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  1. I found this website that has some ideas as to what items to use for liquid soap! I hope this might help some... https://www.soapboxsoaps.com/blogs/soapbox-blog/liquid-hand-soap-the-best-fragrances-for-kitchen-and-bathroom
  2. TallTayl Saved me from sending you that link!!! My first place that I got fragrances from was The Candle Makers Store. But, since I've been here I found Natures Garden and actually like them better for my scents!!! For the most part, I'm afraid that finding your favorite store or stores will take a little trial and error. But, we're here to talk with along the way!!!
  3. I don't buy mine, but have recently made my own. So, am afraid this might not help. However, mine recently has consisted of: Sweet Orange, Vanilla, Cinnamon & Frankincense. I've called this Christmas Memories!!!
  4. Update. I sent a message to NG and my order got shipped 9/3. It FINALLY got to my door yesterday 9/10 through UPS. Pretty sad to have ordered that small amount on 8/27 in order to wait until 9/10 to actually get it!!! But, I suppose I'm actually happy to just have it in my hands though!!!!
  5. Cooll!!! Glad things turned out so good with this scent! Makes me wonder what it'd be like in a perfume...
  6. I ordered a few things from Nature's Garden on Friday and told that my purchase would be shipped out first thing Monday morning. This is Wednesday and their website still says my order is being processed with no further email or notification. I'm wondering if they might be short on supplies...
  7. Honestly, I'm not sure at the moment. I think I'm ok for now, I can probably wait for a bit. If I found a screaming deal, I'd probably bounce on it though.
  8. Thanks for your reply! Ouch! Yup, it is a bit expensive...but I suppose if you divide it up it doesn't hurt the pocket book quite as bad. Especially, when I spend a little more than that for 16oz Sweet Almond Oil. 🙂
  9. I was wondering where you all might purchase your jojoba oil from. I've been looking to buy some, but everywhere seems to be terribly expensive. Do you have any ideas? Thank you, Lisa
  10. Not Dollar General, but this is what I found... https://shopevilqueen.com/products/stolen-hoodie
  11. Sounds good!!! I ordered some tin containers yesterday from Etsy and they should be here in a few days! Can't wait to play around with these!!!!
  12. I hope it's alright. The other day I looked up your website because I wanted to see your other creations. Looks like you've got all kinds of really neat stuff on there!!!! 😊 One of the things I like most was when you name your scents, you keep it really simple! Some of the solid perfumes I've been playing around with making have too many scents to list them. So, I've been trying to figure out names for them instead...
  13. Cool!!! That helps a lot!!! Thanks!! I love how simple your labels are and how you can determine each item. Don't worry, sometimes bigger can be better! 😄
  14. I was wondering if you use different shapes or containers so people can tell which scent they're getting? Or, do you package everything the same? Thanks!
  15. Hi! I'm afraid that I haven't made body butters, so please forgive me. But, can you please tell me what you use for ingredients? I see this place that seems to use vitamin E with theirs. Maybe that would help... I hope you're able to find a solution! 🙂 https://www.thehairpin.com/2011/08/make-your-own-powerfully-fragrant-body-butter/
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