much everywhere there now..
  2. Yes, they are very helpful and truly sorry that they couldn't get this wax to work for me. They found great wicks for me in palm wax before. It's a minimum of 10,000 wicks, which is a bit of an investment, but as normal distributors only carry a few of all wicks there are out there to get a candle to burn good, it could well be worth it.
  3. I don't like the consistency of the burn overall, it's not good enough for me. Coconut waxes have been marketed as a new natural miracle wax that has the same great hot throw as paraffin. They simply aren't a one wax / one pour, you have to blend it with something else to get it to work. What that is, I have not yet found a good formula for. It soots easily, mushrooms easily and very easily burn too hot. Especially after burning it for a few hours. One part of the candle can suddenly start throwing a lot when another part barely throws. So it can have a good hot throw but it's very inconsistent throughout the candle. I was hoping this wax would be a stable solution to this with added additives and the paraffin, but it isn't. You also get huge sinkholes after pouring. Saying that you might get it to work in your container... with your fragrance. I had much better luck in tins with it than glass. Wicksunlimited did the wick testing for this wax for IGI and their final recommendation for this wax is CDN or Sao Vitor wicks. I have sent 12 different scent configurations to Wicksunlimited in this wax and after extensive testing, they came to the conclusion that CDN wicks were the ONLY wick that burned well in my candles. Everything else failed (they have about 450 different wicks). Although all the candles burn pretty consistently with CDN wicks, they will not give more than a medium to weak throw which is not good enough for me. Both CD and ECO wicks that CS are recommending are failing in this wax. But then, that's the wicks they sell, why would they recommend anything that actually works? Their test lab also told us that nothing changed with their soy waxes last year. Is it a lab, or a candle burning in a huge office with someone just monitoring the flame and nothing else? I will not discourage you, it could just be my fragrances and my vessels. Please do post how you get along with the wax. I'm still experimenting every day.
  4. It's a product that needs to be blended with other waxes to work well. At least Cargill is honest about that with their coconut waxes. I was also hoping that is was a new and improved formula. Candlescience latest wick recommendations for this wax are off as well. They and any other distributor, only recommend what they have on the shelf. But it's good that they sell it as they have reasonable prices on shipping. I like the wax somewhat but not on its own.
  5. I spoke with IGI and it's exactly the same product.. See below Same exact product. Most all IGI products start as a “R” number and are later assigned a full time code
  6. I ordered wicks from Precision Wicking but you can buy pretabbed wicks from Candlewic in smaller amounts that are as tall as the container. Candlewic also cuts to your desired length if you order at least 500 pcs I might have some wicks for you if you DM me here, I bought 5000 times 2
  7. 4627 don't have the best appearance as it's very translucent... But you can also use it to add to soy wax etc to bring more throw to a fragrance that finds it harder to work itself in soy.. Good to have in stock I would say
  8. A better throwing wax might save you money on fragrance oils... and happy customers who are coming back for more
  9. IGI 4627 is by far the best throwing wax for me... In tins with HTP wicks, I get the whole house to smell within 10 minutes. Also Fragrace Oil's I don't get to work in any other wax / wicking seem to work in this wax.. It's very forgiving.
  10. I got 4 prestos from http://www.magicwaxmelter.com/ and they have lasted fine now for 3 years, no dripping what so ever I think it was worth every penny to get them ready made.. I buy a few of those drip trays from 99cent store which I put under the spigot on the floor when I'm pouring.. After a year when they are too messed up, and wonky, I throw them away I mix the fragrance in the pots and then just wipe them with paper towels when done..
  11. Good to know... I just picked up on what was sold in my local one here.. it's very hard to only stock 100% soy candles if you want to carry any bigger brands...
  12. I'm definitely not trying to be bossy, haha... It all comes down to how they word it... RSPO is one thing, 100 % sustainable is another... It makes it impossible to have any type of statement on your website about palm really... except RSPO This is the closest to a statement I got from the main distributor, who then sells to Candlewic and Bittercreek etc... "Allow me to introduce myself. I work directly with Lipidchem as their North American distributor for their palm waxes. The waxes we market are from reputable plantation companies who are members of the Malaysian Palm Oil Association (MPOA). MPOA, together with many other stakeholders, has pioneered the establishment of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). Besides plantation companies, foreign companies and Associations such as Unilever, Sainsbury’s (in United Kingdom), Migros (in Switzerland) and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) are also active participants in RSPO. These members have pledged to support all activities to promote and implement sustainable palm oil production. Our Companies have recognized that the Roundtable process is a secure and neutral environment in which to build trust, share ideas and develop understanding about the practicalities in the palm oil supply chain involving producers, traders, processors, consumer goods manufacturers, retailers, investors and NGOs. Our Companies through all the Members of MPOA, takes pride in being part of this RSPO process." I have tried to read articles and other info... But most things posted are old "facts" and "myths" from 2014 and earlier. The soy industry won the war previously and many "bloggers" and "rights activists" are using outdated information to confirm their own beliefs. Even the information from pro-palm organizations is outdated which doesn't help either. WWF is supporting RSPO which is definitely a good thing https://www.wwf.org.uk/updates/8-things-know-about-palm-oil Wholefoods are stocking palm and soy wax candles, but not paraffin candles (at least my local one). I have settled with.. "As far as we know, our palm wax is from a sustainable source"...
  13. TallTayl to the rescue!! What supplier has the most varied amount of Cotton Cores? Need to stock up but find it hard to find it, gets lost in the jungle of zincs and papers!
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