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First Pillar in a Looooong Time...


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...so be kind:o . I had some 1343N (Yuk!) that I hate to use, but it was all I had. I made it for Julie because we have a deal - if I make a pillar, she makes soap, lol. So here it is Julie.......your turn, lmao!!!!:D


Scented Asian Sandalwood

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Thank you all so much. Julie, I'm leaving for a few days, but when I come back, we'll do it. No pressure though, lol. JK.....you make soap whenever you want to, I'll be around.Sherri, it's Peak's Asian Sandalwood.

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Very Pretty Janis You haven't lost your touch I see.. Ill be doing pillars in about a week. I have about another 150 contianers to make beforeI can do them . I Can't wait. Gota see if I lost my touch too lol .. and Julie woooo hooooooooo ya gona be soaping thats so cool. um But please don't forget to wear ya gear girl k :-) thanks for sharing Janis is nice to see you makeing some candles again Nayla40

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