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  1. runner14jc


    @Grungedoll Having the windows open could absolutely affect how you are able to smell the candle. Have you been able to test it burning with the windows closed?
  2. runner14jc

    black candles

    Getting a black candle can be a bit tricky. You may want to test some other dyes. Liquid dyes may work a bit better to get a more black candle. For the fragrance changing the wax color, unfortunately, that is completely unavoidable. Every fragrance is made with different ingredients so they will all have a different tint. Some are more yellow than others. UV inhibitor will not change that. You can dye the wax to try and hide it otherwise it is just a part of candle making.
  3. runner14jc

    Donkey's Milk M& P Base

    @Pam W Ok, it is definitely amazing! Worth trying for sure. The lather is really nice and it does not dry out my skin. Loving it so far!
  4. runner14jc

    Organic soy candles

    Soy candles cannot be truthfully labeled as organic. Soy waxes are hydrogenated oils and hydrogenated oils cannot be certified as organic. Even if you managed to locate 100% organic soybean oil, by the time, you make that oil into a wax, it is no longer an organic product.
  5. runner14jc

    Donkey's Milk M& P Base

    CS is offering a new melt and pour soap base Donkey's Milk. Wondering if anyone has tried it yet and had any opinions on it? I usually use the Triple Butter base and sometimes some clear but was considering giving this one a try....