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    My sister and I have a small soy candle business that has taken off quickly. We enjoy it and hope that it will be profitable some day.
  1. I am scrambling to find a duplication for Candle Science Hansel & Gretel's House, I received my order and after pouring I was hoping that maybe some curing time would help, totally no scent, my mistake ordering a large amount, but wasn't expecting no scent throw after using this one for years :{ So many fundraiser orders coming in and need to find a replacement quickly! Any suggestions welcome
  2. Yummy- Chocolate Amber. They are absolutely adorable and would make great Christmas gifts.
  3. Lemon Lavender Oregano Thyme Basil Cinnamon Apple berry- hard to wick though
  4. Thank you Sliver, I ordered a sample of the Patchouli, along with $60 of other samples. Enabler!
  5. We mix Peaks with Millcreek's Groovy Patchouli. I like the smell of Peak's, but could not get it to throw as well as I would like, MC is super strong, but could not wick it to save my soul. We mix the 2 of them and wick up and it seems to work well for us, without spending the high$$$ for Patchouli right now.
  6. The Green Tweed is amazing!--- All are gorgeous.
  7. We use their Rosemary, Lemongrass Sage, Orchid Magnolia and their Chocolate Fudge, and are very pleased with them.
  8. They look like a great solution. Thank you so much.
  9. Hi Kellie, If by chance you are using palm or soy wax, there is a thread at the beginning of the vegetable wax section that has a list of FO that works for others. We use nature wax c-3 and we use a good amount of Peaks oils that work for us.
  10. We use our mason jars that we use for our 16 oz candles and use the smelly jelly lids(daisy cutouts) with the plastic inserts. You can get them at Bittercreek. The holes are big but they are the best thing we found. The powder shaker containers took forever to sprinkle out of and I found them frustrating.
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