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  1. I've never smelled this particular scent before but I saw an oil by the same name available at Virginia Candle Supply (https://vacandlesupply.com/) and bescented.com. Not sure if it's identical to Candle Science but it's worth checking out. Good luck!
  2. Here are just some off the top of my head. I know there are more that I love... Angel Food Cake Blue Lotus Spa Blue Agave Sugar Jelly Donut Cake Batter Ice Cream Coconut Rum Cake Fudge Brownie Apple Balsam Pine Burmese Woods Mango Sorbet Apple Ice Wine Peach Grapefruit Thyme Lemon Ice Graham Cracker Latte Lemongrass Verbena Butterscotch
  3. I love some coffee scents. The bolded ones are more coffee than sweet or spicy scents. ICS Coffee Bean JS Coffee Ice Cream JS Caramel Cinnamon Latte ICS Vanilla Hazelnut Coffee ICS Caramel Coffee AH Coffee House ICS Cinnamon Dolce JS Pumpkin Spice Latte BW Gingerbread Latte AH Butter Rum Cappuccino AH Lavender Latte ICS Cafe Cubano ICS Cafe Vienna The
  4. BCN Basil Sage Mint NG Fresh Basil WSP Tomato Leaf NG Rosemary NG Sage Leaf AH Kaylin's Herb Garden BCN Basil and Cucumber
  5. Got it! What about Driftwood (Community Candle) or Burmese Woods from WSP? If you want some sniffies just let me know!
  6. Hi there! I think the Honey Gingerbread you're talking about was identical to Greenleaf's Gingerbread which I think ended up in the hands of Southwest Candle Supply. You may want to shoot them an email to confirm. It's an amazing scent.
  7. Hey Darbla, I checked my samples as well as oils not used and I don't have it. Sorry
  8. Let me check my stash of sample oils and see if that's in there. If it is, I'll send it to you.
  9. Hi Karen! I've had some oils that have been dark (zucchini bread and some pumpkin scents), some that have had purple hues to them, yellow, etc.. Much like yourself, it's had no impact on the scent or throw. It's just the combination of ingredients used to create the oil.
  10. Oh my goodness, that's a steep increase. I use that in a lot of blends as well as alone. This is NOT good news.
  11. If you want one that smells like the J&J Bedtime Bath scent, definitely check out Candle Source. Should you want one that smells like an essential oil blend of the two then check out Bulk Apothecary's Lavender Chamomile; please know it's quite costly. Both are fabulous but in different ways.
  12. TallTayl's version is super strong and spot on! Don't forget to check out her other oils, they are divine.
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