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  1. Hello! Thanks for responding!! I haven’t tried the Amber from BB or SC’s...I will look into the SC’s one. I wish this wasn’t such a hard scent to find. I do want one that can be used in Soy and also cp soap, which might be wishful thinking since I do remember how hard these are to wick.
  2. Hi all! Does anyone know of a straight up Amber fragrance oil? I used to use the Amber from Tony’s then it became Southern Garden Scents. Now neither exist and I have a tiny amount of this oil left that I would love to be able to find another one as close to it as possible. I just want an amber that is a warm scent, not with any perfumey tones to it. Any ideas??
  3. Hello everyone! I am in desperate need of help with JS’s Pumpkin Spice Latte. I’m testing it in pure soy gb415 with cd wicks at 7% and I can not get a strong throw from this one. Also a 7-10 day cure. I am reading you guys are getting a strong throw? What’s the secret?? LOL Does it need a longer cure time? Higher percentage? I really like the scent but I can barely smell it. Having same exact issue with the Pumpkin Cookie Crunch...reviews on website of these say they are strong scents...Thanks for any help you can offer!!
  4. Add Lonestar to this list. Just got an email saying they are closed til the 7th for sure maybe longer.
  5. Sure hope they all can survive this. We need these suppliers! 🥺
  6. Bittercreek just posted they have to shut down starting tomorrow, due to orders from the governor. Any other companies having to shut down?
  7. Hello! I’m wondering if there is a flat cotton wick that you don’t see the braids in? I also can’t remember if the pure cotton wicks were round wicks or not...(the 60c and 62c etc) anyone know? I’m wanting a cotton wick that doesn’t curl to one side like the cd’s do. It’s for soy. Thanks!
  8. Hello all, I’m trying to find a lavender vanilla that has a nice lavender scent to it not a powdery bathroom spray smell. Any suggestions?? This is for soy wax. Thanks
  9. That’s my favorite McCalls scent, and it used to be called Campfire Marshmallow. I liked that name better! LOL I’m interested in a dupe too, hope you find it!
  10. Hi all, can you tell me what's the difference between dragons blood and Egyptian dragon? And was the Amber fragrance a former suppliers scent? Do we know what the price is per pound? Thank you.
  11. Where can we buy this apricot wax? It sounds interesting!
  12. The tobacco Carmel from bcn smells the same as the one from Flaming, but I think I liked the Flaming better for some reason.
  13. AH/RE Sugar Corn Pudding smells the same as BCN Amish Friendship Bread.
  14. I totally agree with you on the shipping estimates. It's ridiculous. I have been ordering from them for years and majority of the time my actual shipping would be same or LESS than the estimate at checkout. But the last two orders have been much HIGHER than what the checkout estimator stated which is a shock when you budget X amount if dollars and then you get the charge notice and its much more! I was totally screwed on my last order where the estimator stated a reasonable price for what I was ordering but then WHAM they slammed me with a huge cost because they put my order into two boxes! Th
  15. Maybe you should just stay out of my threads! Sounds good to me! And the only one who got their nose out of joint here is you when it was pointed out that you obviously didn't understand the question asked! Have a nice day!
  16. Pfft...whatever...lets act like a child now! Those of you that gave responses thank you, I'll look into those suppliers more!
  17. I wish north would carry the South's fragrance oils. They do have some of norths oils at south so why not vice versa!
  18. Well obviously yes! But which suppliers do you think offer reasonable shipping - to you-. Of course you won't know what it's costing others. I believe some pad the shipping and do not give you exact cost. Just wondering what others have found or think...
  19. HI all, I've been wondering what everyones opinions are on which supplier you feel has the most reasonable shipping costs. Seems some of them are just outrageous. So whats your opinion? Thanks!
  20. I would definitely agree with this statement! Very strong scent too!
  21. So it isn't just me! I ordered some samples from NG a few weeks ago and was sooooo disappointed in them in my 415 soy. Just no throw at all. Weak weak weak! I used to love their oils and really didn't have probs in my soy but after these samples I'm really disappointed. These were also touted as working great in soy and strong....not! Bummed!
  22. I finally stopped doing outdoor shows because of this, to much product was damaged from the elements.
  23. Yep I agree too! She's not on my list of suppliers!
  24. Definitely Bittercreek North! Wowza it's strong! Very creamy smelling too!
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