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  1. I really love the vanilla verbena, it's a delightful fragrance. I do have their White Palm type as well but haven't used it yet.
  2. Okay Trapp - Addressing the ones you ordered: Have not tried vanilla sugar waffle cone but if you're looking for a fantastic waffle cone type scent, check out Pizelle from Daystar! Super WOW! Vanilla Bourbon - Agreed, it's wonderful Jelly Donut - I have not tried JS but love WSP Orange Caramel Crumble - so good I use a lot of oils from Becky so if you want some more recs, just holler at me.
  3. I like Autumn Leaves from Bittercreek.
  4. Darbla - Balsam and Citrus is downright amazing. Patchouli Honey is wonderful as well. They've discontinued some of my faves but here are some that are still around: Apple Cobbler Apple Martini Aqua Blueberry Lemon Verbena - super strong Jasmine Petals Downpour Japanese Pear and Ginseng Lime Crystal Kisses Rocky Mountain Christmas (FOH) Sea Island Grapefruit Tuscan Lace Buttercream Burnin Love Cinnamon Green Irish Tweed Ginger Lime Coco Beach Baby Flowerbomb
  5. Agreed. If it's a dupe that you can access (BBW, Yankee, perfume, etc) I would run up to the store and do the sniff test. If it's a perfume dupe, make sure to spritz a piece of paper and take it with you. If it comes in wax form than buy one and compare it at home with the oil.
  6. ICS is Indiana Candle Supply. NG's Cranberry Cobbler is just wonderful. I keep a bottle here just for myself.
  7. I like NG Buttermilk pancakes and I like to add some buttered maple syrup to it.
  8. I love cranberry scents! Some of my favorite cranberries are ICS Spiced Cranberry and NG Cranberry Cobbler, NG Cranberry Balsam and Peak Cranberry Apple Marmalade.
  9. Sorry to hear about this. Maybe she's running behind because of her recent sale. Try shooting her an email because I tried texting and she got back to me quicker when I emailed.
  10. I like Elements Peppermint Sticks. As for other mix ins how about peppermint bark? coffee? some fruit like cherry or orange? cake type scents?
  11. @LivInTX, Just Scent has a fragrance that sounds identical to AH's version also called Sweet Tooth. I have it and love it but since I haven't tried RE's version, I can't compare the two.
  12. Snickers Coffee Lavender Chamomile Turkish Mocha Ivory Soap Pink Salt and Water Lily Cardamon Cedar Blossom Almond Coconut Milk Tide Coffee Beans Tobacco Vanilla
  13. Ireland has some beautiful beaches so perhaps a sea/ocean type scent you can name after one their amazing beaches. It's also amazingly green so perhaps some type of outdoorsy scent like a grass, wild grass or moss scent. I would also consider green clover and aloe and don't forget about bluebells! You might also consider fruit type scents as their raspberry and blackberry brambles are quite something in the Summer as well as gooseberries and loganberries. I happen to love the scent of Irish Spring soap but that may be too literal for what you're looking for.
  14. Hey @kfintoni, you could send off a sample and have it duped.
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