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  1. White beeswax is just bleached beeswax and not any easier to wick than the yellow. The only time I use white beeswax is when I want to dye it a pastel color. I do like TallTayl and use usually FO at 1 oz per lb., but some of my better throwers I can use less. Beeswax in glass containers use such a large wick that it can cause the container to shatter because it gets way too hot. If you want to do container beeswax candles, use tins.
  2. Candy I know some of my best soaps are the ugliest LOL!!
  3. OMG Candy I hate when that happens, good luck with the rebatch!
  4. I'm betting it's the dragon's blood and you need to up the wick size.
  5. You guys can play with the recipe I gave you and switch up some of the ingredients. I gave you what I use in MY soap that works for my sensitive skin, it's not set in stone LOL!! I don't have any problem managing the neem oil at a higher rate, it doesn't move real quick, but I don't do anything fancy with it and I don't color it, cause it's pretty dark naturally (brown, but no staining). I just blend and pour into my molds. I usually use 100% fresh goat's milk or coconut milk for my liquid also. Just have fun with it and find what works for you!!
  6. Tall Tayl makes scented beeswax candles and I've made them in the past also. I personally like cinnamon or earthy scents in the beeswax cause I think it compliments the actual scent of the wax itself. I've never heard that beeswax traps scent before, but I've never had any problems using FO's at a normal rate of 1 oz./lb.
  7. My skin can't handle any coconut oil, so I use PKO & babassu and my son can't handle any shea butter, so I use mango butter instead.
  8. When I made an orange vanilla or creamsicle, my customers loved my own mix of Candle Cocoon's Vanilla Voodoo and candlemakingsupplies.net (formerly Genwax) Juicy Bits of Orange.
  9. Hi Chris R.  How do I post a FO for sale ad on Classifieds?  


    1. ChrisR


      sorry for not getting right back to you, but I've had a viral thingy for the past 4 weeks and just saw this.  Just go to the classified section and start a new thread and post what you're selling and the cost.  You may want to say something like "coconut FO for sale" as your thread name, then in the body list where the oil is from, the oil name, how many oz. it is and how much your asking.  It's really easy!!  Good luck!



  10. I have never found a straight vanilla bean FO I liked. as most had something else in there. I've been using Candle Cocoon's Vanilla Voodoo for years, it's the strongest, truest vanilla I've found. .
  11. Candle Cocoon's Cucumber Chaos is the best I've ever used, great strong throw.
  12. IMHO no wick is 100% self-trimming because there are so many factors that come into play. Personally, I've found FO, sometimes dye and the wax itself can cause a wick to not be self-trimming and to mushroom. 9 out of 10 of my FO's may cause very small to no mushrooming, but then there's that one FO which can cause larger mushrooms no matter how little FO I use. I've found wicking my 3.50" jar with (2) LX 10 wicks causes less problems than one larger LX wick. Testing, testing, testing, the root of all candle making evil!
  13. I've used LX wicks for years and love them. You don't say what size your jars are, so I can't really comment on your wicking issues. I used to use the 4627 wax, but found too much sooting for my taste, even though it does have a good throw.
  14. I've used it as a swirl in some goat's milk soap I made a few years ago and it wasn't drying. Hopefully someone will chime in that's used it In a whole bar. This is where I get my neem oil: http://www.essentialwholesale.com/product/1317/neem-oil-filtered-certified-organic
  15. I agree with TallTayl. I make beeswax pillars & tapers, but won't make container candles because the size wick you need for the beeswax will make your jar way too hot. Years ago I had a jar I was testing shatter & that was the last time I made a beeswax container candle. I know people make them all the time, but I personally won't buy one!!
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