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    I Love to make country style and primitive candles. I mainly sell wholesale and love to do craft shows.

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  1. I plan on donating to the two charities, but want to donate to more charities than just two. This bazaar asks for $1.00 to get in and whatever that amount is, is then divided equally for the two charities. I am just curious as what others do out there? I am getting my DBA license for the bazaar and will set it up as non-profit. The lady before me didn't have to have anything because she was grandfathered in 18 years ago and didn't have all the red tape as I am finding out now. When I went to open an account with the bazaars name the bank needed more than a check. All I have is paperwork a
  2. I got the Iphone a few months ago with the squareup. I have it all setup but haven't used it yet. I am so exited to use it at the craft shows. I am so happy to hear everyone likes it.
  3. After cleaning the whole house and doing all the laundry I finally have a chance to make some melts and candles for a show in two weeks. New scents for the show that I am adding are Root Beer, Caramel Apple, Creme Brulee, & Pumpkin Spice. I have alot on order hopefully they smell great.
  4. Hi All, I am taking over a Holiday Bazaar as Coordinator which is non-profit. All proceeds collected at the door go to two local charities. My question is, where does the money go when you do your shows??? Does the money go to charities or does the Coordinator(s) keep all the monies??? I am asking because I don't see very many bazaars or shows donate to charities. Thanks Kathy
  5. It looks good, but if you ask for feedback expect the good with the bad. Good luck to you.
  6. I have had issues with them, but it has never stopped me.. Living in Meridian, ID where they are based and have saturated the market. People do say Scentsy, when they come up to my booth, but all I say is no they are Soy and people usually say they have heard soy is better and good for the environment. That is it. I keep my prices a bit less than the competition, but I make good money. Stay confident in your products and customers will compare and buy....
  7. That is good you got it resolved. But it is confusing as to why they overcharged you and not make the correction right away. I am not sure if I would do business with a co. that would do that and not bend over backwards to make it up to you.
  8. I wish I would have had that to follow. I tried for weeks to figure out how to read a pattern and gave up and just started crocheting. If I can do it anyone can.
  9. Those look like a creamsicle....I bet they smell awesome.!!!
  10. I love the scent of Drakkar on a good looking man... Great colors.
  11. What do they mean by buyers remorse??? Does that mean they didn't have the money to buy it but did anyway? They didn't like the item when they received it? They felt they paid too much? Is it defective?? That needs to be addressed because defective items to be returned and refunded.. If everything is fine and no issues than I say no refund.
  12. Those look awesome. I bet they smell as great as they look..
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