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  1. Belinda, it doesn't smell like VBN or Mrs Claus Cookies. It's a really nice strong vanilla bean scent with no bakery (cake) notes but it is sweet and strong. It's awesome! I like BC Vanilla Bean but JS Southern Style Vanilla is my favorite....it's a dupe of Ms. Randy's Vanilla bean.
  2. I love Rocky Mountain Christmas (Fragrance Oil Heaven) from Elements Bath and Body. Here's the description: Reminiscent of quality family time traveling to the tree lot to choose your fresh cut Christmas Tree. True Pine Scent! Intoxicating aromas of Blue Spruce, Northern Pine and Douglas Fir blended with a warm woody base.
  3. I've used the one from RE, which is great too but their shipping is so expensive. BC pumpkin cheesecake is so good, it's not even funny plus the shipping is cheaper. I like to a drive by sniffing on this one from time to time.
  4. Oh, what about a Vanilla Sandalwood or Tobacco Vanilla from BA (Amazing!).
  5. DS Ultimate Vanilla might work for you as it's not a foody type of scent (at least to my nose) unlike her Vanilla Delicious; Ultimate Vanilla is a very sophisticated type of vanilla. DS Ultimate Vanilla is OOS right now but Vanilla Voodoo by Candle Cocoon is identical. DS Indulgent One and Wood Vanilla might be something you may want to check out as well. These are dupes of perfumes but are very lovely. You might want to also look into JS Vanilla Bean (very clean). Most of the vanillas I use and love are really heavy on the sweeter and bakery type notes.
  6. People adding diluted cleaning agents to fragrance oil is absolutely terrifying!
  7. Are these the former Enchanted Lites fragrances?
  8. @Marleigha I have an ounce of it you can have. Just PM your address and I'll send it out today!
  9. I'm going to agree with bfroberts! I'm sure they have a proprietary blend of additives and ratios they use for their wallflowers, which we have no idea about it. However, I did find this on the Wallflower bulbs from a representative from BBW; The following are the ingredients to our Wall Flower Bulbs: Wallflowers fragrance bulb ingredients Fragrance Dowanol TPM Color
  10. Great smelling wax is great smelling wax and I don't care how it looks when it arrives..it's going to be melted anyway!
  11. I love Pillar of Bliss, it's been a great performer for me. I've never had any seeping issues or cracking issues (which totally sucks!) like @Lizzy but these things can happen depending on the season, your climate as well as shipping address (not to mention time in transit). I think you'll be pleased with it's performance. It's like having the best of both soy and paraffin!
  12. Oh baby! Here are some of my favorites from CW: Spa Pumpkin Chai Vanilla Verbena Apple Ale Coastal Kale Peonies Sand and Sea Spray Sandalwood Rose Sugared Vanilla Shortbread Red Apple
  13. @Darbla I use the leather straight up but also like to mix it with vanilla, bourbon vanilla and am thinking about trying it with cherry wood or tobacco caramel (both bcn).
  14. BC Pumpkin Cheesecake is awesome! Downright delicious!
  15. RE Pumpkin Pie Spice (sweet) JS Pumpkin Pie Spice (spicy) Daystar Frosted Pumpkin Cupcakes JS Pumpkin Spice Latte CW Pumpkin Chai JS Pumpkin Cookie Crunch FB Pumpkin Pecan Waffles BCN Pumpkin Cheesecake ICS Pumpkin Ice Cream Daystar Sweet Pumpkin RE Pumpkin Bread RE Pumpkin Brulee RE Apple and Pumpkin Struedel
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