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  1. syntheaahh

    Glycerin soap

    thank you! thank you! thank you @Candybeefor clearing this out for me. I checked the ingredients and it didnt sound like olive oil or lard or coconut oil, and after reading your answer, it made much more sense to me. Thank you so so much!
  2. syntheaahh

    Glycerin soap

    Good evening everyone! I'd like to ask, how is a glycerin soap made? I went to a craft show and a lady is selling soap, and the label says creamy handmade glycerin soap. Thank you in advance and Happy Holidays to all!
  3. syntheaahh

    Anyone know where I can find these?

    look what I found!!! *happy dance
  4. syntheaahh

    Anyone know where I can find these?

    I've been looking for them too. they look so cute
  5. syntheaahh

    Dust covers I would love to find

    I second @TallTayl, you will be able to do it using a die cutting machine. There's a learning curve but once you figure it out, you can do it yourself. You can do print and cut, so you can design your dust cover, save it, then open it on their site, and the machine will cut it for you. I have the cricut air.
  6. syntheaahh

    Alternatives to Etsy?

    I'd like to know more about amazon handmade. How does it work? Like how do we set it up? How much does it cost for listing or do we have to pay monthly fee?
  7. syntheaahh

    My new written commercial lol

  8. thank you so much everybody!
  9. I've been lurking here for awhile and I learned a lot. I've seen where when adding fragrance oil to wax, its by percentage. like 10% for example. now for example, I have 1 lb wax (16oz), and I want 10%, so that's 1.6 oz fragrance oil my question is, should the fragrance oil be measured by weight? or by fl oz? I apologize in advance if this may be a stupid question. Happy monday!
  10. syntheaahh


    this is interesting. I saw a youtube video on how to make them but I never got my hands on them. Here's a recipe I found from google
  11. syntheaahh

    I have an idea

    yes it does. I believe so. I might have to try it with a different FO to see. thank you @Forrest
  12. syntheaahh

    I have an idea

    does it have to be on a certain size room? I placed more than 5 drops of FO, and I can't smell it. *its spiced cranberry from WSP
  13. syntheaahh

    Does wax absorb smells?

    I'm thinking more of the charcoal you use for grilling? They are big, and maybe if you can put it in like a cup, covered with saran wrap, and poke holes in the saran wrap, it might not be messy.
  14. syntheaahh

    Does wax absorb smells?

    For your suitcase, have you tried charcoal? Its known to absorb stinky odor. It might clear up the mothball smell
  15. syntheaahh

    Is a popular candle company lying?

    sure sounds like that to me! or maybe they manufactured the oils and candle in Vietnam, and shipped the final product to USA. When I lived in the Philippines, I live close to a processing zone where they manufacture American brand products like Victoria's secret. They made it there, stamped the logo, and shipped it to the US.