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  1. The best candle i tired from retail is Voluspa. I usually dont care about jars as much as the smell but Voluspa is on point with everything. There jars are beautiful, the CT and HT is so amazing and they also use coconut wax so that is a plus for me. The price is $28.
  2. WOW i really like these sites. Thanks guys! Has anyone ever done laser engraving of there logo? If so, what company is good for that?
  3. These are so pretty @runner14. @jerry I was looking at thick frosted white jars with a lid. They seem hard to find.
  4. Hi Guys, I've been searching for jars and packaging but it seems like theres not many sites in USA that carry nice products. Everything looks the same in all the USA sites that i have seen. I'm looking for more luxury style jars to compare styles. Has anyone came across luxury jar sites? Would love to see what they offer. Thanks so much!
  5. @katmeltswax @Jenni Wix I just ordered from Aztec using my credit card. Should i be worried? Not sure what you mean by using on paypal? Also, i have tried candle science, their fragrances have been really good so far.
  6. @Clear BlackThank you so much. I really appreciate your thoughts. I'm waiting for the wax to be back in stock so i can test it out. But i will also order some fragrances to see if they smell good. @aptommo I would love your thoughts as well.
  7. Thanks @Kerven. I want to compare soy wax and coconut wax and see what the difference is. I want good scent throw and smooth tops. It looks like your recommending C3 for soy wax and some people recommend the northwood for coconut wax. You think these two options would be good to test? I hate when i purchase different waxes and they dont work right. To me, 444 has been the worst so far for soy wax.
  8. Hi Guys, For anyone who's worked with Vybar 260. Would you know if it is in the toxic category like paraffin? or is it a natural additive? Just curious because I like the idea of experimenting with more natural things. Really appreciate all your help here
  9. Yes, everyone here is so knowledgeable. I'm like newborn! Who wants to adopt and teach me all about candle making? 🤣. 
  10. @Linda P I really love how you tested this wax. so detailed! For the 100% Northwood coconut candle what was the best wick to use with that? Heard so many different things but would love to know your opinion. Also just curious when you do wax blends (For example soy and coconut). How do you know what temperature you heat up to, when to add fragrance and when to pour since they both are two waxes?
  11. Is Vybar 260 considered toxic? or is it a natural additive?
  12. From all the sites you guys have tried. Which site did you find to have the best smelling fragrances? Curios because some sites have the same fragrances but it looks like they add different notes to each.
  13. So when you blend coconut 83 and soy 464 how do you know what temperature your wax should heat up to, what temperature your fragrance should be added and when to pour?
  14. Hi Guys, Quick question. I want to order some supplies from northwood candle supply because of all the positive feedback. But now I'm having doubt because it seems that everything on there website has 5 star review which seems very strange to me. Is Northwood telling people to give 5 star for something in return? Just very strange to me. Has anyone else ordered from there? I'm looking at their coconut wax and fragrances at the moment. Thanks so much guys!
  15. Hi Guys, I just came across this forum while during research on some candle wax. I never seen so much helpful tips in all of my research so far. I'm new to candle making so really excited to make friends with people who have the same interest as me.
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