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  1. syntheaahh

    rendering tallow

    Thank you! So when its white and clean that means its good?
  2. syntheaahh

    rendering tallow

    hello everyone! I got scrap beef fats from our local meatshop and would like to render it for making soap. How many times do I have to melt it and strain it? Should I add water when I render it? Thank you in advance
  3. I have a suggestion for an inkjet printer. its epson ecotank, that's what we have at home. The printer is expensive upfront but the ink lasts a long time. I got it last year and have printed almost 4,000 pages both colored and black and I still use the same ink since I bought it last year. Ink is refillable and the bottle costs $17 which could last thousands of pages for black
  4. syntheaahh

    Omg! Wait till you hear this

    😳 I think she is trying to save money by making the candles herself but if she gets in trouble, it'll be more money she has to dish out than getting a safe burning tested candles from you. I'm curious but, how did she price it? are the candles she made priced cheaper than the ones she got from you?
  5. syntheaahh

    Christmas Season.... Over

    Congratulations on your success!
  6. I have the same jar as yours and I used CD12.
  7. syntheaahh

    Glycerin soap

    thank you! thank you! thank you @Candybeefor clearing this out for me. I checked the ingredients and it didnt sound like olive oil or lard or coconut oil, and after reading your answer, it made much more sense to me. Thank you so so much!
  8. syntheaahh

    Glycerin soap

    Good evening everyone! I'd like to ask, how is a glycerin soap made? I went to a craft show and a lady is selling soap, and the label says creamy handmade glycerin soap. Thank you in advance and Happy Holidays to all!
  9. syntheaahh

    Anyone know where I can find these?

    look what I found!!! *happy dance
  10. syntheaahh

    Anyone know where I can find these?

    I've been looking for them too. they look so cute
  11. syntheaahh

    Dust covers I would love to find

    I second @TallTayl, you will be able to do it using a die cutting machine. There's a learning curve but once you figure it out, you can do it yourself. You can do print and cut, so you can design your dust cover, save it, then open it on their site, and the machine will cut it for you. I have the cricut air.
  12. syntheaahh

    Alternatives to Etsy?

    I'd like to know more about amazon handmade. How does it work? Like how do we set it up? How much does it cost for listing or do we have to pay monthly fee?
  13. syntheaahh

    My new written commercial lol

  14. I've been lurking here for awhile and I learned a lot. I've seen where when adding fragrance oil to wax, its by percentage. like 10% for example. now for example, I have 1 lb wax (16oz), and I want 10%, so that's 1.6 oz fragrance oil my question is, should the fragrance oil be measured by weight? or by fl oz? I apologize in advance if this may be a stupid question. Happy monday!