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Which Suppliers do you use most?


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Candle Cocoon, Bramble Berry, Sweet Cakes, Daystar, Aroma Haven, Oregon Trails, Candle Science, Candlewic (Ultimate scents only), Scent Works, Tenesee Candle, Kentucky Candle, Genwax, Southern Garden and Southern Scents. :cool2:

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Mostly Candle Science, Candles and Supplies, Peaks, Elements, Backwoods, and Southern Garden Scents. I'm trying to narrow my suppliers down.:rolleyes2

Thats just for candles. For soap I also use WSP, Southern Soapers, and Kangaroo Blue.

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For scents I use mostly Peak, but I think that is because they were the first place I started getting my supplies from.

Now that I have found this board and learning about other suppliers, I use:

Candles & Supplies


I have tried candlescience for 1 scent since it came free with an order of sample wicks I purchased. I liked the scent, but don't know if I will continue ordering it since it is only 1. Trying to keep my FO's list down :laugh2:

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soapsupplies.net has the BEST mandarin II-sticks like glue in cp! also a very strong honey-sweet nectar. i like her lavender, oakmoss and drakar, too. all great stickers.

i blend paige's leather with lavender for a men's cologne and shaving soap, which is very popular here.

i haven't tried all her f/o's, but the ones i have, i've liked.

and you can't beat the $7.95 shipping!

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I started using Save on Scents, but then I found Gelluminations and so far never had an issue with an order, but I found so many of you here complaining about them, Im looking around for a new place... I was considering giving Millcreek a try

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Oh so many to choose from!



Elements (Flicker's - many of my all-time favorites)

Nature's Garden

I also get a few from smaller suppliers:

KY, Tenn, MillCreek, Candle Cocoon, Backwoods, Candle Source

For CP:

The Scentworks, Brambleberry, Sweetcakes, Moonworks, Southern Soapers

Might as well just list them all!

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