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Tater Gift Crate

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I get alot of people wanting custom orders and this is one I did for a store that wanted an Idaho theme gift. This is what I came up with for them. I hope they sell. I am offering two sizes this one and a little bit larger size with 3 tater candles. I am not good at shrink wrapping, but for my first time I think I did ok at least it held everything in. Any suggestions are appreciated.



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Very creative -- you did a great job! Why did you choose to package them L shape? Just seems like it's harder for you & would be more limiting for display. My 1st thought would be to place the boxes side by side w/ labels facing in opposing directions -- so no matter how it was put on the shelf one label would be readable. It's great packaging, I think they'll sell very well for you! Best of luck!


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You're right Scented....It is the shape of Idaho, that is why it is in an L shape. LOL... As for a pic. of my potatoes you'll have to check out my website. I only have a pic. of the Yukon gold one shown. My pics. are on my other pc...:cheesy2:

I checked out the potato candle on your website. Very interesting shape.... makes me wonder how you mold and burn such an unusual shape.

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