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Can anyone help with a FO replacement?

Brenda (OH)

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Thanks for the suggestion Grama . . .I really don't want a bakery type just straight coconut. TCS' name may be decieiving cause of the "creamy" part of the name. It was straight coconut, almost but not quite a tanning oil scent. Does NG's have "bakery" notes to it?

I believe it was a Yankme type dupe . . .but not certain . .

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I've not tried TCS Creamy Coconut but I do have four ounces of JS Creamy Coconut. If you PM me your addy, I would be more than glad to send you a sniffie to compare.

NG's coconut cream pie (which is delicious) does have bakery notes to it.

Thanks soshiegirl - sending you a PM

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I tested sooooo many coconuts to find this for my customers . . .I am really bummed to hear that you haven't found anything similar either . . .:sad2: I am going to keep looking and testing :undecided I got a few suggestions from this post that I hadn't tried before. My fingers are crossed . .

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