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    Long-standing fascination with B&B, but a fragrance avoider till recently!
    Got soap pretty much (kinda). Now working my way up to candles...
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    Jasmine! I LOVE Jasmine. I love heady florals, outdoors scents, and light fruits. I coconut, vanilla. I have a child with a peanut & hazelnut allergy. We're a dry and sensitive skin family!

    No pets in my house - it's way enough to clean up after two kids!

    I'm impulsive and obsessive - so love anything and lots of it!

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  1. Yea just the fresh fruit. No cooked notes or other fun stuff.
  2. Oh great. I actually just need it to smell right OOB! I know - that's weird. So if any of them are decent straight please let me know!
  3. I wish it was a matter of liking - I need one that smells as much like fresh raspberries as possible.
  4. Doesn't matter if it's skin safe - just has to be as real as possible. Thanks,
  5. I have one of the candles and it's really nifty. I've not gotten down to the bottom but mine is a fairly shallow dish - I don't anticipate any explosions. Has anyone seen the wicks themselves for sale anywhere?
  6. I think his scent would be hot metal. But how to accomplish that I couldn't say.
  7. SOME are safe at 1%. But unless it's FCC grade, it's not allowed. And lots aren't safe at 1%, or at all. What goes on your lips enters your mouth, contacts mucous membranes, etc.
  8. looks very soft, but nice and gentle. i'd probably cut the castor down to 5%, though, and make up the difference in olive oil. i don't find that olive oil at that level generates a slimy soap (at 90%, yes - at 12.5% or even 20%, no). i haven't worked with avocado for ages, so cannot speak to that.
  9. The only ill effect I've found from blowing out the wick is the smoky smell which I don't appreciate. Dipping is "cleaner".
  10. dip. don't snuff, don't blow, don't pinch. dip. srsly.
  11. And you got tons of starting points. I use Low Smoke Zinc in mine. Nothing wrong with asking, but it'll only take you so far. I also think that reading through 500 posts would be a really good idea. Wasting your time? Well, those of us who took time out to respond could probably be doing other things too... Not that I mind, just a pov you might consider. And I hate testing wicks. HATE investing the time and money. But you know what? You'll have to do it anyway. With some reading you could probably have narrowed your wick choices down to maybe 3 kinds and 3 sizes.. Then you test a few
  12. LOVE LOVE LOVE her and the molds - but it's always something...
  13. Somewhere in my head is the thought that I read that oiling a silicone mold could cause problems. regardless, to unmold from my uplands I tip the log & liner out, pull/peel (carefully) the sides away from the soap (all 4 sides), flip over and lift the line off from one end. it might take a bit of a shake to get the suction to release. use this with silver moon molds, uplands, woodfields...
  14. by telling her that no one else has complained, you are essentially telling her that her opinion doesn't count which is NOT a good move IMO. I'd offer her a replacement and thank her for her input. (srsly, once I went to a restaurant and ordered ribs. they came to the table cold below the surface. the manager responded "well no one else has complained". well so what - *I* had a complaint and was being told it wasn't valid. screw that.)
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