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  1. I just got a new account and they love love love the fun named ones.. Snowman Balls I stole the name from NG but didnt have the scent other than half a sample so I made up my own.. Reindeer poo, mixing my own I was thinking gum drops, graham crackers, or maybe some honey gingerbread.. Hope that helps. There are some great ideas in the post above tho..
  2. Sorry dont have that one.. I'll look in my mass of samples for it tho.. I wasnt much of a Bitter Creek girl back in the day..
  3. The KY ones I already used up, Berts are gone too.. Sorry
  4. Right!! That's what I was thinking too but just wanted to make sure. I found a Mr. Missys FO like how long ago was that?? lol..
  5. Getting back into making candles again.. Finally cleaning up my hoard of FO's. I have Fragrance oils from 15 years ago, that Im not going to use they didnt smell good then and definitely dont now.. Although I have come across full bottles of Berts, MW, KY, BW FO's that still smell great.. So could I just use them up, while finding dupes of them??
  6. Im guessing they would be but I just read the recent reviews of Joy Wax.. Kinda nervous since a few years back I had a case of Pillar of Bliss that wouldnt work.
  7. Ohhhh I need to move lol.... Western PA is jam packed with Direct Sales such as Scentsy, pink zebra, etc... I understand they are working their business but I gotta work mine too.. It shouldn't be called a craft show, instead a Direct Sales show. I know a lot of people will be disappointed with shows just full of them instead of actual crafts. I have been thinking of adding onto my line, maybe I should so next summer I'll have something else to offer..
  8. Love the scent but it was a dud sales wise. I've tried renaming it and I gave samples out.. Still nobody liked it as much as me.
  9. I've been wanting to get back into craftshows BUT I can't because they are over run with Direct Sales businesses. I keep getting told they only allow 2 of the same types of businesses. I honestly don't see how I fit in the same category, lol... Kidding, I understand a candle is a candle to them. Just wondering if this is only happening where I live in PA or if it's all over the place?
  10. Hmmm maybe I can talk her into tarts instead of a candle ha... Thanks for the reminder to wick up.
  11. It's all good, I myself don't like Amber so I'm just lost on that scent lol...
  12. I'll check CS thanks OldGlory, no just make candles. I did tell her that it wouldn't be the same as incense. I did check my usual suppliers but figured this is a candle board so why not ask. Why google when you have a wealth of information here at your finger tips and others who might use the same scent.
  13. I have a customer asking for an Amber Incense scent. Could someone point me in the right direction? TIA
  14. As long as you can stay competitive in the market while adding 10-20% go for it.
  15. Awesome I'll check it out. Thanks
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