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    Long-standing fascination with B&B, but a fragrance avoider till recently!
    Got soap pretty much (kinda). Now working my way up to candles...
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    Jasmine! I LOVE Jasmine. I love heady florals, outdoors scents, and light fruits. I coconut, vanilla. I have a child with a peanut & hazelnut allergy. We're a dry and sensitive skin family!

    No pets in my house - it's way enough to clean up after two kids!

    I'm impulsive and obsessive - so love anything and lots of it!

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  1. CareBear

    Looking for a TRUE raspberry scent

    Yea just the fresh fruit. No cooked notes or other fun stuff.
  2. CareBear

    Looking for a TRUE raspberry scent

    Oh great. I actually just need it to smell right OOB! I know - that's weird. So if any of them are decent straight please let me know!
  3. CareBear

    Looking for a TRUE raspberry scent

    I wish it was a matter of liking - I need one that smells as much like fresh raspberries as possible.
  4. Doesn't matter if it's skin safe - just has to be as real as possible. Thanks,
  5. CareBear

    50 Shades of Masochism.

    Cannot CP 100% stearic acid soap. Ask me how I know.
  6. CareBear

    Scorched Soap

    I find that milk works better than water.
  7. CareBear

    The %#@! Valentine's soaps

    Really lovely. I've piped gelling soap onto soap cupcakes and can tell you that stuff is HOT!!! I was able to pipe it while it was gelling - it still came out smooth, but wouldn't wish that experience on anyone. It was for a bridal shower and I was up against the clock so had to push through, but ouchouchouchouch!!!
  8. I don't do candles much any longer, but with soy wax it's often recommended to pour as the wax approaches the "slushy" stage - and is somewhat thick. But regardless of the pour temp, I generally added my FO at about 170, if memory serves - then let it cool in the pour pot until it was the correct temp.
  9. CareBear

    In wash scent booster

    To make fab softener itself toss the epsom salt with bentonite clay to very lightly coat the crystals. You can use regular salt, too. add the oils after, I guess. FOs are more likely to be stable than EOs (in general)
  10. CareBear

    Please be Careful

    Why would you have to wait for it to come back to them? They need to refund it now. Seriously.
  11. CareBear

    Using amber as a fragrance

    Eden Botanicals used to sell heavenly amber resin chunks until they found out they'd been synthetically fragranced - now they don't have that item any longer...
  12. CareBear

    Using amber as a fragrance

    The amber we think of as amber isn't really a thing, per se - well not amber fragrance. It's fantasy (made up then compounded) and then crystallized for some reason. True amber extract does exist and it doesn't smell like that, sadly. What we think of as amber is typically a blend of labdanum, vanilla, patch, some carmelized notes and some other stuff.
  13. CareBear

    Anyone making a chemical free foundation?

    define chemical free
  14. CareBear

    Scent load-how much is too much?

    I aim for the same STRENGTH of SCENT across my candle scents, so the use level of the FO can vary based on the scent and on the supplier. It's impossible to be spot on for all, so clearly there's lots of wiggle room but that's my goal. How much is too much? It depends on for what you are looking and what happens in your candles and how much you are willing to spend in raw materials for your candles. As for 6% for batches and 8% for individual candles I have only this to say - hunh?
  15. CareBear

    finding oils & butters

    I never washed out my red ED molds and never had any bleeding. Wilton baking pans - the red silicone ones - now THOSE bleed!