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favorite FO supplier


Favorite FO sujpplier  

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  1. 1. Favorite FO sujpplier

    • Cierra Candles
    • Peaks
    • Natures Garden
    • Fragrance oil Heaven
    • Candle Science
    • other..who?

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Who is your favorite FO supplier? I know there are alot out there, I will just list 5 of them..

Has any one tried Cierra's candles FO? Something is telling me I should try them.(maybe it is just because they have shrink wrap that I want to order)

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I don't have just 1 favorite supplier I have a few.

I like NG, half of my FO's are from them.

Backwoods, love their scents.

Cierra Candles, love their Love Spell and Pink Flamingo

Keystone like their scents to.

Peaks, haven't ordered from them but have tried products that had their scents in them and they were great.

Cajun Candles love their scents to.

Sorry I'm no help but gave you a few other suppliers to look at.

Mindy :)

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For me, this is an impossible survey.

My #1 suppliers are ... Backwoods, Fragrance Oil Heaven, Candlescience, Flickers, Wildfire, Daystar, Millcreek

My #2 suppliers are - TN, KY, ICS/ST, SS, Cajun, Peaks

In quality & customer service, all of the above are awesome. There are others too, but this is pretty much off the top of my head.

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So far I'd have to say JUST SCENT I've always had great scent throw in my soy candles (hot and cold) and they smell fantastic in my B & B and soap. The thing that puts them over the top for me is the customer service! I've always had SUPER FAST shipping, same with replies to emails, and packaged wonderfully.

Next, I would have to say PEAKS and then ICS. All great oils and customer service. Then again I havent tried many others but I stick with what I like :D I always worry that I'll try someone else and end up losing money on something that the quality wasnt good :undecided

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I'm in the "other" group.

I seem to be becoming an OT FOHO! I haven't had one scent yet that I haven't liked. I'm on a mission to try every scent they have. Customer service ain't shabby either...I always get a quick & informative reply from Suz. And, I've realized that I can use less than the rec usage amount & get a good scent.

BUT, I do buy from other suppliers...waaaaaaay too damn much!


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i don't have a favorite per se. I have a favorite for particualr scents. For the ones you have listed, I do business with all except Candle Science and FOH. There is not particular reason why I have never done business with either of the two. I guess I need to check them out just I as I have the others.

Here are my normal suppliers


Scent Works




Save on Scents

Nature's Garden

(i think that is all of them) Oh! I just ordered from Backwoods so they may be added to my list too!

Oosps! sorry have not business with Cierra Candles either!

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My top 5 are

Bitter Creek-Love their prices and selection

Peak-Incredibly fast shipping and great oils.

Daystar-Great oils but a bit on the pricey side

Heartfelt-Love the oils and fast shipping

The Candlemakers Store-Again love the super fast shipping

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My list remains unchanged in the whole 5 yrs with the addition of 1 or 2 oils from ICS & Peaks & several from DayStar. My fo suppliers are: BCN, BCS, WSP(budget busters,) Taylored & Lone Star. Very seldom find them out of stock and love the prices. IMHO, DayStar has the very best, most complex fos & when I can buy them in BULK, I do. Most of what I use personally in B&B comes from DayStar. Carole

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