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  1. ruralers

    Candle Makers FO recommendations

    Thank you so much! I really appreciate it.
  2. I am looking for fragrance oil recommendations from The Candle Makers Store in Ohio. I have a fantastic husband that is willing to stop by their store, but I need to send him with a detailed list. I really appreciate your help!
  3. ruralers

    Poor Hot Throw

    I have had good luck with ECO and CD wicks. At this point, I can't really say which works better for me. I make candles with both brands and then test to determine which one preforms better.
  4. ruralers

    Black Crow Christmas Thyme

    I have been very impressed with Black Crow candles. Their packaging is fantastic--it's something actually you want to decorate with. They are a local to me company and I am super proud of what they have created! Their room fresheners l are a favorite with my family. I have no connections with this company, other than they are localish.
  5. ruralers

    Poor Hot Throw

    Update, I revisited my no-throw candles again and they seem to be preforming much better. You can actually smell the candles now, so that's a huge improvement. Thanks for all the advice. Hello curing time!
  6. ruralers

    Cinnamon Raisin Bread co bc

    Do you know how it preforms in soy?
  7. ruralers

    Bakery scents in soy

    Thank you so much!!
  8. ruralers

    Bakery scents in soy

    Thank you Trappeur for replying to my post! Since my candle making journey began, your posts have been very descriptive and encouraging, especially for a novice like myself. My new candles (with ecos) have 9% oil, which is the actually the highest that I have tried thus far. I am not sure where you read the 12% figure and my apologies if I posted that incorrectly. I will gladly post some pictures soon. I purchased several sample sizes of Candle Science bakery scents, but I had my hopes set on the Hansel and Gretel and the Strudels and Spice scents--the latter one was a lighter scent in my opinion. Up to this point I have only tested ecos and woodwicks. I quickly learned that I am not ready to master woodwicks, so those have been shelved. This week I purchased a set of CD wicks, so I will give them a go soon.
  9. I am attempting to create "bakery scented" soy (464) candles for a friend. Do you find that you raise or lower your FO percentages for bakery scents? I realize that is a very subjective question, but I am just looking for opinions. I have purchased all of mine from Candlescience, but I am open to switching brands. Mine have had poor hot throw and I would like a stronger throw, but maybe not a run you out the door strong scent. I received some excellent advice from craftserver members on another thread about cure time and temperature adjustments. That being said, I have a few new batches curing right now--fingers crossed on that. Thank you!!
  10. ruralers

    Poor Hot Throw

    My hair would be so happy there! We are holding steady at 95% humidity. Did you use a dehumidifier in the area that your cured your candles or just in general? Thanks for the advice!
  11. ruralers

    Poor Hot Throw

    That a really interesting thought. I am using a candy thermometer. I will look into a different one, now that you mention it. I was also wondering if the climate would affect curing time. I live in the Midwest, and it gets pretty hot and humid here.
  12. ruralers

    Poor Hot Throw

    Thanks for replying! I have been using a 2.5 inch diameter container, GB 464, eco 10. This last batch I used FO from candlescience (bakery scents) at 9%, in hopes of getting a stronger throw than my 6% previous tests. I tested at 8 days and the hot throw was very poor.
  13. ruralers

    Poor Hot Throw

    I am having the same issue with 464 and it's quite frustrating! I seem to have the mechanics of the candle down: the melt pool, wick, no cracks, etc. The cold throw is wonderful, but then the hot throw is a disappointment. Ugh. Is the general rule of thumb that 464 will only give you a light (minimal) hot throw?