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Found 13 results

  1. Arch Rock

    ULine's box sale

    I'm gearing up for spring fundraising and have plans to carpet-bomb schools and other non-profits with a sample candle and color brochure. I needed to find a nice box to hold one, 8 oz. candle with room for foam/bubble wrap and the brochure tucked in for good measure. ULine is having a sale on a variety of great cardboard boxes until 1/13/19. 4"x4"x4" mug-size box is .23 cents with a minimum of 100. Larger sizes are also reasonably priced and on sale until 1/13. Also found "variable depth" boxes - a maximum 8"x8"x8" box that can be scored down to 4", 5", 6", or 7" heights which will suit my fundraiser packaging needs as I sort orders by each seller and each order can vary widely. The other cool packaging I found there were "gable boxes". These fold at the top (think the donut hole boxes) to create a handle. Different sizes that range in price from .37 cents to .66 cents a piece for a minimum of 100. My only concern here is how much these gable boxes can safely hold (think kids carrying candles home on a school bus - what could possibly go wrong?!) I deliver my fund-raisers so I don't need heavy-duty shipping materials, but thought this info might be helpful to some.
  2. I saw this picture of a pillar on Etsy. There are lots of ways you can package pillars, but I like this. What I can't tell from the picture is this: If this is some sort of paper "wrap" that glues to itself in the back, does anyone know a source? If this is a stick on label, what kind of label would you use that would adhere to wax, but still be removable without damaging the appearance of the the candle? I could use either method.
  3. Has anyone used (or considered using) borosilicate glass as candle containers? I remember seeing the glass requirement rules online somewhere, but I don't know for sure that they meet the requirements. Just wondering if anyone is familiar with using these instead of regular Libbey glass tumblers.
  4. Wondering if anyone has suggestions on where to get package boxes in bulk. Not for shipping. i.e. box to pack 6 votive sets. Thanks in advance.
  5. Wondering if anyone has tried using a sublimation printer and a heated mug press to put their design on the outside of the candle container? I've been looking into it, and wondered if anyone here has experience with this.
  6. Hi, I'm just about ready to start selling my jar soy candles online, so it's time to figure out how to get them to people safely and neatly. I'm wondering if I should go the packing peanut, bubble wrap route or maybe use honeycomb paper wrap and brown craft paper. Maybe something else? The candles themselves are not individually boxed, so they need good protection. I'd appreciate any advice. Thanks! ?
  7. candlesinflorida

    Shipping Options

    I just shipped my second large order and I made the BIG mistake of having my assistant take the packages to the post office, without discussing the prices with her before she sent the packages on their way. I tried to calculate the USPS priority rates beforehand, but I was way off. Way, way, off. Let's just say that I spent $185 shipping 50 candles, and I am wondering how to prevent this next time. I previously shipped 25 candles via fedex two day and used the recipients fedex account and it came to $140, which is also a bummer. Any suggestions for packaging/shipping? Thanks in advance fellow chandlers!
  8. do most of you buy labels that are printed for you by a larger company or print them your selves? i have a really nice canon pixma 9000 Pro mark II printer so i can print them my self and I do think that would be the cheaper route for me since I will be doing smaller batches and cant afford to spend lots of money on stickers and then have them sit around. But at the same time the idea of sending in an image and getting them printed sounds nice. I found Frontier Labels and they seem to do really nice work, i have some free samples coming. Questions: 1) if you print them your selves where do you buy nice quality printable labels (i like thicker paper/ kraft paper labels) 2) if you pay a company to print them for you who do you use? which labels do you get printed? i.e. jar labels or stickers to put on boxes etc.. Suggestions welcome, i would love to find out what you do for your products.
  9. I'm having trouble with my shrink wrap bands for my soap. I decided to package the soaps with clear shrink wrap because well ...they are pretty and I didn't want to cover up the "soap art" with a wrapper. So now I'm shrink wrapping lots of soap today. I want the shrink wrap to cover all except the side ends because its cold process and needs to breathe. The shrink wrap either: melts a hole, shrinks unevenly and doesn't even cover the front and back, is too wrinkled and not as smooth as I had envisioned. My soaps are approximately 31/2" x 31/2". My shrink wrap is approximately 4"x4". So is the shrink wrap too small for the job? Is it the quality of my shrink wrap? Maybe my technique is not good? I try not to blast too high of heat on it. Anybody have any advice for me? Thanks.
  10. Do you re-package wax warmers or re-box warmers if the box comes from a company such as OBI or Levine, or do you keep them in their original carton?
  11. PassionSunKiss

    Lotion Bar Packaging...?

    Hey all! I've been searching the web and I was wondering if off the bat you guys knew of any vendors that sell 2 oz lotion bar tubes that were phthalate free? I know WSP says on their site that theirs DO contain phthalates. I wrote to BB and SKS and I probably will not hear from them until sometime next week. Any help is appreciated! TIA!
  12. I am currently looking for cylinder candle boxes for a higher end candle line. I have looked on the internet and seem to only find places that are located in China with a min of 1000 pieces to order. I know and have found several suppliers that do sell the traditional square gift box for a tumbler style candle but I want to do something a bit different to help me stand out. I did find a place in Chicago that does them but I'm sure their mins are high. I plan to at least call to find out. Here is the link so you can see what I'm referring to. http://www.chicagopapertube.com/CandlePackaging/candlepackaging1.html If anyone can direct me to a place or website that would sell this type of packaging I would appreciate it a lot.
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