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  1. If you want one that smells like the J&J Bedtime Bath scent, definitely check out Candle Source. Should you want one that smells like an essential oil blend of the two then check out Bulk Apothecary's Lavender Chamomile; please know it's quite costly. Both are fabulous but in different ways.
  2. TallTayl's version is super strong and spot on! Don't forget to check out her other oils, they are divine.
  3. Hey Darbla, sorry I haven't been for a while. The CS rose is the same one Candybee was talking about.
  4. Totally agree! Essential oils can be tricky and so can soy. You're going to need to play around with fragrance oil %, cure times, pouring temps, wick types, etc. As I don't work with pure soy, you might also want to search within the general candle as well as vegetable wax candle making forum for additional help. Good luck to you!
  5. I haven't smelled Peak's lemon pound cake. Have you tried BCS Lemon pound cake? Lordie, lordie it's so good. Now, I feel like I need to smell Peak's version!
  6. Lemon Curd is delicious. You may want to also consider some type of lemon pound cake as truffles are very dense and rich. As for the white chocolate, I would suggest Bitter Creek, it's yummy!
  7. Stacy's sweet pumpkin is amazing!! I thought I would never find another pumpkin scent that I liked more than BCN Pumpkin Pie Closeout until I smelled this. You will not be sorry to give this a go. Another fantastic Pumpkin scent is Enchanted Lites Pumpkin Pie, it smells like a real pumpkin pie in the oven.
  8. It smells like Heaven! 😇 For real, it's an amazing Winter scent. Here are the fragrance notes/description: A fabulously festive combination of Bay Leaf, Fresh Pine, Red Cinnamon and warm winter woodsy notes combined with hints of holiday fruits. I would be more than happy to send you a sniffie. It really is a wonderful scent.
  9. BCS White Chocolate - it's good alone and a great mixer!
  10. Halloween: Candy Corn, BCN All Hallow's Eve, Cajun Spiced Orange Thanksgiving: DS Sweet Pumpkin, Aztec Blueberry Pumpkin, ICS Cranberry Orange Spice, ICS Spiced Cranberry, Tri State Mulled Cider Christmas: JS Aspen Winter, JS Christmas Wish, DS Vanilla Bean Noel, AH Christmas Bliss, FOH Rocky Mountain Pine
  11. The freak out was real! No one is feeling the love when your wax is bubbling and popping because of moisture.
  12. @Lizzy I got a couple of cases that did the same thing a while ago. When I called NG about it, they told me that the manufacturer packed the wax while hot causing moisture to build up in the sealed bags. NG said this was because they were trying to package wax to meet the demand. Trust and believe I was freaking out when my wax was popping from moisture! Oh and wanted to add that I haven't had any problems since then with moisture build up.
  13. Agree with everyone about Lemon Pucker from BCN RE Lemon Slices Genwax Juicy Bits of Orange (the best orange ever!) NG Ruby Red Grapefruit Bramberry Lime RE Lime Freeze
  14. Belinda, it doesn't smell like VBN or Mrs Claus Cookies. It's a really nice strong vanilla bean scent with no bakery (cake) notes but it is sweet and strong. It's awesome! I like BC Vanilla Bean but JS Southern Style Vanilla is my favorite....it's a dupe of Ms. Randy's Vanilla bean.
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