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  1. Bitter Creek Brambleberry Bulk Apothecary Cajun Candle Cocoon Cierra Community Elements Just Scent Keyston Peak The Chemistry Store edited by TT: done
  2. scrubzz

    M&P - Soap or Cosmetic?

    I agree 100% - with me it's not so much listing the ingredients as it is being able to legally call it soap and label it as such - if you will notice in the store most "soap" does not actually have the word soap on the label!
  3. scrubzz

    M&P - Soap or Cosmetic?

    I first started playing with M&P back in 2005 - from that time up to now I have heard (or rather I guess technically read) a lot of confusion on whether M&P is classified as soap or if it is classified as a cosmetic and what it's labeling requirements were - the confusion has not just been on this board but literally every group I have seen in which M&P has been discussed - most of the time some have said that some M&P bases are soap and some aren't - other people have been adamant that all M&P bases were not soap at all but rather are considered cosmetic - Here is a great article from Marie Gale's blog that discusses this - Marie Gale's blog The two bases she specifically mentions are Stevenson and SFIC - she states that SFIC is classified as soap but Stephenson is not and explains in detail why - from her explanation you should be able to determine from the ingredients of any base if it is classified as a soap or a cosmetic Also remember, as she points out if you make any other claim other than it is soap or that it "cleans", even if it is classified as soap that claim will automatically make it a cosmetic! Just wanted to share this info in the hope that it might be of use
  4. scrubzz

    Looking for "Salt"

    Thank you very much - will try this one for sure
  5. scrubzz

    Looking for "Salt"

    Thank you so very much - will definitely be trying these out
  6. scrubzz

    Looking for "Salt"

    Who carries a good pure "Salt" scent? I have a couple ideas for some blends that I want to try that need salt TIA
  7. scrubzz

    How Can You Sell & Profit This Way?

    It has been a VERY long time since I have had a site myself so I hope I get this explanation correct - When you have a website you can view in your website tools as noted above - that there was increased traffic to the site and if people came to your site from a link on another site you can follow that back to the link they came thru
  8. scrubzz

    Candle FO in soap?

    You definitely want to check the actual IFRA data - I have seen an FO listed as "skin safe" but when looking up the IFRA noted that its use in soap was at 0.2% - now 3% is 1/2 ounce per lb - 0.2% is almost unmeasurable
  9. I went to the Northwood site to check them out - in browsing I noted that it would only show me the price for 1oz and no other sizes - since there was a "contact us" icon that pops up on every page I did so and explained the problem I was having and stated that I didn't know if this was a problem with their site or my Android phone - got a reply from them thanking me for my interest in them and assuring me they did have sizes other than just 1oz and telling me this was a known problem that affects both Android devices and some iPhones - I replied back that before I ordered 1oz sizes to test I needed to know the prices of the 1lb bottles as well as checking out their shipping costs to see what the final cost breakdown would be on my end (as I do with every single thing from every single site before I order) and that I was unable to do so on their site - got a reply back apologising for the inconvenience and suggesting I download another browser so I could use their site - I replied back that it was no inconvenience at all since I would just do business elsewhere and that I had never had any problem accessing any other site - did not receive another reply from them - so they tell me this is a known problem and their fix is for me to download another browser? No thanks, there are more than enough other suppliers for me
  10. scrubzz

    Flaming candle FO order

    Community Candle has this - not sure if this is the one he is talking about or not tho
  11. scrubzz

    Just scent recommendations

    If you like the Totally Scrumptious you had better stock up - I see where they are going to discontinue it and stated that they will not be bringing it back
  12. scrubzz

    Jar suppliers

    The Jar Store also carries a lot
  13. Hey, following up on a post that you made way back in June..............pls don't withdraw from the forum ...just saying..................

  14. I'm just thinking about the testing on these puppies - Ok, after 6,000 hours this CD wick seems to be tunneling a little bit - lets try the ECO now .......
  15. Once you get a stronger liquid dye you can make up very small batches of wax with just a smidgen of the dye (start with dipping the end of a toothpick into the dye and adding it to a very small amount of wax and repeat until you get the color you want) - You can then paint with this wax until it solidifies, then remelt it or make another tiny batch