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  1. Arch Rock

    Please help me pick 6 scents

    Fillmore's French Vanilla is on my radar thanks to your recommendation. We were just talking about adding white pigment. Might be worth a try for those vanillas.
  2. Arch Rock

    Wicking for 16 oz. Mayo

    Don't panic Sarah! I should have mentioned that I'm only now getting started on testing the CBL 125 and HAVE NOT YET used this wax in the 16 oz. Mayo. I've been using my old wax and am finding a big difference in HT between the country comforts and the Mayos. BTW, are you in PA?
  3. Lovelyscents, you certainly could try those as long as they're water jacketed. They look more like they could handle cookies and coffee in a church basement once a week but if you're going to put them through their paces, I would look for a Bunn urn. Still a great option for those who don't like or don't have access to a Presto pot. Thanks for sharing. We also should mention in full disclosure especially for newbies, using ANY small appliance outside the scope of its intended use can be dangerous. You're voiding the warranty and legally, if things go horribly wrong, you will have no recourse for remedies.
  4. Arch Rock

    Wicking for 16 oz. Mayo

    I'm not crazy about the limited hot throw I'm getting with these mayo jars. Nothing beats a 16 oz country comfort.
  5. Arch Rock

    Tumbler lids in black or gold?

    Laura C the Link Queen. 🤩
  6. Arch Rock

    2 new soaps.

  7. Arch Rock

    Please help me pick 6 scents

    Those labels look great Trapp. I love the way the cancer ribbon leans to the right. Very fluid that compliments the font. I almost always use a standard vanilla if I have to choose 6 or 8 scents. My safety scent around here. Don't you use Vanilla Voodoo?
  8. I was still getting tunneling after wicking up, down, and all around. Four hours for a full melt pool is my standard. Otherwise, customers give up and assume it's not wicked correctly (which is true). The splintering and frailty of the burned wicks was giving me anxiety too. You and I had talked about how the unusual look of the wick might attract educated consumers but now I'm not convinced.
  9. I forgot to mention that the coffee urns are NOT in the same price range as a Presto pot. You might check ebay. Bunn makes them.
  10. Arch Rock

    Price increases on everything!

    I'm no economist, but what does it mean when consumer spending/confidence is high and prices are also increasing? These are traditionally mutually exclusive. I personally plan to take full advantage of consumers who feel they have money to burn. Whether that's reality or not isn't my concern. I'm not ashamed to admit to being an opportunist. All smart entrepreneurs are. Penn State traffic cuts directly through our little burg. I had Penn State licensing years ago and plan on doing it again this fall. People who are securely retired or can take days off work to travel in expensive motor homes to see a football game are my target audience. People who appreciate quality and are willing to pay for it.
  11. Let us know the results ladies.
  12. Arch Rock

    Wicking for 16 oz. Mayo

    Thanks Sarah but the Premiers give me a long stem and high flame. You using them with the CBL 125?
  13. Arch Rock

    Responsibly Sourced Palm Wax

    Great info everyone thanks.
  14. TT, did you give up on the cottonwoods?