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  1. For those who sell, what is the maximum price you are willing to pay for your FO with shipping? In keeping your costs in line there has to be a bottom line to all cost and FO is so all over the board there has to be a point where an FO is just so costly that it just isn't feasible to carry it in your line - Do you have a price point for FO that you just will not go over?
  2. We are consumed with our Craft - we are proud of what we do and feel we must put out the very best we can - the companies on the other hand are driven by "the bottom line" and making a buck - all it takes is the properly worded warning sticker and the team of corporate lawyers and it's no problem right?
  3. Today through Friday, Candle Science has all 1oz fragrance oils on sale for $0.99 ea - limit of one sample bottle per fragrance while supplies last
  4. Of course he meant like when Mama washes your mouth out with soap for swearing - shame on you for thinking anything else!
  5. I have an idea for a novelty candle that I would have to make my own molds for but might be popular enough in this area to be worth it - it would not be a pillar but rather would be narrower and wide - most people would never burn it but is is wax with a wick so I have make it for that one person - and I don't want to burn that one person's house down
  6. Yes thats the type of mold I am talking about - I understand about the testing - am wondering about the burn itself - I have never even thought about attempting to burn a novelty candle so have no idea how they actually burn but I know it would have to be completely different than a traditional pillar - with the various odd shapes do you wick for each to tunnel or what? Is it just determined by whatever you think is the best burn for each individual shape? Some I have seen are fairly thin but very wide making it impossible to consume most of the wax - I guess I am just confused as to what kind of burn I would be looking for
  7. I have a question about what I will call "Novelty" pillar candles for lack of being able to think of the proper or a better name - I am talking about the various different shaped pillars that I have seen such as a Yin Yang, maybe an animal, etc - I guess that these are mainly for looks and don't actually get burned but they are wax and do gave a wick so they WILL get burned sometimes - so my question is exactly how do you go about wicking these? They are completely different from a normal round pillar and that is pretty much all I have ever read about as far as how to wick and what to look for in testing - thanks
  8. Are these boxes on your site yet? I can't seem to find them
  9. Got an email from Candles & Supplies saying that they have their Coconut Waxes back in stock with more on the way I personally do not use it but I know from reading here that many of you do and that there has been a lot of places out of stock so just wanted to share
  10. Bitter Creek Brambleberry Bulk Apothecary Cajun Candle Cocoon Cierra Community Elements Just Scent Keyston Peak The Chemistry Store edited by TT: done
  11. I agree 100% - with me it's not so much listing the ingredients as it is being able to legally call it soap and label it as such - if you will notice in the store most "soap" does not actually have the word soap on the label!
  12. I first started playing with M&P back in 2005 - from that time up to now I have heard (or rather I guess technically read) a lot of confusion on whether M&P is classified as soap or if it is classified as a cosmetic and what it's labeling requirements were - the confusion has not just been on this board but literally every group I have seen in which M&P has been discussed - most of the time some have said that some M&P bases are soap and some aren't - other people have been adamant that all M&P bases were not soap at all but rather are considered cosmetic - Here is a great article from Marie Gale's blog that discusses this - Marie Gale's blog The two bases she specifically mentions are Stevenson and SFIC - she states that SFIC is classified as soap but Stephenson is not and explains in detail why - from her explanation you should be able to determine from the ingredients of any base if it is classified as a soap or a cosmetic Also remember, as she points out if you make any other claim other than it is soap or that it "cleans", even if it is classified as soap that claim will automatically make it a cosmetic! Just wanted to share this info in the hope that it might be of use
  13. Thank you very much - will try this one for sure
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