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  1. Does anyone know of a really close fragrance? One of my favorites for Christmas, but their shipping is a bit ridiculous. Thanks!
  2. Hi, I have not made my own candles for quite some time, and I plan to start up again. I only make them for personal use/gifts. Anyway, there is a lot of new stuff since I last dove in, and I have some questions. What wax do folks feel has the best throw for tarts/wax melts? Also, I have seen that a number of suppliers now have extra-large tealight cups, sometimes called "Maxi lights", etc. They also seem to be advertised as something akin to a Yankme scenterpiece cup in that they can be used in a tart warmer (the electric variety). I am a little leary of this, but it sounds great, if it is true and safe. Anyone have any input? Thanks!
  3. Hi all. I haven't been on or made candles for sometime, so it's almost like I'm starting over . I had previously used the para-soy blend from Candles and Supplies that came in a pellet form, but it appears that they no longer have that. I was wondering if there was another para-soy that came in pellet or flake form? Thanks!
  4. Hello. I haven't mad candles for a coupe of years, but am planning to start up again. I only make them for personal use/gifts. In the past, I have used 4786 for both containers and votives, with good results. However, I am being lazy :embarasse and would like to try some one pours. I am leaning toward the 6006 for containers, but am flummoxed on what to use for votives. Does anyone have opinions on the 4641, or if anyone knows of another good performing single pour for votives, I'm all ears . Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the responses. I was wondering (hoping) if zincs would work as there is parafin in the wax. I was hoping as those are what I use in J223.
  6. I was thinking of trying the 6006 wax. Could anybody give me a starting point as to what TYPE of wicks work best, i.e. Zinc? CD? etc. TIA!
  7. I've been using the RRD wicks in palm, and they're pretty good, but I do have trouble getting a full melt pool. For those of you that have used both the RRD's and CSN's ( which I read so much about here), are the CSN's noticeably better? TIA!
  8. My presto pot is leaking where the spigot is attached. I realize I probably only have to apply some type of sealant, but I don't know what to use. Any suggestions? TIA!
  9. I've been using Nu-Scents palm wax, which I like pretty well. I can buy a palm wax locally, and would like to do so to save on the shipping. I don't know, however, if it is the same wax or a different one. In your experience, are the various palm waxes pretty close in performance? TIA!
  10. Thanks. I was thinking it might be something to do with the shape of the holder. *sigh* Back to the Old Drawing Board!
  11. Yes, the wicks are good-as I said, they burn fine when not in an enclosed type holder.
  12. When I burn a pillar in a holder, I seem to get an uneven burn. I am talking about the glass holders that are meant to hold the whole pillar and only the top is open. I do not have this problem if I burn the pillar on a different typeof holder where the sides are not enclosed. Has anyone else run into this?
  13. I just got some of those same jars. I use a 51 zinc with the J223. As another poster said, the wax on the sides does "catch up". I do think that double wicking would be a bit of "overkill" for this jar, so I can deal with a little hang-up. In fact, I kind of expected it given the non-uniform shape. I figure it is a trade off because I really like the jars.
  14. Thanks. Now for a stupid question-where do you find the 18-ply? Every palce seems to have the 24-ply as the smallest.
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