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What are some of your favorite places for FO's?

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There is some great reading and ideas in the fragrance forum...


I was not sure if you knew about that or not - it took me a bit to start it into my every time I pass the computer keep it checked or I will miss something....LOL:laugh2:

Other than your already list - Candlescience... I have several from there that are GREAT!



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I'm sure this will be of no help, but just about all of them lol!

If they have something that smells good and really good at that and works in the finished product then I tend to get a little overly excited and will fill shelves with the scents. Sad thing is at the end of the year, sometimes I wonder why have such an incurable weakness. :D

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Peaks, Candle Science and Naure's Garden. I didn't see Nature's Garden mentioned often, but they have some great fragrances, a very large selection and excellent custoner service. Very fast shipping.

I have to second their cs!!! The sent my order to the wrong address, no questions asked, they reshipped my order right out with an apology and a sample of one of their new fragrances! :highfive:

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