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  1. I'm always looking for a great retail presentation, e.g. a matching 8 oz, 16 oz, and 24/26 oz. collection of the same fragrances in different sizes. A very striking ensemble in any retail setting. However, what are your best-selling wholesale containers?
  2. Same frustration in ANY series of wicks. Why can't the wax and wick companies get in bed together the same way that doctors and pharmaceutical companies do? Oh, wait . . . that's why we have an opioid epidemic. (Waiting for TT to shift me to the off-topic, time-out area for being bad.)
  3. I'm going to order some 8 oz and 16 oz "DE-bossed" from Fillmore and will let you guys know. Thanks for all the "bossing" chit-chat!
  4. Thanks Trapp. Where in God's name do you place your labels?!
  5. Yes, that is my assumption as well. Just wondering where the label can be affixed without letters sticking up. Thanks for clarification though.
  6. Trapp, could you describe or send a pic of that 8 oz. square Mason for me? You getting it from Fillmore? Fillmore says two sides are embossed with classic Mason measurement marks and the other two sides are "DE-bossed", which I assume means no markings. This must be true or you wouldn't be able to apply your awesome labels. Would like a confirmation if you don't mind. And is this true for the 16 oz. square Mason as well? I would love to find matching 8 oz and 16 oz containers that also have matching lids. Thanks bunches as clearly, you've been a busy beaver.
  7. Well, like TT said, if you've already established a baseline with those 13 using "good" wax, if you get bad burns on what you just poured, you'll know it's the wax. I vote for blaming it on Chinese tariffs. (Actually they deserve every yen of that because they've been stealing our candle secrets for decades).
  8. Forrest, there has to be a better (and more consistent) source for that PITA 6006. Although great throw and ease of wicking is my main consideration when choosing a wax, secondary considerations have also included shipping costs and consistent quality.
  9. Both beautiful but do agree the first will probably be more eye-catching. In the end though, the customer is always right. Congrats on landing that account by the way. Makes me want to approach Tractor Supply here. Thanks for the inspiration.
  10. Yes about the mayo. Exactly why I was testing it. I'm between Harrisburg and State College. We're actually very close!
  11. Lovelyscents, I didn't mean to infer that you were a newbie . . . just that if anyone new happened upon threads about how to melt wax that our convo came with an ethical warning.
  12. Fillmore's French Vanilla is on my radar thanks to your recommendation. We were just talking about adding white pigment. Might be worth a try for those vanillas.
  13. Don't panic Sarah! I should have mentioned that I'm only now getting started on testing the CBL 125 and HAVE NOT YET used this wax in the 16 oz. Mayo. I've been using my old wax and am finding a big difference in HT between the country comforts and the Mayos. BTW, are you in PA?
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