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  1. I use the 415 wax with about 3% beeswax and it smooths out the tops of my candles and helps them set up better when cooling.
  2. Not my circus, not my monkeys.

  3. Beautiful rustics, lucky recipients.
  4. Very pretty Steve....I have to be in a certain frame of mind these days to have the patience for pillars, but yours have been looking very nice.
  5. I have been using the 415 soy for about 5 years, with about 3-4% beeswax, and pour cool, and have nice looking candles just about every time. Heatguns are not that expensive and are one of the best tools you can have for candlemaking.
  6. Nice job on the soaps Carol. Of course my favorite is the Mardi Gras. It is my best seller, hands down and I love doing a multi color on mine as well. Great work on all of them.
  7. Beautiful soap GG, as always.
  8. Just beautiful, nice job Brenda.
  9. Beautiful bars, nice swirls and coloring!
  10. That pink purse is too cute Brat.....I am not a huge "pink" person, but I really like it.....Both of them are nice though....don't know what you don't like about them.
  11. Those are very pretty...hope you do well with them.
  12. Thanks Jennifer, I am putting it on my list for my next order from them. I am contemplating a chocolate covered cherry soap in my future.
  13. Very cool looking Jennifer. I love that red color, what kind of coloring did you use for that? Thanks for reposting it, it was worth the wait.
  14. I have tried explorer and opera and neither of them will let me see. I really wanted to see that RED color.
  15. MMS has a Grape color that will give you a dark grape purple color.
  16. Beautiful soaps as always, just love the pink swirl. Brenda, do you notice a difference in the gelled and ungelled soaps?
  17. Mine did well with HTP73 or 83. The first burn should be about an hour and a half. I also wouldn't judge it on the first burn. If it gets close on the first burn, a lot of times it will catch up on the next couple of burns and the remaining wax will melt off the sides. You want to use the smallest wick possible to get the job done, so you are not overheating the votive holder. You always want to burn them in a tight fitting votive cup.
  18. Beautiful stuff....love the rustics.
  19. I just started making beaded jewelry last year. I had to have something that didn't take up as much space as my candle and soap supplies, LOL!
  20. Not sure which I like the best, they are all very pretty Carol, nice job.
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