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  1. Can anyone recommend a cost effective way to ship small orders like one or 2 clamshells (even just one)? One candle? How does everyone handle it? USPS can just be so brutal on packages and I'd like to get items to their destination unscathed. Small boxes seem to cost so much to buy and extra cushioning inside is needed with them more cost). Suggestions are appreciated.
  2. I use 464 and love it. As everyone else said, wet spots are par for the course. Sometimes your label can cover it. One thing you want to watch is making sure your wicks are centered. Its super important for an even burn. Great job!
  3. I use CS Smoke & Odor Eliminator and think it works great. My question is does anyone mix this with other scents to make more scent options? Also, does it have the same great odor eliminating power if mixed? Thanks
  4. barbaranj you are awesome. Thanks sooo much!
  5. Does anyone know where i can obtain about 5 ounces of Peak Red Currant? I haven't stocked that scent in a while and I have a customer request. Any help is appreciated.
  6. Thanks everyone for the great suggestions. I have to make an order from Flaming so I'm going to get some samples from there. So excited! Thanks!
  7. Desparately seeking the best whiskey scent/blend ever in history. I'm not a fan as it gives me a headache most times I've poured it but trying to stick with the theme. Doing a show sponsored by Makers Mark and any other scent suggestions are appreciated. Aaaaand go!
  8. Ok here's the back story: My Mom has this jar of wax chunks she bought at a craft show years ago. When I open the jar this mind blowing, nose hair burning cinnamon-like scent escapes. It is the strongest cinnamon I have ever smelled. It is actually still on/in my clothes for hours after I leave Mom's and I am dying to acquire it. I have tried at least 5 and none are the GOAT of cinnamons. CS is close but still not enough. Maybe it's a myth never to be found but I issue this challenge to all.
  9. Yes, my candles used to have great throw. Not so much anymore and I was trying to find an explanation. Thanks for your input Goldie and Kerven. Good to know others are having the same issues as I am.
  10. With 464, if you melt it in a presto pot for larger batches, how hot is too hot? Or does it matter? I have been using my presto pot for bigger batches and sometimes it gets the wax over 200 degrees. I'm having a bit of trouble with poor hot throw lately and I'm wondering if there's a correlation? Any input or advice is greatly appreciated.
  11. Thanks Trapper. I just love BC so I'm definitely checking that one out. :)
  12. I use 464 with eco wicks and I'm in the same boat as you about paraffin. Although I think 464 is a great wax.
  13. I know folks I'm beating a half dead horse here. Does anyone mix 464 and pillar of bliss? I'm wondering how the throw is with this blend for others.
  14. I use an actual ice cream scoop. It has to have the little lever with the metal thing that swings back and forth. This way you can get the wax out of the scoop. Just melt your wax, add FO, color etc and let it sit until it starts to harden a little (I put mine in the fridge because I have zero patience). If it gets too hard, pop it back in the microwave for a few seconds. Then whip with a fork and scoop. Easy peasy
  15. Candybee I tried Elements Triple Thick and the FO separated from the lotion base. Bulk Apothecary is what I usually use but it is always out of stock. I got an email that it was back in stock and a day later it was gone. Ahhhhh!!!
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