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  1. Try Holiday Scentsation from Southern Scentsations. Smells identical to me.
  2. Thanks. I ordered a slab of the 4625 so I'm anxious to see what I'm able to do with it.
  3. BUMP . . .any new scent throw and / or length of throw reviews on this blend for melts?
  4. I have been fortunate in the past 10 years to receive well packaged jars that arrive ready for pouring, I do not have time to wash each jar nor would I want too. Time is money. Of course, if they are obviously DIRTY I would have my husband wash them - lol
  5. I am to the bottom of a 6" x 6" pillar (bottom 1"). I use a custom blend of a few waxes for my pillars and usually only make them for myself. I have had luck with 3 - CD 12's, No blow outs, the candle is now looking like a yield sign but it is fully consumed !!
  6. Love Spell has been in my top 3 sellers each month for 8 years. I hate it :-/
  7. I have only a few oils from BCN & would order more from them IF their turn around time was quicker. To NW Ohio it's always 1 full week to get supplies from them :-/
  8. What's your name? Brenda How old are you? 48 Where do you live? NW Ohio How long have you been making candles/soap/whatever? Since 2002 How did you get started making candles/soap/whatever? Bought tons of commerical and hand crafted candles and figured I could make them myself "cheaper" - lololol. Like really ???? NOT !! I cater to my addiction :-/ Are you married? Yes, and very happily to my best friend. We've been together for 33 years and married for 20. Any kids? Yes, 1 son + 1 wonderful daughter in law = 2 Fabulously SPOILED grandchildren ! If candle making isn't your primary job, wh
  9. I use the CMS wick stickers regularly (in a pinch will use other suppliers too). I pour in my basement which maintains a consistent atmosphere all year round, which is cooler than the rest of the house. I don't clean the jars but before wicking I alway hit them with a heat gun. This has kept my wick stickers stuck no matter where I buy them.
  10. Thanks Scented . . .I'll check out a sample of Peak's Lavender. I haven't had much luck with EO's and figuring what % of load to use in wax compared to fragrance oils so I'll start by giving Peak's a try.
  11. Since Bert closed I have not been able to find a wicked, kick booty strong lavender It was not flowery just straight STRONG medicine smelling type. Has anybody who used hers found a good replacement ?? Lavenders are all different and a huge challenge to match. I'm at my wits end.
  12. Something else that has come to mind . . . Are you testing with the air conditioner on? I have HT issues when testing if mine is on.
  13. I have the same "no throw" problem testing these jars, I have moved on to other jars even tho I love the look of them. 1 large wick allows too much gray for my liking on the jar at the top due to the shape. When using 2 wicks it is vital to wick for the bottom half of the jar due to air flow issues causing the wicks to piddle out. Therefore wicking up for the bottom half of the jar, 2 wicks are too hot for the beginning which I believe is burning off the fragrance oil causing the "no throw". Atleast that's what I have found no matter how long I cure.
  14. I emptied my cart . .Sale or no sale the jars I wanted were for testing and the shipping didn't quite justify it. Not to mention if I decided to add them to my line I couldn't make up the $$$ in re-orders. Note to self . .learn to live with what I can drive to pick up to turn a profit. :whistle:
  15. Wow . . .with their glassware special the shipping rates are kinda high from PA to OH. Normally, I don't buy glassware from them but thought I might grab some with their special. Can anyone tell me . . .do they adjust their cart shipping rates if actual shipping is different?
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