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  1. Can anyone suggest a good dupe for this?
  2. Fragrance buddy said they were on their fb page. Said Thursday it starts. But I have no idea what it is.
  3. Does anyone know fragrance buddies sake yet? Every time I try to confirm my newsletter subscription it gives me an error. So not sure if ones been emailed yet.
  4. Lol same! I honestly wasn’t going to order then I looked closer and seen the “view in full site”
  5. Yeah I switched to full site view and can see them but it doesn’t show on mobile.
  6. Why does it irritate me so much that there is no fragrance descriptions..... 😩
  7. How are their oils? I don’t remember them years ago when I used to make. So my curiosity is peaked, I keep hearing them mentioned.
  8. I’ll be ordering from here soon and wanted to see what you all love, like, hate from here.
  9. Looking for a great cappuccino on its own and a great mixer. I got a peppermint cappuccino scent in melts that I really like and would like to make my own. Already got a candy cane so just need a good cappuccino.
  10. Okay so I have a scent from Gloria aka sockmonkey who used to be on here and sold FO. I have one that is my favorite and I have no idea where she got it from or it’s namd anywhere else. Looking for someone who’s really good at scents and I could send a melt to and hopefully get an idea of what scents are in it. It’s an abnormal scent for me to like so im completely clueless as to what scents make it up. I figure maybe I can get an idea of what it is or someone may know of a very similar scent. Figured I’d try this before I send a sample out to be duped. I don’t know floral or herbal or ozone type scents so need someone more experienced with those. 🤞🏼🤞🏼
  11. Have you tried NGs? It’s the strongest I’ve tried. Although I didn’t try many cuz that was one of my first few orders and loved it so no need to continue the search at that point.
  12. I used to watch hauls for grumpy girl. Anyone remember her from here? Now I’m interested in seeing the video of the oozing oil 😂 I may have to go searching lol
  13. I always used NG cinnamon red hot. It was a best seller for me. It was exactly like a atomic fireball. Very little sweetness but a whole lot of nose burning hot cinnamon. Unfortunately after a not so fun night of drinking a bottle of aftershock to myself and paying a dear price I can no longer smell cinnamon without water rising in my throat. Which sucks cuz cinnamon was always my favorite gum/candy. 😂
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