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  1. I’m thinking of blending 464 with 4630 for the (hopefully) perfect parasoy. Perhaps 52% 464 and 48% 4630. Does anyone have any wick suggestions for this type of blend? I use 9 oz straight sided and 16 oz canning jars. Thanks and have a great day!
  2. Thanks StanfordP. Sorry you had a bad experience. I decided against it and from what you said--glad I didn't do it.
  3. Thank you TallTayl. I appreciate this forum so much because I know I can come here and get an educated response. Thanks to you and all the others that keep it going for us to come and learn about candles, etc.
  4. This may be a dumb question but… if you want to add FO to wax at a 10% ratio that would be 1.6 oz of FO per pound. Now at this point do you add the 1.6 oz of FO to the full pound of wax or do I subtract 1.6 oz of wax from the pound and then add the FO in its place to make a full pound?
  5. Can anyone recommend wick options for the 9 oz straight sided jar using IGI 6006? I have been a soy girl for many years and finally taking the plunge into parasoy. The wicking looks like much smaller wicks are needed. In soy, I’d use an eco 10 in that jar but Candlescience says eco 4.
  6. Does anyone have a scent twin to Peak Cinnaberries? I just adore that scent and the first I poured when I started making candles. I know Keystone has it but it has been out of stock for a while now. Sniff, sniff…
  7. Has anyone here purchased candle jars from overseas via Alibaba? If you have, what’s the good, the bad and the ugly please? I know it’s always best to buy USA made but the particular jar I want has no USA suppliers that I can find. Thanks
  8. The Candlemakers Store has them. Black, silver or gold lid options. Cincinnati, OH
  9. I love Bitter Creek FOs. What are your favorites? Also, what is their best cinnamon scent? I'm talking stay on your clothes, old school candle shop, cinnamon broom at Christmas strong cinnamon/spices scent. Thanks!
  10. Can anyone recommend a cost effective way to ship small orders like one or 2 clamshells (even just one)? One candle? How does everyone handle it? USPS can just be so brutal on packages and I'd like to get items to their destination unscathed. Small boxes seem to cost so much to buy and extra cushioning inside is needed with them more cost). Suggestions are appreciated.
  11. I use 464 and love it. As everyone else said, wet spots are par for the course. Sometimes your label can cover it. One thing you want to watch is making sure your wicks are centered. Its super important for an even burn. Great job!
  12. I use CS Smoke & Odor Eliminator and think it works great. My question is does anyone mix this with other scents to make more scent options? Also, does it have the same great odor eliminating power if mixed? Thanks
  13. barbaranj you are awesome. Thanks sooo much!
  14. Does anyone know where i can obtain about 5 ounces of Peak Red Currant? I haven't stocked that scent in a while and I have a customer request. Any help is appreciated.
  15. Thanks everyone for the great suggestions. I have to make an order from Flaming so I'm going to get some samples from there. So excited! Thanks!
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