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  1. I use Alabaster for some of my FO's. No company will be 100%, just because not all FO's will work 100% in every wax. The guys there are great! The service is good too. I drove down to pick up palm wax last time and came out with a dozen bottles of new FO's cuz that sniffin' table is just impossible to ignore...lol
  2. Very pretty. I really like the ones with soft colors all the way down
  3. That's good info. I know it looks different in different types of cans, but didn't know they ALL had it. Hmmm.. I suspect this newbie was a hit & run, but this is an informative thread anyway
  4. Since HL fragrances aren't all that popular around here and frequently different people will have a different perception of what an oil smells like, I'd say your best chance would be to order some samples from different suppliers and compare the scent to what you have there.
  5. I don't have much experience in soy, but this question pertains to testing any candle for scent throw... If you lit it before work in the morning, how long did you let it burn? The hot throw comes from the melt pool. If there's only 1 inch of melted wax around the wick, the scent wont carry as far as it does once it gets to the full melt pool. Just a thought...
  6. You have to be careful in choosing those though. Most all of them I've seen have a coating inside that the FO will dissolve if it stays in there very long. I have no idea if the small amount could cause a problem with burning or not, ie... possibly toxic, since I don't know what the coating is made of. Just something to think about....
  7. I would strongly recommend against it. Once you cut the top off, the aluminum sides would be very flimsy. It would make it very easy to get cut or spill hot wax.
  8. Personally I'm not overly fond of the top color but it all goes together nicely. They're very pretty Especially your decorations!
  9. Nope, been there. Well, smaller anyway...lol. I tried a couple different veggie cans, but never found any that didn't have that coating inside. Yup, FO dissolves it enough to make a mess...lol
  10. I have to disagree with this one. I tried that. No matter how well I tried cleaning it, even boiling water in it for a couple hours, eventually the darn grounds work their way out of the seams into my wax JMO ... wait... JME just my experience
  11. The salt bars are pretty but that tweed one is amazing! Great job on the swirls!
  12. After you do the new customer info and click the free die box (or log in later) when you get to the online ordering page..... down below the drop down menu to select the die is a picture of a wizard hat. A Purple one with gold stars Click the hat instead of selecting a die...
  13. The 3 choices I saw were using the wizard... maybe you didn't go that route...
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