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  1. runner14jc

    ULine's box sale

    I love that they use the biodegradable peanuts though! Makes it an easy choice for me to reuse them for my own customers! https://www.candlescience.com/about/green-packaging
  2. runner14jc

    Rusty/Organge colored Tins

    I usually run into issues with tins if I'm using a high fragrance load with fragrances that have a lot of citruses, vanilla, or cinnamon in them.
  3. Definitely by weight. Just to explain a bit though since I always want to know why Fragrances are all made of different ingredients which means they will take up different amounts of space. Some fragrances are super light and will fill a bottle almost completely, others are really really heavy and do not take up a lot of space. If you measure by volume, you could over or under fragrance your wax which could cause issues. The first time, I really understood the weight concept was when I ordered a Vanilla fragrance. The 16 oz bottle arrived and looked less than 3/4 full but on a scale, it was 16 oz. Hope this helps you!
  4. runner14jc

    Video discussion

    hahaha, even then, soy wax can't be organic. It goes through a chemical process to turn the soybean oil into a wax....organic soy wax is NOT possible.
  5. runner14jc

    Video discussion

    I think that with some fragrances you can get away with not having any cure time, however, I have personally tested other fragrances that have no hot throw at day 3 but are super strong 1 week later. I feel the same way about temperature to add fragrance at. There are some fragrances that can add in at a lower temp and be just fine, but there are other fragrances that if added too low they don't bind to the wax and end up seeping out of the wax. It just makes more sense to me to cover my bases by adding fragrances at 185°F and to cure for at least a week that way I know every single fragrance will be good instead of trying to do different practices for each and every fragrance. Personally, I stand by that cure time is necessary and beneficial in most cases.
  6. runner14jc

    Wick Suggestions for IGI 4627 Blend

    If you still have LX wicks, you may want to try the LX 16 and LX 18. It sounds like you just have too large of LX wicks so decreasing the size may be an easy fix.
  7. runner14jc

    Crappy wicks

    I've never had any trouble with them. Typically, it is just the wax coating on them that is a bit messed up so the performance of the wick itself is not disrupted. At least not any time, it's happened.
  8. runner14jc

    Poor Hot Throw

    Definitely agree on trying to decrease the fragrance load. I usually don't go over 9-10% at the most. It's a little counter-intuitive but more fragrance does not always mean more hot throw. Also be sure you are allowing them enough cure time. I wait at least 1 week with 464 but get better results with 2 weeks if I can wait that long
  9. runner14jc


    I think it took 2-3 weeks for me to hear back and get access when I signed up.
  10. runner14jc

    Electric Burner Reviews

    Just to add in another suggestion....have you considered a presto pot instead of a burner?
  11. runner14jc


    Yes! He is out of AU. I love his videos with soap they have been super helpful so when he launched this new tool I was quick to check it out. It makes things super easy!
  12. runner14jc


    I found www.soapinventory.com not too long ago. It is free and fabulous! You can track inventory. Recipes and it gives you basic cost of a product once you have recipes in.
  13. runner14jc


    Just be sure that you test the accuracy of the IR one before you rely completely on it. Many of them need to be calibrated or at the very least know how far off it is from accurate so that you can compensate for it. Otherwise, they work great!
  14. runner14jc

    Sink holes.

    @Courtney Try adjusting your pouring temperature. I usually need to pour a bit warmer in glass than I do in tins with the 464 wax.
  15. runner14jc

    Candle surface caught fire

    Using too much fragrance or with gel wax, possibly too low of a flashpoint fragrance could cause the surface to catch on fire. Since it was fine with the second burn, I am thinking too much fragrance that pooled on the top surface causing the fire.