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  1. I feel the same way with facebook. Like they would insist it should be 12%, adding botanicals, stones, mica and they are clearly fire hazards but nope, they chose to add it. I mean its their business but its just crazy what I see in there. @Marisa11 yup! Most of the questions on fb groups can be found on the search bar, specially because some questions are being asked a lot of times
  2. thank you so much for the wonderful words of wisdom. Yes, you are right, I am still more on the research phase. Im glad to be a part of this group where I get answers from pro chandlers.
  3. Thanks guys! I think I might have to get my pockets ready for this. Thanks @NightLight, the wealth of information here is the best. Like the chandlers here are on top of their game, professionals. Thanks @TallTayl and @bfroberts. I have a lot to learn to make sure my candles are safe but I’m ready for the challenge.
  4. hello everybody! How are you? I just want to ask, how long is the testing phase? The reason I ask is because, a lot of people on facebook groups test their candles twice or only started learning the craft for a month and started selling. Also, is it really safe to add glitters, dried botanicals or like sprinkles to the candles? I see them a lot on fb groups.
  5. wow!!!! Lucky you! Then you can have a scent specific for your brand.
  6. I sometimes trick the system. I print the label using normal program (like word) (do not include the rectangle), then make a cut file with like 10 inch rectangle. Match the location and size of the rectangle with the printed image. Load the printed paper into the mat. So to make sure it cuts right where it should be: Remove your blade, so it wont cut through, but watch closely where it would cut. It'll take adjustments but once you get it right where it should be, you can mark your mat so everytime you do it, its easier. The reason why I suggested not placing the labels on th
  7. Like cricut or silhouette? I agree there's a learning curve to them and you're right, it makes the project so much easier and the possibilities of cutting designs are endless than the old school one. I can speak for Cricut because that's what I have, the option for print and cut is only limited to 6x9 (If I remembered it right) but there are tricks for these too. You can make your design/label on the design space or inkscape (free design program) or avery, save it then upload it on the program. For the printer, I use Epson Ecotank (inkjet), where its refillable with ink and it las
  8. hello everyone! I've been a member of this group for maybe 1 year one. I think its about time I get out of my shell. I'm Cynthia and I am originally from the Cebu, Philippines (born and raised). I ended up crossing the pacific to be with my bf (now hubby), and we've been married for 5 years. We have a little girl, she's 3. We live in Pennsylvania (where we have 4 seasons: snow, more snow, rain, more rain) I've lived in the US for 5 years but I'm still trying to adapt to the culture, seasons and food. Crafting has been my outlet when I get homesick, stressed out, or to stay out
  9. agree with you on this! And when you dont go towards the norm, you could get bullied. Plus, like you said above too, too much FO could cause problems too
  10. @Candybee thank you for this. I know in a lot of FB groups they always say 12%.
  11. Smells wonderful! Smells summer! I used 1oz to a 2.5lb cp soap, no ricing, didnt seize, no acceleration, and the best of all, it survived the saponification.
  12. the tallow made me think of going vegetarian because of the smell. Lol I got the leaf lard cheap, 0.60/lb so I decided to give it a try. The hard part is chopping the lard in small pieces but maybe the next time I can ask my local butcher to have it ground for me so its easier.
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