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New businesss name


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I have been racking my brain for a few days and can not comeup with anything that I like. Can anyone please help me.

I do really love The Wick House, but it was taken.

Other words that I like are Flicker and Aglow.

I do not want my first name in the title but my last name I like- Hunter

I am looking for anything that anyone can come up with.

Thanks so much!!!

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You really love The Wick House but it is taken. What if we look for a synonym for House. How 'bout

The Wick Cottage Candle Company

The Wick Lodge Candle Company

The Wick Cabin Candle Company

The Wick Home Candle company

The Wick Inn Candle Company.

I also like substituting Hunter for Wick. So you would have The Hunter House Candle Company, The Hunter Cottage Candle Company, and so on.

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What about Wick N Glow or Flick & Wick or Wickn' Glow. Amber and flames or Glamor and Flames. Good luck in your business. I am trying to get my paper work going and in my state, there are so many fees for LLC, DBA statement, Occupational License, Trademark and name reserve that all I want is just to make candles. I finally came up with my name while talking to my mom on the phone on my way home from a trip. If you try too hard, you will get frustrated, just let the name "find you."

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