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  1. soshiegirl

    CC Vanilla Voodoo vs DS Ultimate Vanilla

    Hey Trapp, I talked to Stacy and she said that even though Ultimate Vanilla shows OOS, it is available...the site hasn't been updated.
  2. soshiegirl

    CC Vanilla Voodoo vs DS Ultimate Vanilla

    I found my notes and they are super duper similar/identical but Ultimate vanilla is OOS, so off to order from CC!
  3. Are these two interchangeable? For some reason, I thought they were almost identical but it's been so long I can't remember. I'm running low on Vanilla Voodoo and with Stacy having a sale I was wondering if I could sub.
  4. @Darbla - I love rose scents. I only deal in wax but will put these scents in a perfume base or room spray for personal use. Some of my favorites are AH rustic rose, CW sandalwood rose, AH rose and geranium, FB rose jam, CS Rose and AH rose and violets.
  5. soshiegirl


    Hey @Trappeur, I just placed an order with Stacy on the 10th and it shipped today so all is good! Can't wait to try these new oils.
  6. soshiegirl

    Scent Loss in Melts

    I get where you're coming from. One thing to consider is that polypro is recyclable! Also another consideration is if you decide to package your products unwrapped, how do you plan on making sure your clients know which scent is which (i.e., if they ordered two or three sea type scents). Just something to think about. Perhaps run a "stress" test of combining several different scented melts/tarts for a while and see what the outcome is. Good luck!
  7. soshiegirl

    Scent Loss in Melts

    Hey @Laura C - I can't speak to packaging products in wax paper or glassine bags. I only package my products in polypropylene bags. When you refer to packaging different scents together in the same bag, do you mean individually packaged or unwrapped? I package all products individually or multiples of the same scent in a single polypro lined bag. However, I will store similar scents together in a storage container and do ship different scented products together (in one order), in a single polypro bag, but they are individually wrapped and labeled. To date, I've never had any scent morphing via absorption when done this way. Hope this helps.
  8. soshiegirl

    Looking for "Salt"

    You might want to check out AH Sea Kelp, super salty! It does have other notes but it is heavy on the salty ozone notes.
  9. soshiegirl

    Tony's Fragrance Oils

    Thank you very much! I appreciate it greatly.
  10. soshiegirl

    Tony's Fragrance Oils

    My old school peeps, I need your help. Does anyone know who purchased Tony's Fragrance oils? I checked the suppliers and abbreviation section and couldn't find anything. Thank you for any help you can provide.
  11. soshiegirl

    Just Scent favorites

    @moonstar, here are some of my favorites Coffee Ice cream Caramel Cinnamon Latte Chestnuts and Brown Sugar Peppermint Bark (you know how good that one is!) Snickers Coffee Peppermint Mocha Lemon Sugar Blueberry Cheesecake Ice cream Vanilla Buttercream Crunch Southern Style Vanilla Totally Scrumptious Serendipity Orange Chiffon Cake Cotton Candy Pink Lemonade Pumpkin Pie Spice Pumpkin Spice Latte
  12. soshiegirl


    I love JS Southern Style Vanilla, it's a dupe of the infamous Ms. Randy's Vanilla. I also like Vanilla Voodoo too. Both of these have no caramel notes whatsoever.
  13. @The Candle Nook She has so many great oils, you won't be sorry!
  14. Me too! They had some epic scents. Daystar had (or perhaps still has) an amazing Amazing Grace dupe.
  15. soshiegirl

    Sweet Cakes faves?

    I wish I could say they have sales but I have never seen one. 😢